SDLP launch an *online* PEB…

Interesting departure for the SDLP… LIke the Alliance full on broadcast video, it does not feature faces (one of the few weaknesses in that offering), but then again it’s a strictly internetty thing..

Interesting presentational format… What do you think?

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  • For a ‘strictly internetty thing’ I think it is good.

    It is certainly clever and you are drawn in – “where are the going with this”.

    I like it.

  • FuturePhysicist

    Just seen it, some good points to think about.

  • DC

    Good ad, but more relevant to the republic of Ireland I think!

  • sdelaneys

    It is very clever but is it anything more than a local version of the Yankee ‘yes we can’? I know ‘yes we can’ can be important but without a large input of ‘ what and how we will’ it is nothing more than sloganeering.

  • DC


    I’m with you on that, just to add – hasn’t Obama been a real flop given all the hype.

    Maybe it’s down to the fact that he isn’t going to war as much as the previous president, but in leadership terms, he’s been very very quiet bordering on ineffectual. Perhaps he has something more vocal and visible in store for the second term, if he wins.

  • iluvni

    The first bit made as much sense as every other Margaret Ritchie speech

  • Leaving out real images risk turning videos into Powerpoint presentations + a sound track: OK for education, but somewhat boring for many viewers.

    Some of the very short promos produced by parties and uploaded to YouTube have more emotional impact (but less information in a minute or two).

    Does anyone know of more good (or bad) examples of short videos created for the elections?

  • Nordie Northsider

    It’s certainly imaginative – a creative use of limited resources. Some of the digs are more effective than others.
    The line about parties being more important than people is a good one, but are any of the SDLP’s opponents suggesting than Ireland is broken and the unemployment will be the norm? A strawman arguments if ever there was one.
    The repeated use of ‘Ireland’ just reminded me of the SDLP’s Northern isolation. I’m not so sure that it’s wise to raise problems that the SDLP can do bugger all to fix.

  • pippakin

    I think it is a bit ‘yes we can’ and a bit southern. Thing is in the context of the north there is nothing wrong with either! I liked it.

  • It’s very clever – but where’s the beef? I know the SDLP is a nationalist party and I know that (the unnamed) Northern Ireland is a region of (the island of) Ireland. It’s also a region of the UK (and the EU, Europe and the World). Why is the SDLP so reluctant to embrace the letter and spirit of the 1998 Agreement, an agreement that it would like to claim ownership of?

    How will the SDLP ‘turn things around’? It only had one ministry in the last Executive and it left it to the last minute to disclose some insights on the alleged bullying by the les petit dictateurs who occupied the OFMDFM. The SDLP minister dispensed sweeties in Derry (DSD) and some other places a few weeks ago. Will the electorate in Derry and Foyle ‘reward’ the SDLP at the ballot box?

    I have an opportunity to vote for an SDLP candidate in North Antrim but not in the Kingdom of Moyle local election. The SDLP candle glowed during the course of that July 1 2010 PAC session on the NI Water fiasco but was reduced to a flicker when PAC went into closed session. Presumably the powers that be didn’t want to take any further chances with open democracy – or unruly bloggers?

    The Rathlin ferry saga/scandal has posed serious questions for the failure of the SDLP candle to burn. Price McConaghy, an independent councillor in Moyle, was prepared to ask questions but he got no support from any of his colleagues. John Dallat from East Londonderry did put down some questions but I’m told that this nearly led to a minor brawl in hall with Declan O’Loan, his North Antrim colleague. Is the SDLP protecting vested interests or does it fear intimidation? Reports from the Grapevine incline me towards the latter option. Those who sought to get some justice in the Rathlin business got their most effective political support from Jim Allister’s then MEP office and from Lord Laird. Our supposed watchdogs have proved to be largely toothless.

  • FuturePhysicist

    @Nordie Northsider.

    The reality is unemployment is the norm and that Ireland is broken. Unemployment is at its highest and yet many of the attempts

    Can you name one graduate, name one apprentice who was pleased to see this executive agree, in those particular DETI to waste money on a “Skills executive” at a time when the jobs deficit should be taking priority?

    Get the Jobs first, then get the skills to fill them. No cart before horse.

    We should use the talents and resources available and not just the ones “we want”. There is immense talent on the dole queues being circumvented by useless agenda driven quangos that seek to employ imaginary graduates and apprentices when others are in need of work.

    The talent is there, the talent is leaving and with the lack of diversity who can blame it?

    The SDLP has identified funding within Framework Seven European R&D funds, which in a five year period can total up to 50 billion euro. And about using “significantly enhanced expert team” rather than the jobs for the boys on the skills executive last time that had done nothing but pout about getting more low paid polymaths with pleasing personalities.

    This is about creating jobs, good jobs in R&D at a time when both UU and QUB’s budgets may be slashed and at a time where those at the forfront of new ideas … the scientist, the engineer, the researcher not the politician should be enabled to help us out.

  • Now if you really want to see a PEB check out this alternative to the Ulster Unionists’

  • FuturePhysicist

    My appologies … DENI were the ones who spent over £10 million on a body that does actually exist, the Education and Skills Authority (ESA), one of the best example of cart before horsing.

    Not that Invest NI haven’t been guilty of wasting money themselves. Fair play to Arlene for auditing it though.

  • StewartFinn

    It is OK and again a welcome move away from the norm – they tried something different.

    I would however say that given it is simple typography, it could have looked much more interesting and cleaner than it does.

  • Nordie Northsider


    Ireland may be broken but are any political parties really going about shouting it to the rooftops? They will all spin the same line of optimism as the SDLP do.

    ‘Commentators tell us we do not deserve hope’ says the broadcast. Really? Who says that?

  • iluvni

    1 hour of Ritchie on Talkback.
    She must have broken the world waffling record

  • 241934 john brennan

    Clever. logical. Humourous. A good play on words to show how things can be turned around (Able was I ere I saw Elba)
    Given the last 4-year standstill, go nowhere government – with 2 parties each having a dead man’s hand on the levers of power – any credible promise of movement is welcome. Given that the Stormont train has yet to leave the station to move either south or north, I think the SDLP election Slogan should be:


  • otto

    How’s all that fixing going work John?

    What progress has the SDLP made in the management of their existing ministry. How’s the Royal Exchange coming along, Queen’s Parade/Marine Gardens in Bangor, urban blight on the Newtownards Road. Where’s the SDLP, responsible for urban regeneration been on out of town development? What’s Attwood attention seeking over Sunday trading for rather than getting on with fixing what is actually broken?

    I loved the SDLP’s passionate commitment to a shared future in your manifesto for the Assembly election;

    “The SDLP will:

     Engage all sections of the community in a debate about what a shared future means.”

    It’s almost like the SDLP just can’t be arsed.

  • Ceist

    It’s a pretty clever video alright

  • Do I understand that this was made specifically for the Internet?
    On You Tube as of two minutes ago, it only had 116 views. Which begs the question who on the Internet actually looks for Party Political Broadcasts.
    The TV broadcasts are semi compulsory.
    Its a clever ad…….maybe too clever. It drew me in.
    “Is it a spoof” (black propaganda),
    “ok where are they going with this?”,
    “oh I bet it goes into reverse”
    “yes I was right……er I knew where it was going all along”

    Clever. Good points.

  • andnowwhat

    I thought MH’s slip at 24:24 was funny here…

    Her attitude to Mc Kenzie was interesting too

  • andnowwhat

    Personally, I was waiting for, “in a universe far, far away….”.

    I was all geared up for the excellent theme to kick in too.

  • Who is MH?

    Slips are easy to make.

  • the slabber


    Clever it may be. Original? Hardly!

  • DC


    The Rathlin ferry saga/scandal has posed serious questions for the failure of the SDLP


  • andnowwhat

    Ooops…I meant MR as it Margaret Ritchie.


  • The Word

    I feel honoured by the Jesuitical nature of the message. Had me going for a minute. Very shrewd, and innocent.

    Still the begrudgery from Nevin.

  • andnowwhat….. Honestly, kal, if there were DUP and SF agents in these two parties, SDLP and UUP, they could hardly have done a more thorough job undermining them than they are doing themselves. They are going to get hammered in three weeks no mistake. .

  • FP, InFest NI are one the worst parasites on the taxpayerr here, but you’ll notice Sunny Jim leaves this pointless quango out of his list of [what are nationalist orientated bodies] he wants rid of. I wonder why?.

  • ForkHandles

    It was interesting enough that i watched all of it to see what they had to say. But none of the NI PEBs ever say what i want to hear, which is what they are going to do about real issues. This SDLP one and the Alliance one might have been watchable, but what exactly would i be voting for? Some kind of feel good ‘we can make things better’ emotion? If i wanted to feel good i would go out and buy a bag of MDMA powder and go clubbing!
    I also find it a bit silly the way nationalist parties try to avoid having to say Northern Ireland. How can we take people seriously to run a health service or manage our entire finances when they are pretending they are not in Northern Ireland? It’s embarrassing. The SDLP is only standing in Northern Ireland, so why the talk about fixing Ireland? Everyone knows the parties are standing for election in NI to the regional assembly and will only have powers to affect local issues.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Is there a thread on the UUP PEB, because it is certainly worht commenting on. Makes “decent people” seem like genius

  • Clever, though the typography seemed to skew somehow and made me tilt my head. But while thinking it was clever, another pointless excercise of aspiration rather than serious offer.

  • Mr Crumlin

    Yeah – clever ad – best of them all Ive seen so far.

    Like Lionel – please start a thread on UUP PEB – hilarious!! The worst most cringeworthy thing Ive seen in a while.

    If I were a Unionist Id be running to the DUP.

  • The Word, I have no problem with success against governance sleaze; indeed I’d welcome more success and greater determination to expose it.

  • I saw a Christian meditation structured in exactly the same way not so long ago. Wonder if someone can find it…

  • J Kelly

    This may be slick piece of pr as was there young people iphone peb but if you have a read at Jarlath Kearney in todys Irish News were he makes the point that the SDLP miss the point that slick PEBs are no substitute for an understanding of what the nationalist electorate wnat and need.

    Contrast these PEBs to the crude letter sent out by Donal Cunningham an SDLP candidate offering a bottle of Budweiser Beer if you attend a SDLP meeting in the local pub.

    Maybe Jarlath Kearney is right the SDLP media professionals have a sense of what may look good or sell something but dont really understand politics and the needs, wishes and aspirations of the ordinary nationalist punter/voter.

  • Behans Ghost

    It would appear that their paranoia concerning other parties and their appeal to the youth/young professional market has left them struggling to find a substantial identity based on real policy-driven ideas.
    The PEB with all the Iphones etc let me know that they have shiny offices and media savvy election teams but left me struggling to find anything that might win my vote!

    And as for that UUP PEB 2, WTF???

  • 241934 john brennan

    In this thread there are several references to “SDLP/Rathlin Ferry/scandal.” I know nothing of the detail or context of this. However, whatever it is, I’m sure it is nowhere near as horrific as the All-Ireland shaming scandal that was the “pre-planned, pre-sanctioned, deliberate murder of two pensioners and two children, on a boat off Mullaghmore.

    Yesterday (Thursday), SDLP Leader Margaret Ritchie MP led a party delegation to meet Taoiseach Enda Kenny, in Dublin -“To discuss the proposed future constitutional convention and express our readiness to articulate our ideas in that context, ideas which we believe can unite people and for ‘recalibration’ on North/south generally, now that there are new Governments in Ireland and Britain and a new Assembly within a month in the North.”

    In 1983, at John Hume’s instigation, a ‘New Ireland Forum’ was convened. All Irish Nationalist parties (with the exception of Sinn Fein) presented papers, attended and issued a joint report that included the peaceful principle of ‘unity by majority consent’. In the North, only the SDLP wholeheartedly backed the report. To Unionists it was ‘another example of outside interference’. “To SF it was rejected as ‘a major dilution of national aspirations’.

    Contrary to what Jarlath Kearney says in today’s Irish News, SF has very bad record when it comes to sitting down with other Irish Nationalist parties (particularly the SDLP) ‘to work out the big ideas on which they can both agree and then jointly deliver them’.

    History shows that the ‘slow learners’ take a lot of time before adopting the SDLP’s big ideas – eg Sunningdale (SF helped to wreck it) – GFA (SF declined to sign it and did not support a‘Yes’ vote in the referendum – SF came late to the d’Hondt system and then abandoned it in the crucial issue of the appointment of the Justice Minister, agreeing with the DUP in a gerrymandered Assembly vote that ‘no nationalist need apply’.

    So Jarlath Kearney’s question needs to be addressed to SF rather than the SDLP. Will Sinn Fein join the SDLP in its present attempts to have a common ‘Irish Agenda’ on subjects tabled yesterday in Dublin (para. 2 above) by Margaret Ritchie?

  • John B, I’ve provided the links to the detail of the squalid Rathlin business; I’ve also referred to the intimidation that’s coming through on the Grapevine.

    What is the relevance of horrendous murders? Are you suggesting that the presence of members of the Provisional Republican Movement would intimidate other Nationalists? SF participated in the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation but that didn’t stop other southern parties from refusing to go into a coalition government in the Dáil with SF.

    I’ve had a quick look at the SDLP contribution in the FRP report. It buried its head in the sand with regard to the Unionist aspiration.

  • otto

    “then abandoned it in the crucial issue of the appointment of the Justice Minister, agreeing with the DUP in a gerrymandered Assembly vote that ‘no nationalist need apply’.”

    You were doing ok until you made that cheap, and frankly sectarian and/or racist, shot John. Is it the remains of a Kent accent or the presbyterianism which makes Ford unworthy?

    Your mirror images in the UUP attacked him for not being a unionist.

    Q. If the SDLP believe it’s important for the staffing of the PSNI to be balanced between people or unionist and nationalist background, and say the same of the policing board, why don’t you appreciate the need for the justice minister to have cross-community support as well? Why would a balanced and impartial service be better run by the kind of bigots who berate Ford for not being “nationalist” enough?

  • Charminator

    It’s a load of old rubbish. Means little, won’t attract young Nationalists/Republicans to vote for them. Their only saving grace is that their now hovering around their core vote anyway, they can’t drop any further, but they’re an irrelevance in terms of Nationalist/Republican thinking – and have been for some time – so let’s not get too distracted by whatever media blitz they’re trying to launch.

  • Conall McDevitt: “I’d love to meet the faceless thugs who put a brick through Dolores Kelly’s windscreen today. I’d love to debate the men who left a petrol bomb under Christine McFlynn’s car last night”

  • 241934 john brennan

    Otto: How is that David Ford is presently claiming that the Alliance party is set to have 2 ministers in the next Stormont Assembly. One appointed under the mathematically fair d’Hondt system , with another – himself – reappointed by existing prior arrangement (squalid, secret deal) between DUP and Sinn Fein, irrespective of the outcome of the May elections? Is this democracy at work, or DUP/SF combining in a gerrymandered vote in their own selfish interests – selfish because it puts party before people – and puts injustice before justice?

    Would we tolerate any other selection process for a public appointment, where, in racing terms, one competitor has no competition, because nobody else is allowed to compete, so he alone can claim the prize, with a guaranteed ‘walk-over’?

  • Zig70

    I think I get most annoyed by the SDLP and Alliance because they are the two parties that align themselves more to where I think I am politically. Load of Waffle, both PEB’s. If someone who worked for me, produced this as a means to tell me how they were going to plan the department for the next year, I’d kick there arse out of the room and plan to either replace them or retrain. How does this relate to running NI?

  • otto

    Thay’re ads for the brand Zig. If you want detail read the manifesto. Alliance have produced a draft program for legislation. All on their web-sites.


    Cross-community votes should take precedent over d’hondt draws but parties (or nominating groups if parties need to pool seats to pass quota) should not have more ministries overall than D’hondt would provide.

  • 241934 john brennan

    Otto: My point is that a pre arranged DUP/SF deal to prevent any Nationalist from getting a particular ministerial post is not democratic. It is an abuse of democracy. We all know that ‘a cross-community vote can be triggered by ‘petition of concern’ by any party in the Assembly on any subject. This as we all know is exercised DUP/SF as mutual veto – and we all know that it mostly results in stalemate, with no vote being taken at all.

    In the matter of the Justice Minister it suited the DUP/SF to have devolution of policing – but neither the DUP nor SF could stomach any SDLP member rightfully, under the impartial d’Hondt system, getting the Justice post – so they triggered a petition of concern calling for a cross-community vote (majority DUP/SF vote) – thus ensuring no nationalist can be ever be Justice minster – as long as cosy little arrangement continues – and we already know it is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

    Again I ask is this democracy or discrimination?

  • “Again I ask is this democracy or discrimination?”

    It looks like compromise to me, jb. It ruled out both unionist and nationalist designations. Are there strings attached? Might the Minister, whoever he or she might be, be little more than an OFMDFM puppet?

  • separatesix

    This PEB was even more bland than the Ulster Unionist one, good cure for insomnia though!

  • 241934 john brennan

    Nevin: Just saw Arelene Foster on TV defending a DUP ‘petition of concern’ to force a ‘cross community vote, to prevent the introduction of legislation in the Assembly against ‘double jobbing.’ She said as long as the procedure is there: “why not use it?” “That is politics.”

    Therefore, it is quite understandable that the DUP also misuses the same procedure to prevent the appointment of any Nationalist/Catholic as Justice Minister. So the question is for Sinn Fein – why conspire with the DUP to allow this crude act of discrimination to continue? Is it not even more of an insult to dress it up as a cross-community compromise? Injustice remains injustice, even when dressed up as compromise – moreover, by the two parties historically opposed to compromise?

  • jb, it’s much much worse than that. As I’ve pointed out on a number of occasions the DUP-SF ‘team’ have been acting like dictators and the minnows are left to pick up the crumbs. I dare say London and Dublin wouldn’t protest too much if the smaller parties, especially the UUP and SDLP, were frozen out altogether. Presumably the AP could have refused to go along with this charade.

    Perhaps the SDLP should consider itself fortunate that no bloggers appear to have done any ‘deep dive’ research into the actions of the Department for Social Development and its satellites such as the Housing Executive.

  • By the way, jb, I was very sorry to hear from Conall McD of those disgraceful attacks on Dolores and Christine.

  • andnowwhat. I’ll be in the audience for the Nolan debate here on wed. night at Millenium forum. just been emailed. should be lively specially if our old pal greg is on panel lol. .