#AE11 Open Thread: Foyle (#FO11)…

Foyle is probably one of the last few places where there is still a significant and meaningful divide between ‘nationalist’ and ‘Republican’ in the local electorate. In 2005 Sinn Fein’s Westminster candidate, Mitchel McLaughlin predicted a significant win for himself. In the end he was sorely disappointed.

The clash between the SDLP and Sinn Fein will take place in what have been up to now been mutually exclusive electorates. As John has already noted the continuing candidacy of Eamonn McCann could make this one interesting, but in all likelihood we may have to look to the council results to detect any undercurrents in the sentiment of the Maiden City.

– Sammy Morse’s excellent 2007 profile

– Splintered Sunrise no less gifted profiles for Westminster last year