#AE11 Open Thread: West Tyrone (#wt11)

I had thought about moving on to Foyle, but considering the resignation of former MLA Eugene McMenamin (after he failed to get selected as the official SDLP candidates), things have gotten nicely complicated over in West Tyrone. He’s expected to be one of two former SDLP candidates in the race.

Ross Hussey is running this time for the UUP and may provide a much needed gain for the Ulster Unionists, probably at the expense of Alan Bresland of the DUP who seems to have been as surprised as anyone else at his good luck in winning last time.

It’s one of the few places where we can expect seats to change hands, since the standing down of the hospital candidate Keiran Deeney ought to gift the seat to the SDLP. But, hey, it might surprise us and offer no change at all. What do YOU think?

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