Planet of the apes?


After a 30 year absence from electoral politics the IRSP have announced they will be fielding 5 Council candidates. (though one has been running as an independent recently)

Unfortunately their greeness seems to have resulted in the same strap line as that of the Conservatives and Ulster Unionists a mere 10 months ago – Vote for Change.

They also state:

We have deliberately chosen to not contest the Stormont elections as there does not exist an appetite within our party to enter any British parliament in Ireland.

And have identified a number of areas they will campaign on during the council elections:

• The Stormont budget and their Tory inspired cuts
• crime with our communities
• Education and fees
• Access to decent housing
• The health service
• The treatment of republican prisoners in Maghaberry
• Our opposition to unfair water charges
• Political policing within nationalist communities

Unfortunately they won’t be able to have much impact on those via Council elections – every single one is a Stormont competency.

Adds: I suppose I should explain the title for the younger, non-republican/nationalist and non-West Belfast reader. Some of the Lower Falls was know as the ‘Planet of the IRPs’ in days gone by.

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  • The Word

    Nothing wrong with their campaign areas, Mark, as I’m sure you’ll remember. Just no idea how to achieve them, like Sinn Fein.

  • Mark McGregor

    The Word,

    Nothing wrong with them at all.

    Just pointing out not a single one of them relates to Councils – the things they hope to be elected to.

    One or two issues that are actually dealt with by Councils might not have been a bad idea?

  • lamhdearg

    at least we may get a idea of the anti gfa/sf numbers in the areas they are to run in. Mark where do i click? to get a profile on the candidates.

  • I cant see any actually getting elected. But fair play to them for being part of the process. As a matter of interest how many journalists are likely to have attended?

  • Mark McGregor


    Don’t think there is anywhere that gives a straight click to candidate background.


    With the Assembly polling of Peggy O’Hara they could possibly get a result in Derry. Though their Lower Falls candidate along with éirígí’s John McCusker pretty much guarantees there will be no left republican councillor elected to BCC.

  • lamhdearg

    “Now though I would like to introduce our candidates and each will give a brief outline of their background, their motivations and what they hope to achieve in the coming elections.”

    This was what i was hopeing for mark, but thanks anyway.

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot

    “crime with our communities”. No better people to ‘campaign’ on that.

  • I have heard their Strabane man was a possibility.
    But the Peggy O’Hara thing was effectively a widowed mother who was hard to argue against and those 1,800 votes were spread over five Derry DEAs obviously the bulk in Shantallow/Cityside/Northlands….tops 500 more likely less. And the commitment might be lacking. Only 17% of O’Haras votes didnt transfer and the rest went VERY roughly in equal measure between SF, SDLP and SEA.

    Id agree on it being a chance……but ultimately O’Hara was the ultimate sympathy vote. And of course acampaign which was a one-off and more nihilistic perhaps than the IRSP.

  • lamhdearg

    Could they take enough young votes of sf in lower falls to let the sdlp break the sf hold on the ward?.

  • Mark McGregor


    The O’Hara candidacy was part of a completely thrown together arse-about-face anti-PSNI campaign from disparate groups with no idea on electoralism, structures, aims or sense..

    This time they’ve closed it down to core areas, proper campaigns and worked up personnel.

    Dissenters have cut their cloth his time. I reckon the Erps only real chance is a council seat in Derry but more importantly pulling out enough people willing to vote SWP that end up pushing McCann over the line.

    Though, my main prediction is they’ll cost eirigi a council seat in the Lower Wack.

  • Mark McGregor


    Doubt it. eirigi and the IRSP contesting means it is more likely SF will hold them all.

    Bad call from both parties, about time they started talking properly.

  • lamhdearg

    eirigi / lower wack
    was news to me (did not know they where running anywhere) and caused me to visit there site, where i pick up this (of topic, bear with me) bit of eirigi dreaming

    McCusker(eirige’s man in lower wack) said:
    “The Royal Irish Regiment is about as welcome in Ireland as it is in Afghanistan, which is not very welcome at all.

    “If the British Ministry of Defence thinks it can march the RIR through the streets of Belfast without facing opposition then it is gravely mistaken; It should have learnt its lesson in 2008.

    The M.O.D. learned its lesson all right, biggest homecoming parade for any British regiment.
    Eirigi’s man in the lower wack has as much wit as that other fellow from ardoyne who spouts socialism on t.v while wearing a Beverly Hills Polo Club teeshirt.

  • Mark McGregor


    McCusker is alright IMNSHO, he just hasn’t worked out (like most in eirigi) how to translate genuine ideas into something that doesn’t sound like really awful SWPesque student feckwittery.

  • lamhdearg

    M. Walsh 1265 sdlp
    M. Moore 1245 sf
    J. Lowry 314 wp
    my thinking is more of those who would vote eirigi or irsp may have in the past voted sf rather than sdlp,(or wp) and this may tip the balance.
    i cant see many eirigi tranfers going to s.f. .

  • lamhdearg


    I do not have a mobile phone, that is text speak i will assume.

  • fordprefect

    I for one will be voting for the likes of the I.R.S.P. I hope they don’t cost Eirigi a seat in the lower wack. There is a candidate, here, in south Belfast called Paddy Meehan, I think he’s from the Socialist Party, and, I will be voting for him. I said “Think He’s From” in a sarcastic way, I would vote for a dried up dog turd on the pavement (Cribby), rather than vote for any of the “establishment parties”.

  • fordprefect

    By the way, everyone, Divis Flats was called “Planet of the Irps”.

  • Dewi

    In My Not So Humble Opinion. – Lamh.

  • aquifer

    I would like to congratulate Eirigi and the IRSP on their bravery in facing the real living irish people, even if they cannot get enough votes to attend a small regional legislative assembly.

    I expect they will get the results they deserve.

  • Sam Maguire

    Gallagher certainly has a punchers chance at a seat on Strabane council for the IRSP- he certainly put in the hard yards over the last 6 years around the town and with the defection of Eugene McMenamin from the SDLP in Strabane there’s a chance he could outpoll the official SDLP candidate!

  • redstar2011

    As a Republ;ican I welcome IRSP standing for election and wish them well. I could never again give SF a vote as their decision to fully support the British Security forces is as about anti Republican as one could get

    I would hope they dont have the bare faced hypocrisy to oppose the RIR march after Mc Guinness being happy to stand alongside the Biritish security forces to critisise Republicans

  • fordprefect

    As a Republican myself, (if you seen my earlier posts), I, like you, hope that people in the IRSP and Eirigie get seats (on at least a council level). I remember SF marching down the Grosvenor Road trying to get to the city centre to oppose an RIR welcome home parade in 2008. They were stopped by their friends in the “PSNI”. Eirigie were stopped round the corner from them. I just wonder would SF “luminaries” be so annoyed if the guy killed last Saturday was a protestant and a member of the RIR? In fact I would like to know if SF would gurn and cry if a member of the RIR was killed by what they call “dissident” republicans? Because, they (SF) can’t say that he/she was/were serving their local community or anything like that! More than likely, they were in Afghanistan killing civillians! The best joke I’ve seen in ages, was in the Irish News the other day, Martin McGuinness calling for a “Truth Commission”, a “Truth Commission”, when Gerry Adams won’t even admit he was a member of the IRA! Please!

  • redstar2011

    Ford perfect-couldnt agree more

    The Hypocrisy of these people is amazing

    I will ask this again as I NEVER get an answer from SF or their supporters-Can you be an Irish Republican and serve in the British Security Forces????

    According to Mc Guiness and his twisted logic-to be a Republican you should support the british forces, bizarre or what!

    They will be shown up for the total frauds that they are if they dare object to RIR march since they say their community should support them

  • lamhdearg

    wern’t they lucky boys and girls, being stopped by the psni, and eirigie (all two hundred of them). if i remember there was an est 30,000 people in the town to support the R.i.R boys and girls that got home safe, best thing that could happen for the next parade would be a protest by irish nationalist’s. I dont support the way the uk sticks its nose in the middle east, but i will be in the town to cheer the fact the the R.i.R people are home, irish nats protest or not.