Planet of the apes?


After a 30 year absence from electoral politics the IRSP have announced they will be fielding 5 Council candidates. (though one has been running as an independent recently)

Unfortunately their greeness seems to have resulted in the same strap line as that of the Conservatives and Ulster Unionists a mere 10 months ago – Vote for Change.

They also state:

We have deliberately chosen to not contest the Stormont elections as there does not exist an appetite within our party to enter any British parliament in Ireland.

And have identified a number of areas they will campaign on during the council elections:

• The Stormont budget and their Tory inspired cuts
• crime with our communities
• Education and fees
• Access to decent housing
• The health service
• The treatment of republican prisoners in Maghaberry
• Our opposition to unfair water charges
• Political policing within nationalist communities

Unfortunately they won’t be able to have much impact on those via Council elections – every single one is a Stormont competency.

Adds: I suppose I should explain the title for the younger, non-republican/nationalist and non-West Belfast reader. Some of the Lower Falls was know as the ‘Planet of the IRPs’ in days gone by.