Constitutency Hashtags for #AE11?

When it comes to the Assembly elections it will be useful to have appropriate hashtags for Twitter. Some already write themselves. Fermanagh South Tyrone is already shorthanded to #FST, though it could probably bear some testing to see there’s no obvious replications. Here’s a list of opening suggestions. If you object to any of them, please offer an alternative:

North Belfast – #NBel
South Belfast – #SBel
West Belfast – #WBel
East Belfast – #EBel

North Down – #NDown
South Down – #SDown
Strangford – #STFRD
Newry and Armagh – #NARM

Upper Bann – #UBN
Lagan Valley – #LNV
Fermanagh and South Tyrone – #FST
West Tyrone – #WTYR

Foyle – #Foyle
East Londonderry – #ELD
Mid Ulster – #MULSR

North Antrim – #NATRM
East Antrim – #EATRM
South Antrim – #SATRM

Local Elections should (in theory, I haven’t tested any of these yet) be tagged: #LE11

We’ll leave council hashtags for another day… But please be vigorous in testing or criticising these suggestions. It’s what works that matters more than who makes the suggestion.

If you have a better idea please share it?

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  • Drumlins Rock

    Mick, its Newry & Armagh, no south in it as it stretches almost to lough Neagh.

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks. Amended the Strangford tag too, whilst I was in.

  • John Ó Néill

    For anyone who isn’t convinced by Twitter yet: the election had created click throughs to Twitter so that you could select a particular constituency (e.g. Wicklow) where an agreed hashtag (in this case #wk) was used by anyone tweeting and you could view any tweets with the #wk hashtag. The result was a series of short contributions from anyone tweeting at the count (and there appeared to be quite a lot). Twitter seemed to catch a real flavour of what was going on. It also had some of the best tweets of the election as Dick Roche fought the dying of the light with re-counts and threatened legal challenges:

    “#ge11 #wk Scenes of jubilation throughout Wicklow. 50ft Dick Roche statue being pulled down in Baltinglass.”

    “#ge11 #wk Gazza is roaming Wicklow with a fishing rod and case of beer looking for Dick Roche.”

    I was going to suggest the following (since four letter hashtags may be a bit more robust):

    #eant (East Antrim) #nant (North Antrim) #sant (South Antrim)

    #ebel (Belfast East) #nbel (Belfast North) #sbel (Belfast South) #wbel (Belfast West)

    #lagv (Lagan Valley) #stgf (Strangford) #ndow (Down North) #sdow (Down South)

    #uppb (Upper Bann) #narm (Newry and Armagh)

    #fst (Fermanagh-South Tyrone) #midu (Mid Ulster) #wtyr (West Tyrone)

    #fyle (Foyle)

    Inevitably the legitimacy of #eldy (East Londonderry) and #edy (East Derry) will be touted, so I’m suggesting we use #erry and get over it.

  • Henry94

    BBC NI did this already

    bbcnivote2011 BBC Northern Ireland
    It’s still early days (44 and counting) but we’re suggesting some hashtags to keep in touch across all 18 constituencies #ae11

    Newry and Armagh #nar11 Strangford #st11 North Down #nd11 South Down #sd11
    Belfast North – #bn11 Belfast South – #bs11 Belfast East – #be11 Belfast West #bw1
    South Antrim #sa11 East Antrim #ea11 and North Antrim #na11
    Foyle #fo11 East Londonderry #el11 West Tyrone #wt11 Fermanagh & South Tyrone #fst11 #ae11
    Upper Bann #ub11 Mid Ulster #mu11 Lagan Valley #lv11

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks Henry, I did a rudimentary check, but missed this. They have the advantage of brevity.

  • Mick Fealty

    But Mu11 gives this:!/search/mu11

    It’s really important any tags we run with don’t pick up unwanted Tweets.

  • I think it might be easier for folks if a common model was used [cf John] eg NBel, EBel, WBel, SBel, NDow, SDow, STra, NArm, UBan, LVal, FSty, FOyl, ELon, MUls, NAnt, SAnt and EAnt. If any of these are duplicates then put an 11 before or, preferably, afterwards.

  • Mark McGregor

    Why not just use the ones Ark has been using for years with the addition of an 11?


    All this suggesting new tags seems pointless faffing when the premier electoral stats site has already given some.

  • Mick Fealty


    I’m definitely in favour of keeping it simple (and now we see where BBCNI got their codes). We just need to check them, Mid Ulster, for instance, picks up a lot of stuff that’s nothing to do with #AE11.

    Suzy spent weeks checking out hers before RTE took them up and used them.

  • Mick Fealty

    #st11 Is conflicted

    #NAR11 is good

  • Mick Fealty

    #fst11 is good… so are Foyle #fo11 East Londonderry #el11 West Tyrone #wt11

  • #lagv a lot better than #lgv … nowt wrong with a helpful vowel!

  • Mick Fealty

    Especially if it gets rid of the spam… (anyone got a link to that BBCNI link?)

  • There is no BBCNI link. We have just sent them out via Twitter so far. They were as Henry specified above.

    When our election site goes live next week we’ll publish the full list, hopefully based on something agreed here.

    Sorry about some of the hashtags having conflicts. They were my work.

  • Mick Fealty

    Dee, let’s stick with your basic format for now, and adjust the ones that don’t work. The Lagan Valley amendment from Alan works for me, for instance.

  • FuturePhysicist

    What’s the NARM?

    ‘A Narm is a moment that is supposed to be serious, but due to either over-sappiness, poor execution, excessive Melodrama, or the sheer absurdity of the situation, the drama is lost to the point of becoming unintentionally funny. It can be extremely subjective.’

    Does this qualify?

  • Here’s a list for consideration, none of which have conflicts (as of today). The ones we had suggested that weren’t conflicted I’ve left as is.

    Newry and Armagh #nar11
    Strangford #str11
    North Down #ndo11
    South Down #sdo11

    Belfast North #beln11
    Belfast South – #bels11
    Belfast East – #bele11
    Belfast West #belw11

    South Antrim #san11
    East Antrim #ean11
    North Antrim #nan11

    Foyle #fo11
    East Londonderry #el11

    West Tyrone #wt11
    Fermanagh & South Tyrone #fst11

    Upper Bann #uban11
    Mid Ulster #mul11
    Lagan Valley #lagv11

    (there is weird stuff going on with the formatting in comments)

  • hashtagaffix

    It is really good to see that Twitter was used extensively by the NI media in reporting the Assembly elections using #ae11, but after the polls had closed the #ae11 hashtag became almost useless to find results.

    People used it to discuss other issues, such as the “slow” count, wet ballot papers and a host of other topics including the one from @bbcnewsline: “Our producer Judith in Omagh going for the barefoot look #ae11 #bbnewsline

    A quick twitter search for #ae11 reinforces the “noise” surrounding the #ae11 hashtag.

    The one hashtag that was of use after the polls closed was the “_rslt” Hashtag Affix which was affixed to the end of #ae11.

    Prior to polling day we contacted the major political parties and some of the media asking them to use the tag #ae11_rslt when tweeting results.

    Sinn Fein were the only party to adopt our hashtag affix and it quickly became a trending hashtag for tweets containing NI Assembly results.

    Using the Hashtag Affix* _rslt (abbreviation for results) appended to the end of the hashtag such as #ae11 allowed users to cut out any noise from #ae11 and quickly find only relevant tweets containing results.

    When it comes to future elections, it would be great if all NI media and political parties adopted the Hashtag Affix _rslt to report results on Twitter.

    * A Hashtag Affix consists of 1-4 characters which is joined to the end of a normal hashtag using an underscore “_” : e.g. #ae11_rslt.

    The purpose of the Hashtag Affix is to allow the main hashtag to be sub-categorised and allow users to quickly find relevant tweets associated with the Hashtag Affix.

    More Hashtag Affixes can be found at