Six Nations 2011 – Final Weekend

OK – Wales are 42 points behind England on goal difference with one game to go. So we need you to win by 41 and beat France in Paris to win the Championship. Stranger things have happened. But. Not. Often.
So…Trimble and Sexton back.
Zulus? Rorke’s Drift? – what’s Liam Toland on about?

Come on Ireland, fix bayonets . . . “At one hundred yards! Volley fire, present! Aim! Fire!”

Gatland loves George North (in for Shane).
On the video: “What do you offer that Shane doesn’t?” – “Size” – cool….
So what’s Lievremont up to? (I still think France will win the World Cup btw…)
And in the Prediction Contest:
Abucs on 21 saying 3 away wins.
Articles on 20, 2 homes but England to beat Ireland….
John on 19…….3 home wins.
Have you ever been so excited?