St Patrick’s celebrations out of this world

  • The Word


    The Irish certainly have friends in high places.

  • She looks kind of hot with the hair blowing. I am sure Matt Molly wil be pleased his flute is in one piece. Musicians value their instruments.

  • Munsterview

    Mick F……… for the sake of peace on this site will you please get a CD with the bloody ‘ Sash’ on it and send it to Houston immediately with an explanation as to why it should be played from space on ‘The 12th,’ otherwise we will get the usual dozens of postings bemoaning the lack of parity of esteem.

    I read somewhere that she also took ‘Ar Brat’, tricolor with her to the Space Station. If the usual suspects are loosing the cool about a single Flag Of The Irish Republic paraded in Downpatrick, what way are they going to feel when they realize it is flying over their heads in space at regular intervals daily? Sometimes life just aint fair !

    I hope that all of good will who set out with the intention of enjoying the festival a had a pleasant and memorable St Patrick’s day.

  • The Word


    “Flag Of The Irish Republic ”

    We’ll have to change that when we get into power.

    I don’t think we’ll have many problems doing that given that we have hollow people like the SF councillor explaining to others why the flag is just something people who have no values use to pretend that they have. It’s all on film, you know.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    In Lonodn yesterday, the London Eye was illuminated in green as was Big Ben. Similar carry on in Paris and elsewhere.

  • Comrade Stalin

    We’ll have to change that when we get into power.


  • The Word


    You better believe it.

    It certainly won’t be the white flag of surrender.

  • Greenflag

    Word ,

    Your days are over . You’ve had several centuries -bye .
    There are no angels in space only in your head and the sound of voices you hear is just the early stages of dementia , schizophrenia or Alzheimers. The next time your God talks to you from a burning bush turn your bare arse to it or make a cheese toastie .

    You’re the mirror barking image of Ayatollah and Born Again Tongue lolling Rapturist dressed up in sanctimonious gobshittery 🙁

  • Greenflag:

    As well as being deliberately insulting, you are not very original. Yuri Gargarin, in the ocntext of this thread, said much the same when he made his fampous trip. He, of course, ws much more eloquent.

    There is evidence for the burning bush as it happens. But hey, pearls before swine and all that.

  • Greenflag

    ‘there is evidence for the burning bush as it happens.’

    So you set fire to your head and the bush is now gone and you’re bald -is that your evidence ? or have you found a dead bush several thousands years old that still talks ?

    Good luck with the circus when you take your ‘talking burning bush ‘on the road and don’t forget the ‘elixir of eternal ‘ life canned drinks to sell to the suckers at a suitably gouged price that they might ‘contribute’ to the eh glory of etc etc 🙁


  • Munsterview

    Now, now ‘Greenflag’ a little tolerance please!

    There is still hope for the ‘Word’ : remember how one particular obnoxious poster gave regular displays of intemperate, uncouth, gross ignorance to republicans and nationalists alike before causing his handlers so much embarrassment that he was pulled for retraining and confined to interfacing with Republican sites until he polished up his act ?

    Almost moderate these days you may have noticed. Incidently a cold, wet evening down here in Munster, hope you have a nice fire down and the poker handy ?

  • Greenflag

    Munsterview ,

    I’m always tolerant unless somebody starts proselytising in which case the gloves come off 😉 . This is not a site for ‘missionary ‘ activity of the religious kind .

    And yes I noticed the unmasked has been taking ‘retraining ‘ courses although at this point his ‘credibility ‘ is close to zero if not in deep minus territory . Anyway he helped elect Adams and several other SF TD’s . No doubt he’ll go for the double in the Assembly elections .

    And on that subject I read sorry link not to hand perhaps tomorrow that the Pentagon is now ‘installing ‘ several false personas on blog sites everywhere particularly on sites outside the USA which may be critical of US foreign or policy . it is apparently ‘illegal ‘ for the USA to do similar within the USA .

    The so called ‘free press ‘ and mass media has closed it’s ‘reporting ‘ on the conditions under which the young soldier Bradley Manning is being held as a result of the Wikileaks affair .

    If Bush was President the ‘press ‘ or some of them would be screaming for his ‘impeachment ‘ but because Obama isin the top seat they are all tame as church mice . Naturally the neo conservatives would probably want the death sentence for young Manning .

    ‘before causing his handlers so much embarrassment ‘

    I guess the poor unmasked one could’nt handle 😉 Eff him anyway there’s always a replacement in the wings for that kind of manure .