Mount Vernon investigation explains HET bias…

Interesting addendum to Turgon’s post earlier in the day, on the PUP’s call on the HET for it’s bias. Now there is, as Turgon points out (and repeated in the PUP protest banners on this UTV clip), a strange absence of any prosecutions of non dissident Republican paramilitaries.

But there’s an explanation as to why the UVF is so well represented in the prosecutions, the investigation of one unit, the one operating in Mount Vernon. And, as pointed out in the clip, it is mostly for offences against the very community the organisation claims to be in existence to protect.

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  • Turgon

    I have already updated the blog to point out the inaccuracy of the PUP’s claims and the explanation for the greater number of arrests of loyalists: ie that some loyalists have turned Queen’s evidence.

    It is incorrect to claim (as the UVF have) that the imbalance is in convictions or prosecutions, it is in arrests.

  • “a strange absence of any prosecutions”

    Some might think that but it’s hardly a surprise that certain individuals and groups have had and will continue to have immunity.

  • andnowwhat

    Not sure if this is off topic but I was listening to the news today (I know I go on about the radio and TV. I’m disabled so, save for growing an insane addiction to Jeremy Kile and This Morning, I listen to the radio) and the news story was on about the bomb alert in W Belfast.

    Now, remembering the recent incident at a nationalist part of the Antrim Rd, this makes NO sense to me.

    I have seen posts on here regarding spooks game playing and I think I see what that was about.

  • lamhdearg

    72 arrest’s, 65 due to “ballast”, so that leaves 7, 5 loyalist 2 republican, is that 250% more loyalist or is it 150%, silly number twisting aside, can we the public without using freedom of information, access the H.E.T. figures of what case’s they have looked into how many person hours they spent, who they Q, and to find out when they will get around to la mon.

  • Why is this not on Turgon’s post? Seems like a distraction to main post and a split in comments.