Six Nations 2011 – weekend 4….

OK, it’s the big one and we have home advantage.
Ireland, Just, Maybe.from the Irish Times.
Gwyn thinks we’ll do it.From the Western Mail.
Hooky pretty damn cool…from the BBC.
At least Gatland isn’t making mischief – Nullify the ball carriers.
Oh, and btw Bangladesh have beaten England. Laughed Out Loud!
Update from the The Independent:

Barry John could spot a gap the size of a mouse hole. So when he was sitting outside the Old Arcade pub in Cardiff’s city centre, he could hardly miss the figure of Mark Ring, one of the maverick successors to John churned out by the famed Welsh fly-half factory.
“Hey Ringo!” the King called out to the Clown Prince. “Guess what happened to me once? I dropped a f*****g ball in training!”