PPS not to prosecute Iris Robinson

The DUP, and the Robinson family in particular, are slowly closing the book of horrors that opened up last January. Numerous investigations were kicked off after the (multi-award winning) Spotlight programme aired in January 2010. The Belfast Telegraph neatly summarises the programme’s findings:

The BBC probe revealed how Mrs Robinson, who was then an MP, MLA and a member of Castlereagh Borough Council, obtained two £25,000 contributions from property businessmen.

That money was then paid to Mr McCambley, then aged 19, to help him launch his Lock Keeper’s Inn cafe business.

Mrs Robinson (61) had become friendly with the teenager following the death of his father Billy McCambley, an East Belfast butcher.

While a PSNI investigation was launched within days of the programme, today the Public Prosecution Service have announced that

“Following a careful consideration, based on all available evidence, the decision has been taken not to prosecute.”

I’ll let Mick edit the post to correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t all the investigations against the First Minister’s family now been completed?

Update – An Assembly Standards investigation into Peter and Iris has been on hold pending the outcome of the PSNI inquiry … so there’s still one outstanding report.

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