PPS not to prosecute Iris Robinson

The DUP, and the Robinson family in particular, are slowly closing the book of horrors that opened up last January. Numerous investigations were kicked off after the (multi-award winning) Spotlight programme aired in January 2010. The Belfast Telegraph neatly summarises the programme’s findings:

The BBC probe revealed how Mrs Robinson, who was then an MP, MLA and a member of Castlereagh Borough Council, obtained two £25,000 contributions from property businessmen.

That money was then paid to Mr McCambley, then aged 19, to help him launch his Lock Keeper’s Inn cafe business.

Mrs Robinson (61) had become friendly with the teenager following the death of his father Billy McCambley, an East Belfast butcher.

While a PSNI investigation was launched within days of the programme, today the Public Prosecution Service have announced that

“Following a careful consideration, based on all available evidence, the decision has been taken not to prosecute.”

I’ll let Mick edit the post to correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t all the investigations against the First Minister’s family now been completed?

Update – An Assembly Standards investigation into Peter and Iris has been on hold pending the outcome of the PSNI inquiry … so there’s still one outstanding report.


  • The Word

    “the (multi-award winning) Spotlight programme aired in January 2010”

    I don’t support the DUP, or even like Peter Robinson, but this programme was the product of a public phoney war between the BBC and the executive in my opinion. It was the price the DUP leader paid for keeping the reigns of power.

    Even in that context it was just pornographic journalism from a source that has no values, no moral worth or any purpose in its direction.

    To humiliate an elected MP for the sake of what amounted to £5,000, small change for her, was perhaps another good reason for leaving this profoundly corrupt British establishment to its own devices and let them take their deviant BBC with them.

    A manic-depressive woman can’t be scrutinized in the way that these clowns did.

  • Mark

    The programme was made because it was a very news worthy story which the public had a right to know about.

    Mrs Robinson ( jesus loves you more than you could know ) had put herself out there as Mrs clean cut could do no wrong , so when she was caught offside in such a sleazy seedy manner , it was proper and correct that people were made aware of said fact…

    She has paid the piper in a manner of speaking with the very public humiliation of her and her unfortunate family . A prosecution serves no purpose and if it [were] true that she suffers from manic depression , what was she doing in the public Spotlight ( no pun intended ) in the first place.

    I hope this episode doesn’t get raised in the run up to the may elections the way all the mud was dragged up in the recent southern election . A that election showed , the people taking all the flak usually end up on the winning side .

    Isn’t that right MR Gerry Adams TD . !!!

  • john

    I agree with Mark she took the moral high ground and was so quick to call homosexuality an abomination and some sort of mental sickness that could be treated. If spotlight didnt do the programme then one of the papers would have soon broken the story. Casting aside the inappropriate relationship with Kyle the main concern is how a number of leading politicians are so friendly with all these developers – funny that!

  • andnowwhat

    I haven’t been this surprised since the Sun revealed that Boy George was gay.

    Speaking of gay, I think the hypocracy of her [edited] ranting while having an affair is something she should never be allowed to get over

    . For those who may have forgotten, she made this the day after a gay guy was badly beaten in Glengormley (his attackers were disturbed by a passerby and goodness knows what could have happened to him had they continued) and the attack was on the news bulletin on the very show she ranted on.

    Imagine, just imagine, if this situation was in GB. Her position as an MP would have been untenable for a start.

  • Zig70

    I enjoy seeing any politician fall off their pedestal. This now is more about using Iris’ frailty to keep the heat of Robbo. He has played it superbly throughout with the the drawing room confessionals and staying in the shadows at the right times. I hope he get re-elected as he’s want to feather his own nest and is sure to fall again.

  • Mark

    Peter Robinson as been a class act over his wife’s mistakes and should hold his head high . It’s one thing to take abuse over what he has done but to take the abuse he took over his wife’s behaviour , that’s unfair . Like him ot loathe him , Robinson is a tough cookie who doesn’t play the ostrich when things get tough . I think people are beginning to realise this now .

  • aquifer

    Great journalism, and if it stops the DUP and their Developer friends going the wobbly way of Fainna Fail and the Republic, great public service.

  • Mark


    A picture tells a thousand words and photographs have brought down many a powerful Govt / politican / celebrity .

    Photography is real life and people tend to remember pictures over quotes any day of the week …..

    It’s difficult to reason with you when you pull the GOD card whenever you’re struck for a response . If you want to be taken seriously , let your human side agrue your case .

    You can’t go running to the lord almightly when ever the questions get tough …

  • perseus

    For the lads and lassies on this thread 😉

    If the lost word is lost, if the spent word is spent
    If the unheard, unspoken
    Word is unspoken, unheard;
    Still is the unspoken word, the Word unheard,
    The Word without a word, the Word within
    The world and for the world;
    And the light shone in darkness and
    Against the Word the unstilled world still whirled
    About the centre of the silent Word.

    T.S.Eliot “Ash-Wednesday”

  • Henry94

    I think the general public will wish the Robinson’s well in their personal lives. But as aquifer suggested there should be much scrutiny of the relationship between developers and politicians

  • There’s been a bit of pruning to the comment thread to remove the cycle of man-playing.

    To divert the conversation back to where I’d hoped it would go:

    > [have] all the investigations against the First Minister’s family now been completed?

  • Mark

    Moochin Photoman,

    Classic – I can jusy imagine the word with his little red plastic jock strap dancing around the sdlp offfices during luchtime .

    ” Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care ” ……..

  • iluvni

    “Peter Robinson as been a class act over his wife’s mistakes and should hold his head high”

    If he’d had any class, he’d have resigned long ago.

  • Someone has whispered in my air … An Assembly Standards investigation into Peter and Iris has been on hold pending the outcome of the PSNI inquiry

  • Drumlins Rock

    ” Numerous investigations were kicked off ”

    Should that not be numerous “cover ups” ? ie. Peter’s never published legal advice (which would have required a much higher standard of behaviour than the purely legal CPS), the £5 strip of land that was so easily “explained away” ( I believe that programme was rushed out with the election coming up, proper investigation could have put a much stronger case), a still too cosy relationship with big developers that involved several “unusual” transactions, not to mention the issue of allowing a party member to continue as an MP, MLA & Cllr. when suffering severe mental illness.

    I probably agree with the CPS decision, any alleged illegal dealings on Iris’s behalf were probably quite grey, minor and hard to substantiate, certainly not sufficient to bring a case against a person recovering from a serious illness of any sort.

    I fully accept the serious of her illness, and in addition believe she has already paid a very heavy price for her mistakes, I wish her well and hope she is well on a way to a full recovery.

    I also wish there was proper investigations into the many issues Peter has yet to fully clear.

  • Mark

    Alan in Belfast ,

    I don’t know if all the investigations are over but surely Iris robinson will be the First Minister’s achilles heel for a while to come . Whether its fair or not doesn’t come into it where elections are concerned .

  • Driftwood

    Alan in Belfast
    It’s been ‘political’ pruning. On your part. At least display your allegiance. I can stand over my point

    [Mod – The post was about investigations rather than illnesses. So as the author of the post, I’m deeming a series of comments from people leading to a very loose discussion about personal mental health issues, comparisons with celebrity breakdowns, and describing “pseudo medical treatment” a inappropriate on this thread. Also some stuff removed since commenters took to playing the man rather than the ball.]

  • Driftwood

    She had the same ‘illness’ as Tiger Woods. I appreciate this is a serious and valid illness. Tiger has now been ‘cured’, like Iris. Somehow I am not allowed to say this??

  • The Word

    “It’s difficult to reason with you when you pull the GOD card”

    I’m in a judgemental mood. The words agree with my mood. Are you afraid of God?

    “let your human side agrue your case”

    Getting an inferiority complex already after only a few sentences? You’re in a lot of trouble, if so.

  • joeCanuck

    Are you afraid of God?

    Yes, the bogeyman under the bed too and I will not go down to the cellar on my own. Go out after dark? Get real, no one in their right mind would do that.
    Wait, I forgot; I’m grown up now. God has gone the way of Grimm’s tales.
    The truth will set you free. Fairy tales are for the immature and children.

  • tacapall

    Pure class. Wonder what the future news will show to the puppets of the free Presbyterian church and the public, when the true nature of where that money Iris invested eventually ended up how s that young lad anyway.

  • Stephen Blacker

    This is very strange to me because if anyone gets a cash gift the tax people would be wanting their cut, just like when the £5 sliver of land was looked at it was stated that the tax people would want their cut from the market price of the land which was said to be £75,000. Maybe the Robinsons dont pay tax, one sure thing – it stinks, planning, developers & politicians should not mix.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    ‘I hope this episode doesn’t get raised in the run up to the may elections the way all the mud was dragged up in the recent southern election . A that election showed , the people taking all the flak usually end up on the winning side .

    Isn’t that right MR Gerry Adams TD . !!!’

    Yes interesting how Iris was booted from the party and Peter was subsequently booted by the EB electorate, all over relatively minor, if highly embaressing, misdemeanours.

    I think most would agree that [*that*] property deal and a highly ill-judged affair are pretty tame compared with directing murder of civilians, the callous sacrifice of republican inmates and continual blatant lying over membership of a group you’re supposed to revere. And that’s before we get to betrayal of former comrades and lamentable long-term constituency performance.

    Seems the voters of WB and Louth are rather less fussy over their choice of representative.

  • seandubh

    The northeren royal family escapede again.If your are my ma had done it ,they would not have been sent to london.the Robinsons are not fit for our pity,they crave power and money.

  • Lionel Hutz

    The PPS would not be so forgiving of an ordinary member of the public. But the evil there is that the sympathy is not shown to the ordinary public. There is no problem in declaring that there is no public interest in prosecuting Iris.

    Now the parliamentary and assembly committiees- that’s another matter. I hope that the actions of both Robinson’s will be judged against the higher standards that should be expected of public officials. But I have doubt that this won’t happen

  • lover not a fighter

    If you are a certain “class” of politician or banker its very difficult to get the Law to act against you.

    Its actually hard to blame the politicians or the bankers for taking Liberties. In their situation they probably believe it would be rude not to !

  • pauluk

    After all the hype and hatred…

  • Procrasnow

    Does ” not be bringing a case against the wife of First Minister Peter Robinson. ”

    mean that there is no case to answer and we will not be bringing a case against the wife of First Minister Peter Robinson.

    or does it just mean we will not be bringing a case against the wife of First Minister Peter Robinson.?

    If someone else did the same, does that mean they can refer back to this case as authority?

    clarification anyone?

  • streetlegal

    The PPS decision on the Robinson case can be seen as another in a long line of politically motivated decisions. The PPS is subject to direction from British Intelligence in their consideration of high profile political/security cases. As British Intelligence sees it, the survival of the Stormont Executive must take precedence over criminal law considerations.

    It is interesting to note that Sinn Fein have also taken a relaxed view on the Robinson scandal and will be happy with the PPS decision. The Sinn Fein primary interest also happens to be the survival of the Stormont Executive. The coalition with Peter Robinson has proven to be the best away to serve the political ambitions of Sinn Fein.

    This is ‘big picture’ government. For this ‘greater good’ all manner of such scandals can and will be swept under the carpet.

  • The Raven

    Well, it would churlish to do a comparison with this …but on the horizon, what’s this…? Legal action, ye say…?

  • Rocketeer

    Many people on the internet have been asking why Iris Robinson is not going to be prosecuted for her actions concerning the Lock Keeper’s Inn and why Alison Hewitt in contract was convicted for stealing a pair of £10 jeans.

    The answer is quite simple; Robinson obtained two loans from two ‘friends’ in an entirely lawful manner. She did not, as opposed to Hewitt, actually commit an act of illegality by deliberately stealing. This is the crucial difference and if people cannot see the differences in both cases then they need to objectively consider the two situations. The public have by and large swallowed everything that has been printed by the media in regards to Iris Robinson and as a result some people seem to think that her actions were illegal, which they were not.

    Parliamentary rules are entirely separate from law. In this regard Iris Robinson will likely be rapped on the knuckles by both Castlereagh and Stormont for her conduct as a public representative but the situation is not so clear regarding Peter Robinson. He has been quite robust in defending his actions and he has consistently displayed great confidence that he has not personally broken any parliamentary rules. I think that Peter Robinson will surely have received advice from his solicitor regarding the likelihood of vindication from the allegations made by the BBC Spotlight programme, hence why he has been so confident from the very beginning that he will be cleared of any wrongdoing in regards to his parliamentary/ministerial position.

    The evidence provided by the BBC Spotlight programme that Peter Robinson had been involved in any wrongdoing were, at best, flimsy and built upon mere hearsay (for example Selwyn Black alleged that Robinson was aware of what his wife had been involved in because he had apparently heard him in the background as he spoke to Iris on the phone).

    I would like to ask whether it was legal for the BBC to broadcast the content of text messages belonging to Iris Robinson given that she did not give permission for such material to be broadcast and as such perhaps she retained intellectual copyright.

  • The Word


    “Fairy tales are for the immature and children.”

    Some think that the stopping of all that money the US goverment spend funding the IFI is a good indication that the US is really taking a good interest in events here. They kind of like to have it said that they’re pulling out their interests when the reality is that they’re not.

    The “fairy tales” can be very frightening to some.

  • Procrasnow

    Oh come on now raven you cant compare Theft with helping someone considered as a son and then as a lover. incidently i like the choice of picture in the dailymail article I wonder was it done on purpose, especially with regard to what the Bible says in Deuteronomy about abomination. As we all know what adjectives Mrs Robinson has agreed with Nolan are an adequate description of abomination

  • Procrasnow
  • pauluk

    So the BBC and other media’s attempted hatchet job on the Robinsons has failed.

    I’m sure there will be some aspect of slander, libel or invasion of privacy, etc, that they will be able to pursue through the courts now that there is no solid evidence to back up the fabricated accusations. But, ten again, they might not want to waste their time on such irrelevant individuals.

  • pauluk

    So, the BBC and other media’s attempted hatchet job on the Robinsons has failed.

    I’m sure there will be some aspect of slander, libel or invasion of privacy, etc, that they will be able to pursue through the courts now that there is, obviously, no solid evidence to back up the fabricated accusations.

    But, then again, why would they waste their time and energy on such irrelevant, pathetic, although vindictive, individuals?

  • between the bridges

    fair play to captain kirk, very in the box thinking, get a restaurant plus 45k and all he had to do was iris….ah i see the catch now, the clingon’s!

  • Pelican22

    Personally, I don’t think it really matters that the PPS are not going to prosecute Iris, the damage was already done when the programme was broadcast and the aftermath.

    I think the Assembly standards investigation will be much more interesting and potentially damaging to the Robinsons than any legal investigation.

  • “To humiliate an elected MP for the sake of what amounted to £5,000, small change for her,”

    Did the PPP give any reason for its decision,I always marvel at the hypocrisy of the middle classes and most posters here are middle class, although not all. If Irish Robinson was a single mum on benefit who failed to tell the brew her boyfriend stayed a couple of nights a week, most would be pouring excreta over her. If she claimed she was suffering from mental health problems it would be pull the other one.

    At a time when British MPs are going to jail for sums of money not much more than what was mentioned above I find that statement amazing.

    This is just another example of one law for us poor saps and a different one for those with money and power. I could live with this if the Robinsons were no longer on the scene and unable to bring any influence to bear, but the husband of this women is still the head of the mockney statelet.

    I have no wish to see this rather silly, greedy and empty headed woman punished in a court, but please, lets have no more talk here about the rule of law.

  • joeCanuck

    There is a report that the Robinson’s are considering legal action. I think that would be rather foolish. A “good republican” can testify to that. But I hope they do; hubris is the downfall of many of the “high and mighty”.

  • Mark


    Late last year Slugger was full of chavs , now it’s the middle class that feel your poor working class organised rage ..

    Whose benefit was your last post for Mick . It was for someone … Who ??

  • lamhdearg

    iris rob has not got of scott free on this, look at her pre scandel and then post, right back down to earth. i felt both this and the gerry/liam, thing where used to push certain people a certain way, how that has been achieved the powers that be need no longer push, untill the next time.

  • Late last year Slugger was full of chavs


    And that has what to do with me?

    Mark I do not post to benefit anyone, I am not that arrogant, but simply to polish my own ego. By the way I am far from poor, a little economically disadvantaged perhaps.


    Good points.

  • The Word



    You mean of the BBC for trivialising the political vocation? Class has nothing to do with this, and working class people have just as much interest in speaking out against the porn filth that served as investigative journalism than any others.

    “If Irish Robinson was a single mum on benefit who failed to tell the brew her boyfriend stayed a couple of nights a week, most would be pouring excreta over her. If she claimed she was suffering from mental health problems it would be pull the other one.”

    I don’t know where you’re getting these people who woulfd do that. I’m quite sure that anyone would go into hospital with mental health problems would be very unwell.

    Your cynicism and the BBC vulgarity seem well matched.

  • joeCanuck

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be fault free like our resident god.

  • Mark


    I see my last post is awaiting moderation ….. so I’ll try to explain what i meant ..

    Last year you said you rarely posted on Slugger as the place was full of chavs .

    Tonight you say Slugger is made up of hypocricital middle classers .I found that funny and made a joke based on the fact you told me you had a few quid and a polished ego…

    All harmless fun …..and I’ve no idea why that comment would be wiped but I’m sure I’ll find out . anyway MickHall no hard feelings ( not that there were any ) ?.

  • Mark


    I also said that hypocrisy is rife no matter where you come from , that it’s not a class thing ………..

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk

    The Word

    “Even in that context it was just pornographic journalism from a source that has no values, no moral worth or any purpose in its direction”

    What a load of absolute nonsense.

    I didn’t realise there were financial limits on dodgy payments – is anything up to 5K OK or perhaps 10k?

    I generally despise the tabloid media but Iris Robinson got what she deserved. If she had just got on with her life and left other people alone – then, frankly, I could not give a shit about her personal life.

    Howevere, she chose to stand as an MP and got elected. She chose to continually moralise about other people’s behaviour, quoting the bible, and berating gay people at a time when a vicious attack had just been carried out on an innocent young gay man.

    If Iris Robinson had not set herself up as some sort of moral authority being judgemental about other people in public – and she certainly seemed to enjoy the limelight – then there would have been nowhere near the interest in this story that there was.

    It’s a bit laughable to quote moral scripture from the Bible and then be caught cheating on your husband with the son of an old friend who is 20 years your junior!

    As for the money – well, the perception is that she pocketed some of it (or tried to) – that was certainly implied by a number of participants. I notice that there has been no talk of any sort of action about libel or slander.

    Personally, I think the PPS have made the right decision (I see no public interest in pursuing this) and I genuinely wish Iris Robinson well in her recovery.

    However, the tabloid press/tv have dished out worse treatment to many folk who deserved it a lot less.

    Iris Robinson set herself up as someone who could moralise about the behaviour of others and then was exposed as a total hypocrite (as well as being involved in murky financial dealings).

    She deserved what she got – if you think that’s wrong then wake up and smell the coffee.

    I also can’t help wondering if she had been a Nationalist MP if your opinion would be the same.

  • lamhdearg

    “I also can’t help wondering if she had been a Nationalist MP if your opinion would be the same.”

    if you read more of the words comments you will find its hard to nail him down as unionist or irish nationalist, its not that he sits on the fence, more like he is the fence. And good luck to him.

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk


    Fair enough. If I’ve got that wrong then apologies to the Word.

    However, it doesn’t alter my point/opinion at all.

    Iris Robinson set herself up as someone who could criticise the morals of others in public and as a God fearing Christian.

    She was then exposed as a total hypocrite (apart from the financial stuff).

    I have plenty of criticisms of the tabloid press/tv but they were totally within their rights to expose this woman. The electorate have every right to know if their elected representatives preach (loudly) one thing in public and do something totally different themselves – it’s called hypocrisy.

    Like I said, a lot of innocent people have been victims of tabloid press/tv but Iris Robinson isn’t one of them.

    Don’t waste your sympathy on her – she deserved everything that she got.

    The Word’s opinion on this topic (in my view) is total nonsense.

  • joeCanuck

    Total nonsense

    Par for the course.

  • dwatch

    “PPS not to prosecute Iris Robinson”

    The DUP will be delighted and the UUP & TUV will not be pleased at this news. Especially coming out just 7 weeks before the assembly & local council elections.

  • joeCanuck


    I don’t think it matters. people will have made their minds up already and Mrs.Robinson hasn’t been foolish enough to stand for any position. It caused great damage to her husband in East Belfast, Hard to predict current feelings. Perhaps a divorce won’t be too far off.

  • dwatch

    joeCanuck, it mattered a lot in last May’s Westminster election Robinson’s credibility was so low he lost an East Belfast seat which he held for over 30 years.

    One wonders would the media and the BBC been so ruthless on Iris, had she not been so naive and told the world media about her anti Gay views. Then so stupid (it beggars belief) to tell the whole world she was playing hanky panky with a toyboy. In this 21 century the world is coming down with older women having a bit on the side with toyboy’s and nobody gives a fiddlers.

  • PaulT

    There is no need to drag any of the Robinsons into court, the whole incident had the desired effect.

    Peter was getting amazingly ballsy with HMG and refusing to fully implement GFA/StA agreements.

    HMG gave him a little reminder of who the daddy is.

    Peter agreed to everything at Hillsborough.

    Peter promised unionists a new parading body and special devices, none of which really existed.

    Give it a bit of time for things to be implemented

    Peter let off the hook.

    Peter will be a good boy from now on

    Neither Robinson wil DARE go near a courtroom, because he got kicked by HMG, not Brown, if he messes with HMG again, he’ll get another reminder from them

    Job done, Assembly working, DUP in their place

  • Last year you said you rarely posted on Slugger as the place was full of chavs .


    If you say so, although I do wonder in what context I used it. The word chav has only become a word of insult in recent years, in its original form it means family member or friend and springs from the Roma language. For example “dik eye chav” means “Take a look at that my friend.” I first came across the word in my early teens when living alongside a Roma community in Essex, and it is interesting this word was first misused by the MS media to insult Essex women.

    As to calling the middle classes hypocritical, of course not all middle class people are hypocrites, but as a class I would suggest many of them are, especially when it comes to self interest. For example, despite being well educated and with a civilized veneer they are willing far to often to turn their public face on its head, and support the most reactionary politicians and ideas. No better example of this than the Lib Dems decision to join the reactionary UK coalition.

    More to the point the middle classes are well aware of this contradiction, hence when I am feeling a little mischievous, I Tweak their tail and without fail, 9/10 I get a self righteous response.

    Of course, as Turgon once correctly pointed out to me here, life is more complex than this alone, but you should remember working class people are parodied in the MSM daily, so it does the middle class good to be reminded of their square edges.

    You of all people should understand this, from its inception the Orange State could not have existed for a single day without such middle class deceit and hypocrisy by both Protestant and Catholic middle class folk.

    Remember the clip of that nice David ‘Lord’ Trimble alongside Billy Wright.

    I rest my case.

    Give me a Billy Wright any day to a gross hypocrite like Trimble, for at least people now where they stand, he was what it said a the jar a murdering thug.

    I have often wondered where this middle class sensitivity comes from, and I think it is because many middle class people, or their forbears, worked hard to build a middle class life style to make life better for themselves and their families, and their greatest subconscious fear is to fall back down into the WC.

    By the way I have many middle class friends who I like and admire greatly and my own children work in middle class professions. However, I do not apologize for going on about this as for me in the UK, especially England, class privileged is the main reason it is such a stifling and backward looking society and has one of the lowest movement between classes ratios in the western world.

    By the way instead of posting insult and having them spiked you may have been better to simply email me so we can discuss them. (Is that middle class enough for you 😉

  • between the bridges

    mick a lot of stereotypical generalizations going on imho we are all hypocritical as and when it suits. even ‘he was what it said a the jar a murdering thug’ was also a ‘god fearing, teetotal, christian’…. perhaps another example would help convince me or would that be hypocritical?

  • Comrade Stalin


    HMG gave him a little reminder of who the daddy is.

    Fascinating. At what point exactly did HMG get involved ?

  • BTB

    Good point, I’m not a Christian, but he who is without sin cast the first stone are wise words.

  • joeCanuck

    It pissed jesus off a lot when he said that and his Ma picked up a stone and chucked it.

  • Mark


    That’s some chip you have there Mick .

    This working class hero shite tries to drive a wedge between people who don’t really care .

    I’m sure you know full well in what context you used the word chavs …. as you said yourself Mick , you like to be mischievous ( must be that Irish devil in you wha Mick ? )

    You also mentioned you weren’t short a pound coin or two so how do you see yourself these days Mick , class wise of course ?

    You gave me a giggle as I eat me breakkie roll ( standard middle class on a sunday ) but I am curious as to what constitutes a middle class job in your eyes and your definition of working class is something I would love to hear seen as you seem such an expert on such matters and seem to mention the ” class thing ” quite a lot .

  • Mark

    Ah, there you go, when I said I was not ‘poor,’ it had nothing to do with money or the amount of cash in my bank account as I have little of either being a man of no property. What I was trying to get across in my ill educated way, (there goes that chip again mark) was my contempt for all those media hacks who continuously use the words ‘the poor’ to describe people like my good self and billions of others around the world who live on low incomes.

    It is used to belittle and demean, as any fool who looks up its meaning in a dictionary would see, and to disguise the fact that most people in he world who live on low incomes, do so because they suffer an economic disadvantage compared with the majority of those who have accumulated great wealth..

    ‘hapless: deserving or inciting pity; “a hapless victim”; “miserable victims of war”; “the shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic”- Galsworthy; “piteous appeals for help”; “pitiable children”; “a pitiful fate”; “Oh, you poor thing”; “a wretched life”having little money or few possessions;
    characterized by or indicating poverty; “the country had a poor economy”; “they lived in the poor section of town”
    lacking in specific resources, qualities or substances;;
    inadequate: not sufficient to meet a need; “an inadequate; “short on experience”
    people without possessions or wealth (considered as a group); “the urban poor need assistance”
    unsatisfactory; ; “poor morale”; “expectations were poor” ETC
    wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn’ (the first on my google/mh)

    Now, little of the above describes me, nor most folk I know who live on low incomes. far from “a wretched life” I would not change mine with a king or billionaire, words are weapons and we forget that at our peril.

    By the way, show me a working class man or woman, of whatever nationality 😉 without a chip on their shoulder, and they will be an individual with very little fight in him. If peoples live life’s which are deliberately made more difficult by others, why should they not have chips on their shoulders? Or would you prefer they meekly accept their situation, shrug their shoulders and say, “Ah well, it is the way of the world, we cannot change it.”

  • PaulT

    HMG gave him a little reminder of who the daddy is.

    Fascinating. At what point exactly did HMG get involved ?

    ??????? HMG has always been involved, NI is under its remit.

    Peter forgot that point and wouldn’t play nicely, leaving SF on the verge of walking.

    If you were somewhere else when all this was happening a search through Slugger will enlighten you as to the situation at that point.

    Once HMG taught Peter a lesson he trotted along to Hillsborough and duely signed on the dotted line.

    Mr Baker and the DUP reminded us repeatedlythat SF had messed up and there was no deadline for devolving P&J.

    SF, the Irish Gov and HMG disagreed

    Did anything of note other than P&J happen at Hillsborough?

    Peters special devices?


  • The Word


    “Perhaps a divorce won’t be too far off.

    Only a cur dog would say something like that.

    There are people on these threads who have no values, no moral compass, or any depth to their knowledge of right and wrong.

    If there happens to be any non intelligence organisations observers scanning these threads, and you’ll know the ones involved by how much they attack me or Christian teaching, you would be well advised to study what these people are attacking and that’ll tell you exactly what they’re afraid of.

    There seems to me to be a lot of flawed judges around.

  • The Word

    How about a programme on the murder of Patsy Gillespie?

    How about a series on the man who ordered Joanne Mathers death?

    How about a Christian version of WWI where we explain to people that boys, yes mostly boys, went to their deaths in millions over trivial pursuits? How about we explain to people how they were used as cannon fodder, sent to the front and the nearer to the front the more impoverished background they came from, such that they had to run at machine guns or face death for “cowardice” if turned around?

    How about a few programmes explaining how the poor over history have been used by corrupt people to fight their battles for them? How about a programme explaining a single reason why a poor man should have to be at the front of war, fighting for corrupt rich men?

    There’s a programme tonight about a sick priest. How about a single programme about a completely sick elite in British society who still send stupid young men into battle? How about a programme that even begins to justify a single reason for their wars? Do they know any better?

    It’s the old story some small ill gets elevating into a programme. An entire sick ideology is beyond their comprehension because, yes, it must be “good” because all those rich people have such smart minds. How about a programme on the corruption of capitalism?

  • Mark


    Mick , I think we’re going off on a bit of a tangent here so I’ll take you up your offer ( or was the offer to turgon ) to e mail you and discuss the class divide – which is way more prevalent in England than Ireland IMO .

    You’re still on Organised Rage , I take it ?

  • andnowwhat

    Just a wee reminder. At the time that Iris was at her antics she was an MP. Never mind her counciller, a member of the assembly, she was an MP and thus should be held to parliamentary standards.

    I hope (although I doubt) that she is pulled up before the committees in Westminster. We have all seen MPs brought up for less.

    BTW, She is apparently strolling around Comber quite happily. Do what you will in life but DO NOT take the public for a fool

  • RebVolley

    Mrs Robinson’s private life aside, her behaviour with regards to non disclosure of self interest was disgraceful. However, one cannot help but be surprised when the DUP take a such a lax view on transparency with regards their party donations. Clean politics relies on the party leading by example.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “Following careful consideration of all the available evidence a decision has been taken not to prosecute this case,” said a PPS spokeswoman”

    But they haven’t said *why*.

    Not enough evidence?

    Not in the public interest?

  • andnowwhat

    @ Rebvolley

    Totally agree. We all have to admit that whoever came up with the tactics of the Robinsons and the DUP played a blinder.

    Having said that, the reputation of NI journalists remains in the trash due to their inability to counter some backroom spin doctor. Every person (save for the blindly loyal) laughed at the whole scenario and yet NO journalist would take on a serious follow up.

    There are things I know about this case via all parties involved (a strange coincidence) that a half decent journalist could have ran with.

  • andnowwhat

    A challenge to any of the supposed REAL jouirnalists on here……..can anyone of you explain the REAL reason that Kirk went to London just after the story broke?

  • The Word

    No takers then?

    Just the usual scattering?

  • lamhdearg

    Journalism in ulster died a long time ago.

  • joeCanuck


  • lamhdearg

    As i was last before you, what?

  • between the bridges

    word up, i had you down as a taker, still borrowing the lap top?
    re no prosecution of Pete and the drag queen look a like (brave man that kirky boy) is anyone surprised? nah.

  • joeCanuck

    Sorry lamhdearg; bad timing by me. It was for the gentleman above who earlier called me a cur dog. I let it sit for a few minutes before hitting submit.

  • Mark

    Exactly Mr B …

    There was no way Mrs Robinson was getting done ( again )

  • PaulT

    “Following careful consideration of all the available evidence a decision has been taken not to prosecute this case,” said a PPS spokeswoman”

    But they haven’t said *why*.

    Not enough evidence?

    Not in the public interest?

    Pigeon, not in the public interest is the best description, the DUP trotted into Hillsborough, signed on the dotted line, P&J was devolved, Peter learned his lesson.

    I don’t think we’ll hear anymore about legal action from the Robinsons, a little bit of sabre rattling is allowed/expected, but from here on I suspect same as Paisley he now understands the rules of the game, which he will play nicely before accepting his seat in the Lords.

    Sadly he is unlikely to be joined by Tommo or Jimbo as they have nothing to offer, Peter can and will deliver unionism to where he’s told to deliver it by HMG.

  • PaulT

    “Journalism in ulster died a long time ago.”

    It went on life support the moment a journo accepted a MoD press release and printed it as fact

    Not helped by the lack of journo talent in NI, apart from Breen, most just get overcome with laziness and write about their opinions, can anyone name a NI journo worth reading?

  • Cynic2

    It may be because of other issues not involving Iris that cannot be discussed here for other legal reasons

    In any case, all she ever had to have was a medical report saying a trial would make her suicidal again and even if they had it all on videotape Article 2 would kick in and there would be no prosecution

    Now lets just wait for their writ against the BBC then a local jury can decide. Well? We are waiting

  • Tweedybird

    After scrolling down the treads I thought, ” Moochin Photoman (profile) says: 11 March 2011 at 11:30 pm Cameo” very witty, especailly when you listen to the words of the song.