Enda Kenny: “He doth like the ape…”

Your captions please…

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  • “My fellow Iranishians…
    Dont worry, Ive learned a lot from my American cousin George Bush and Phil Hogan has learned a lot from his american cousin Dick Cheney”

  • Brian Walker

    Miserable, mean minded, unfunny, Toilet wall stuff, the curse of the web.. .Enda has just accepted nomination as Taoiseach with an uplifiting speech, better delivered than you might have expected. All Irish people have a vested interest in wishing him well.

  • Indeed.
    He is after all Mr Walker says our Taoiseach.
    But a lot of stuff I read on Slugger is miserable, mean minded etc.
    But when I have pointed this up, I have often been told to “move along”. I welcome Mr Walkers contribution.

  • andnowwhat

    “Enda assumes the position for the bankers to……(well, you can guess)