Do local student sabbatical election winners go on to pursue political life post college?

With all this talk of Irish general elections and cricket victories, Slugger missed the chance to look at one of Belfast’s annual electoral events – the campaign leading up to the election of QUB Student Union sabbatical officers.

The Gown has been following the process in detail with some great coverage in a series of blog posts looking at hustings, debates, interviews, turnout and the results. As often is the case, the campaign was brutal and emotional, and involved claims of broken manifesto pledges and canvas irregularities!

Jason O’Neill, who has no previous sabbatical experience but was President of the Law Society, was elected President.

I wonder whether any of our current local politicians went through the sabbatical elections at their universities and colleges? Is it a path into politics … or just a way of students becoming disillusioned with the election process and never returning to it once student days are over?