We’re in Cavan on Friday morning to start the RTE/Slugger roadtrip #ge11 meetup

Myself and Peter Geoghegan are doing three RTE Election Meet Ups – polling day events to sample in depth the opinion of local people and to share them online via Twitter and Facebook. The first one of the day will be in Cavan – details here. We’ve chosen it because it could be an interesting one . It could be a weather-vane showing the extent of any Fine Gael surge. If they gain three seats here they may be on the way to single party government.

Also this is on of the few constituencies where Sinn Fein is running a second candidate. And that’s not to mention the possible disappearance of the Fianna Fail contingent.

Come along – grab a coffee and tell us what’s on your mind on the day. We’re keen to ensure that these meetups aren’t just social-media junkies (though they’re as welcome as anyone). If you are coming, see if you can bring an older friend or relative who does not ‘do’ Facebook, Twitter or blogs.

Use the form below to get your ticket.