Live Blog: The Three Leader’s Debate…

It’s on RTE’s Prime Time at 9.40. Let’s see what there is to play for…


  • Mark

    Thanks Mick …. very interested ..

  • Mark

    Lets just hope Miriam can keep it clean …

  • alan56

    FF wins opening statement?

  • Mark

    Luck of the draw with the lotts .

  • Mark

    Kenny appears nervous ..

  • Mark

    Enda and his pen …and his magic wand

  • wee buns

    ZZzzz Snorefest. All three persist with denial of reality. How do they achieve this level of meaninglessness.

  • tuatha

    How was it possible for 3 men (SIC!) to use so many words without saying anything worthwhile or relevant?

  • EdgarDavids

    I thought Fianna Fail put forward the most clear and concise plans to help this country.

    Unfortunately, Fine Gael and Labour just indulge in generalisms and sticking to a pre-set script without ever getting down to the nitty gritty.