RNU and Óglaigh Na hÉireann. When deniability starts to look less plausible.

Though the Republican Network for Unity have consistently disassociated themselves from direct connection with an armed group since their inception they have always been pretty unambiguous in supporting the right to armed struggle

The RNU does not have a military wing or military objectives. We acknowledge the right of the Irish people to resist British rule using a wide range of tactics, including armed struggle.

At their last Ard Fheis they restated this but also sent greetings to Óglaigh Na hÉireann (that is how all the IRAs would describe themselves, though it is increasingly gaining traction as the nom-de-guerre of one grouping in particular – supporters of the rest often stick with just IRA)

• The 2011 Ard Fhéis asserted the right of Irishmen & women to use disciplined resistance to defend the Irish Republic proclaimed in 1916.
• This Ard Fhéis send comradely greetings to Óglaigh Na hÉireann.

However, as a result of an argument with an Irish American group over how members of the RNU have dealt with Christmas donations for Republican prisoners they have admitted representing 12 republican prisoners, prisoners they describe as being ONH.

The moneys designated for the portion of ONH prisoners provided for was divvied so all ONH prisoners got the same, no other money was touched by RNU.


RNU pow department got 4 xmas cards for the 12 pows they look after, they collectivly (NOT JUST CARL) took the decision to pool the 4 cards money together and divide it equally amoung the 12 pows they look after,

If they aren’t careful the claim of not being a political wing of an armed republican group could breakdown very quicky.

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  • oracle

    Yeah apparently the RNU leadership are blaming everyone but themselves over this money tampering..

    From the fund raiser in America is a looper
    To the West Brit telegraph is anti republican
    To the PSNI are thieves who stole it
    To Jim McAllister is a bitter mudslinger
    To (my personel favourite) the snow was bad and they had no reindeers

    Is their next Ard Fheis in Purdysburn

  • crafty

    these groups are doing a wonderful job of uniting everyone in Ireland … against them .

    I guess its a unity strategy that stems from the law of unintended consequences.

    They’re even managing to bring the police forces of both jurisdictions ever closer ..

    I don’t know whether to thank them or not !

  • sdelaneys

    So this group that can’t get an envelope from Belfast to Cullyhanna in over 7 weeks believes itself to be an agent for ‘unity’? harrumph, ah dear. Ireland, yer still all fecked up.

  • Cynic2

    What do you want them to do? Use Royal Mail?

  • Rory Carr

    It seems that, with their demand that all fund-raising in the United States on behalf of Irish republican causes be under their control, the RNU ‘s appetite has been whetted by this sordid little exercise in pilferage.

    I expect that their imagination has been titillated by viewing that excellent new HBO series, Boardwalk Atlantic and they have dreams of new racketeering opportunities opening up in the USA. Fortunately the competence of their leading activists does not match their penchant for despicable petty criminality.

  • Brian

    Why would they send cash? Can someone explain that to me?

  • oracle

    Because they can’t put a credit cards in 30 different envelopes???

  • RNU Respond to Unfounded Allegations
    A Chara,
    Due to a number of inaccurate allegations printed in the Belfast Telegraph regarding our National Chairperson, Carl Reilly, the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) would like the opportunity to respond to these groundless claims by the Friends of Irish Freedom (FOIF).
    First and foremost, RNU is an Irish Socialist-Republican pressure/lobby group. A large amount of our members are former Republican prisoners. Throughout the first half of 2010, our imprisoned comrades in Maghaberry Gaol and their families were enduring terrible conditions. As a result of these conditions our Network established a POW Department last November.
    A few days after Christmas, RNU’s former Chairperson, Danny McBrearty from Derry received a large OPENED envelope from the FOIF in America. Inside were a number of Christmas cards which contained money for the dependants of political prisoners in Ireland. Danny immediately contacted the FOIF asking why he was sent the envelope in the first place as he never had any previous dealings in the distribution of money for POW’s. The Spokesperson who he spoke to asked RNU to ensure the cards were distributed to those addressees. Danny also informed the head of our new POW Department, Carl Reilly that when the terrible weather conditions improved, the cards would be delivered to him in Belfast. Unfortunately, the unprecedented weather lasted longer than anyone imagined, and combined with the Christmas holiday period, Carl did not take hold of the cards until, January 7th.

    On January 9th, Carl contacted his counterparts in the other prisoners groups, notifying them about the cards. This can be confirmed by Teach Na Failte, Cabhair, IRPWA and representatives of Independent POWs’. The following morning, the RUC/PSNI along with the British Army raided his Cafe. During the search, the unreformed RUC demanded to know what was inside the envelopes. They were informed that they were Christmas cards and money for prisoners. Carl was immediately notified that they would be seized as part of the raid. Before being taken away, he was allowed to count the cards and money, which would ensure that the same amount would be returned. It was then, and only then, that he discovered that POWs’ had been sent unequal amounts of money.

    Soon afterwards, RNU issued a statement to the media detailing the raid as well as the insults to prisoners and the seizure of money. Prior to us notifying FOIF that the money had been seized by the RUC/PSNI, they had already read our Press statement and demanded to know why the cards were in Belfast. After giving them a full and honest explanation as to what had occurred, they were clearly unhappy with what RNU had to say. Its Treasurer then proceeded to insult RNU members on its Facebook page. When challenged about this, an email was sent to Carl Reilly by Cathleen O’Brien stating that she would destroy our Network.

    When Carl eventually received the cards and money back from the RUC/PSNI, he and other members of our POW Department checked the contents against the list he had compiled during the raid. They felt it would be hurtful to give unequal funds to the POWs’ we represented and then ignore others. Being an Irish republican organisation which champions equality, our activists, with the blessing of the father of one of the POWs’, felt that the money should be allocated to those we had a duty of care to on an equal basis. Those POWs’ have since publically agreed with that action and have also asked the FOIF not to use their names in future to fundraise.

    RNU evenly distributed the money to a small number of prisoners. Immediately afterwards, the other cards containing money was given to the respective prisoner groups. Unfortunately, we didn’t have everyone’s address and asked other friends to deliver them to the relevant families. In one instance the card was not delivered to the proper address. However, we have been informed that this has now been resolved and the family of the late Óglach John Brady has publically confirmed this to be the case. Another card had been given to a third person to deliver, and we were unaware that it had not been passed on, but this has also been rectified. We apologise to both those families for the delay and for not following up on the cards given to a third party to deliver. We believe that this is RNU’s only error is this state of affairs. We wish to reassure people that there was nothing underhand as alleged by FOIF.

    In conclusion, the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) reiterates that the accusations against our National Chairperson are ridiculous and unfounded. We will defend our integrity and that of our Activists. We are currently seeking legal advice on this matter due to the defamatory and slanderous accusations by FOIF and our Network will issue no further comment on this matter.

    On behalf of the National Executive of RNU
    Martin Óg Meehan

  • sdelaneys

    Ach, poor carl. Why would Danny send cards that were for next door to him in places like Strabane all the way to Belfast so that they could be sent all the way back? Very strange behaviour. What about the fact that some people still have not got their cards? The very best that can be said for you is that you must be the most inefficient bunch to surface yet. McAllister has said nobody from RNU has even rang him to explain what happened nor, he has said, did they ever contact him to say they had a card for him in the first place nor to say that the PSNI had seized the card, nor that the PSNI had returned the card or that the card had been sent on a wanderly wagon tour of several counties. McAllister says his son’s card has still not been delivered and that he has heard nothing from the person supposed to have it. Not good enough, sir.
    You are speaking on behalf of a complete shambles of a disorganisation Mr Meehan.

  • oracle

    ArdEoin Rep,

    was following this on another site but the statement you put up does not answer the questions asked by the Yank fund raisers… or address apparent threats by a paramilitary organisation against the woman for not towing the RNU line

    Copied this from another site

    Christmas Donations

    As it has done every year, FOIF organized Christmas donations for prisoners’ families. The committee determined that each child that FOIF was aware of would receive $50, and the remaining funds would be divided among single prisoners’ families at $75 per man. It is the belief of FOIF that prisoners with children need more support than single men. 19 prisoners were selected from an incomplete list of current prisoners. FOIF sent Christmas cards containing the donations to each family. The 19 cards written by FOIF members were individually addressed and sealed.

    In the 22 years that FOIF has been donating money for prisoners’ families, there has never been a problem.

    This year, FOIF’s Christmas money was delivered by hand before Christmas Day to a trusted, respected Republican. The donations were NOT delivered TO or FOR any organization. The recipient of the sealed envelopes contacted us to confirm the arrival of said envelopes.

    By first week of January 2011, FOIF had no word the 19 envelopes were delivered to families. FOIF contacted some families to ask if they received our money. None had. This caused concern.

    On Monday 10th January 2011, a press release was issued by the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) stating Christmas cards with donations from the USA were confiscated by PSNI in a ‘raid’ in Belfast at an RNU member’s place of business. It transpires that Belfast RNU Spokesperson Carl Reilly was in possession of FOIF’s money when this ‘raid’ occurred.

    This news was a shock to FOIF as money was not given to the RNU. It was not known why FOIF’s money was in Belfast in a place of business. FOIF immediately tried to reach the person in Derry to whom the money was entrusted. FOIF received no communication from the RNU about the ‘raid’ or the status of our money and what transpired.


    FOIF has a number of questions regarding what happened to its donations:

    * Which cards were taken by the PSNI
    * Why were FOIF’s donations in Belfast on the 10th of January in a place of business
    * Where the remaining 10 cards were (FOIF heard the PSNI took 9)

    No answers were forthcoming. Only that FOIF persisted in contacting people in Ireland did some information come to light. All the effort was on FOIF’s part – the RNU never came across. It is disgraceful that FOIF had to make all the effort to ascertain what occurred and that the RNU made NO effort to inform us. FOIF is troubled that it learned of this ‘raid’ via a press release.

    In response to FOIF’s persistence, an email sent to the RNU National Chairman by Belfast RNU Spokesperson, Carl Reilly (who was in possession of our money when the ’raid’ occurred), was forwarded to FOIF. In it, Reilly said he did not have to explain anything to FOIF, nor did he intend to waste his time talking to us. There were additional insults in that email.

    The RNU National Chairman told Reilly FOIF deserved an explanation.

    Reilly’s response:

    Some of the other envelopes were delivered to the pows cara. The prisoners envelopes were sent to Derry after Cathleen was TOLD NOT TOO send them there but to me, SHE ignored this, the envelopes then sat in Derry over the christmas period as getting them to me over the festive period was difficult and the fact that we had the worst weather condtions in 135 years! They were not in a taxi depot they were in the Cafe, Cathleen needs to stop ringing Charlotte Natarintonio for info as it was her who told her I own a taxi depot! I opened the envelopes because she decided to only send to THREE out of the TWELVE pows that we look after, I opened them in the presence of TWO members of the RNU leadership and put the money together and divided it equally between all twelve, I will not allow Cathleen to treat any pow differently!

    If Cathleen wants to know were the envolpes are? they are in the custody of the RUC!!! Cathleen has made more of the fact that I had the envolpes than she has of the RUC stealing them!!! John Bradys envolpe like the others is part of the RUC raid! Cathleen can rescind permisson all she likes for FOIF name to be used….RNU has its own pow department now and hasnt used the FOIF name in some time!!! I do have her email and number, I will not be wasting my time talking to a crackpot! If Cathleen has ANY issues with me or how things worked out over christmas, tell her to contact ME!!! ps plz forward this email to her if you wish cara!

    Previously, in November 2010, Carl Reilly told FOIF on the phone that FOIF were “to take orders and directives” from him. He stated on the phone FOIF was to have no contact with anyone else in Ireland but him. He stated all money raised for prisoners by FOIF was to be sent to him. He refused to send FOIF a prisoners list. FOIF’s response was to tell him in no uncertain terms that “FOIF is an independent organization and takes ‘orders’ from no one”. He was told FOIF does not send money to organizations.

    It has been confirmed that Belfast RNU Spokesman, Carl Reilly, opened Christmas cards addressed to prisoners’ families containing money. He opened envelopes for families not affiliated to his group. He has claimed he only opened cards the PSNI were confiscating. We were told by the RNU National Chairman that Reilly opened envelopes before the raid. Reilly’s email to the RNU National Chairman confirms this.

    FOIF’s cards and money are none of Reilly’s or the RNU’s business as it was not sent to them. This breach of trust is cause for concern.

    Since the ‘raid’ took place, FOIF has been unable to determine if all families received their money.

    It has also been brought to our attention that three Belfast RNU members have been slandering FOIF on the internet.

    One Belfast RNU member stooped so low as to claim FOIF lied, and sent empty cards while claiming all cards contained money.

    FOIF was not informed by the RNU that PSNI returned the cards and money. This was heard from other sources.

    Some of the donations have since been handed over by Carl Reilly to a respected Republican who is in contact with FOIF. FOIF is grateful for her assistance.


    FOIF still has unanswered questions that need answered by the RNU: where the rest of the money is and what exactly they did with every card.

    * One card contained $350.00 dollars for a prisoner’s seven children; when it was finally handed over by the RNU – that card was missing $150.00.
    * FOIF included a card with money for the children of the late John Brady. This card and money was still missing as of Sunday 6th Feb. 2011. FOIF has not yet received confirmation of its arrival.

    In addition:

    * FOIF learned Belfast RNU members are claiming FOIF treat prisoners differently. This is a lie. FOIF treats all prisoners the same.
    * Belfast RNU members claimed FOIF posted a list of prisoners on remand on the internet. That is a lie. FOIF does not have a website yet and has never listed prisoners’ names on Facebook.
    * A Belfast RNU member posted a list of prisoners who in a statement allegedly said they did not want their names used and do not wish to receive money from FOIF. Some of those prisoners’ families were sent Christmas envelopes by FOIF with money enclosed. FOIF does not know if their families ever received them. Those donations have not been returned to FOIF if, in fact, their families do not want them.

    The actions of members of Republican Network for Unity in Belfast have raised serious questions and caused great concern.

    Private cards were sent to prisoners’ families — not to any organization.

    No one had any right to open those cards except the families they were addressed to.

    All prisoner support groups in Ireland are well aware of Friends Of Irish Freedom. They are also aware of US laws and restrictions. If any support group wanted more prisoners’ families to receive support they simply could have sent FOIF a current list of prisoners.

    It has been agreed by FOIF members that if, as alleged by Carl Reilly, there are any prisoners who do not wish their families to receive support from FOIF, we will indeed honor their wishes.

    It is important to also note that the RNU representative in the USA stated that all existing Republican support groups in the USA are to be closed down and work under the RNU.

    Friends of Irish Freedom will not be intimidated by attempts to slander and threaten emanating from of certain elements within the RNU.

    Signed by FOIF Officers and Christmas Drive Committee

    C. McLoughlin, National Chairman
    J. McLoughlin, National Secretary
    K. Montague, National Treasurer
    C. O’Brien, National Trustee
    C. Canty, Raffle Chairperson
    E. Griffin
    R. O’Brien
    M. Moore
    C. P. O’Brien
    M. Donnelly
    M. Pastor
    M. McKenna
    K. McLaughlin
    P. McCarthy
    K. Gavin
    J. Burgel
    J. Montague
    T.J. McLaughlin

    The 19 prisoners whose families were sent Christmas cards:

    Colin Duffy = 6 children x $50 = $300.00
    Kieran Doran = 7 children x $50= $350.00
    Damien McLaughlin = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Harry Fitzsimons = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Sean Carlin = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Sean O’Reilly = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Damien McKenna = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Mickey Walsh = 2 children x $50 = $100.00

    John Brady’s children = 2 x $50 = $100.00

    Willie Wong = $75.00
    Paul McCaugherty = $75.00
    Martin Corey = $75.00
    Turlough McAllister = $75.00
    Tony Rooney = $75.00
    Sean McConville = $75.00
    Brendan Conway = $75.00
    Gerard McManus = $75.00
    Joe Barr = $75.00
    Philip O’Donnell = $75.00

  • On behalf of the RNU Leadership, I apoligise to Mr. McAllister for the unwarrented delay in his son getting his card and money unreservedly…..

    However, the claims in last night’s Telegraph are/were totally false that Carl Reilly and/or RNU ‘stole’ money belonging to political prisoners.

    As the above statement details, the various prisoner groups can confirm that contact was indeed made prior to the RUC raid and the reasons behind the delays. The same groups and individuals can also confirm that since the cards were returned that 99.9% of POWs’ have recieved the donations from the FOIF.

    Unfortuneately, Turloch McAllister has not but his family now know who has his card and I and RNU hope that they will have it ASAP.

    Again, I apoligise for the delay but this was hampered by not only the bad weather but also the rebranded RUC.

  • oracle a chara, RNU has issued the above statement to clarify our position in respect of a slanderous article in last night’s Tele…

    We believe that given the level of accusations levelled at us by the FOIF, our Network is better consulting legal experts because of the serious nature involved. Suffice to say, that RNU has made a collective Press Release and if the FOIF and others aren’t happy with our current position – so be it!

  • oracle

    ArdEoin Rep,

    This RNU crowd look at the very best to be a disorganised collection of corner boys lacking intelligence leadership and morals not to mention a plausible cover story.

    The nonsense that it was not possible to travel from Belfast to Derry for 7 weeks is just laughable.
    Even in the worst of the Ice my missus who’s a crap driver was able to make deliveries for me to Limavady and Letterkenny but these guy, these hardened republicans fearless and dedicated couldn’t deliver the mail?

    Is this a stand-up routine that RNU are performing.. They sent money from Derry to Belfast to send it back to Strabane.
    They have money for other organizations members from before christmas but don’t tell them until the 9th of January sixteen days after they got the money.
    They give money to people not connected with their group to give to a man in the pub who knows a guy that lives next door to someone who used to be the milkman for someone who voted Sinn Fein……. are you for real

    Looks like RNU stands for Republican Network for Untruthfulness

  • oracle

    ArdEoin Rep

    I understand you have been tasked with the damage limitation but your cause has been seriously hampered by the length of time it took for your statement to hit the web and the very public threatening tones of people claiming to be with the RNU regarding this incident

  • Brian

    I hope you file suit and this goes to court! It should be shown on the comedy channel. It’s so sad considering these people feel they have the right to kill people ‘in the name of ireland’ I really shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help.

    Oracle I really think this may be a stand up routine…i mean are they serious or what??? Of course the British Army and the RUC are somehow to blame for the missing funds and the idiotic story.

  • Brian

    Also, I guess that the RNU probably prides itself as a working class organization or some such drivel but you think their spokesman would be able to write better than your average 10 year old. Judging by his e-mail to FOIF, I guess not. Is he the same guy interviewed on video awhile back? I’m guessing so. Seems on the same level.

    As for FOIF….they have 15 or so members of their Christmas Drive Committee and collected the whopping total of just over $2,000? If I give 20 bucks can I get on the ‘Committee’? Well, at least they have integrity.

  • Beaky

    I have a question as a reader of the Belfast Telegraph can someone explain to me why I’m supposed to care that a bunch of Americans who seem to not have yet recieved word that the people of Northern Ireland voted for peace sent money to terrorist prisoners that was apparently stolen by other terrorists. Just wondering maybe someone could explain what the interest of this is to 99.9 percent of decent people who dont have any concern for the welfare of men who are trying to blow the place up.

  • sdelaneys

    “Unfortunately, Turloch McAllister has not but his family now know who has his card and I and RNU hope that they will have it ASAP. ” ard eoin rep.

    Unfortunately that is not much use to them as they still do not have the card or the money and surely you do not expect them to go cap in hand looking for it? Your ‘organisation’ is responsible for that card until it reaches the person it is addressed to so that card is still a ‘missing’ card. It’s a bit like Monty Python, I know, but this is your responsibility, not McAllister’s or whoever is alleged to have the card now unless that person is an RNU member.
    Get off your behind and sort it out before you waste your time consulting the (British) legal system. Find the bleeding cards that are missing.

  • Rory Carr

    “The moneys designated for the portion of ONH prisoners provided for was divvied so all ONH prisoners got the same, no other money was touched by RNU.”

    Taking monies that were intended for particular individuals and giving them to others may seem like a defence in the eyes of the RNU but in the real world it is known as theft. They had no right whatsoever to be so cavalier with the intentions of FOIF.

    The very first thing that they are obliged to do to make things right is to pay to everyone on the FOIF list the exact amount that was intended from them, from their own pockets and they must bear the loss of any amounts that (they say) they donated to prisoners who were not on that list. They then need to issue a fulsome apology to both the FOIF and their intended recipients and they might wish to look at the behaviour of their own members who were responsible for this despicable hijacking of the goodwill of others.

    However don’t hold your breath.

  • slappymcgroundout


    If you’ve seen the lawyer, I’m sure that the lawyer told you that you all screwed up when you reallocated the money. Was never yours to reallocate. Whoever is responsible for such is liable to the FOIF and/or the intended recipients for the amount you all shorted the intended recipients, and the extra money that you all gave to some others that was not intended to be given them constitutes your gift to them. So, rather than waste more money on a lawyer, you all got some extra money to make up for your clear breach of duty here? That’s the civil liability. There’s also criminal liability for theft.

    Lastly, and by the way, when the piece claim that some are treading dangerously close to being the political wing of an armed group, I wouldn’t be using the word “comrade” when describing those in the armed group who are now in jail.

    Almost forgot, but picture what you call the rebranded RUC having a big belly laugh at your expense, after those in the RNU responsible for the unlawful reallocation are themselves charged, convicted, and incarcerated for stealing from their “comrades”. For them, it couldn’t possibly be an sweeter than that.

  • supporting the right to armed struggle

    Ah. McGregor flits between pseudo-terrorism on one hand where people sing about it to real terrorism on the other where it’s an apparent right.

    I find your state of mind most interesting at times. Is the activist tag short for an over-active imagination?

  • Beaky

    I agree with St etienne on this occaision why is slugger championing the cause of a bunch of would be murderers. Are ONH not the same group of people who blew the leg off a police officer not so long ago? Why is the Belfast Telegraph and Slugger defending their right to have payment for their crimes donated by a bunch of Americans who are living in the past.
    And I’m still at a loss to understand why the Belfast Telegraph is carrying paramilitary propeganda on its pages

  • Cynic2

    What a big spat about so little. A bit like the RNU’s campaign actually. Still, all this manipulation of Christmas Cards is much easier than thinking about what you are supporting.

    Isn’t it great too to see the extent of US Support – $50 a child. My my. Not like the good old days when the thousands rolled in, is it guys?

  • J Kelly

    If people remember the bad weather over christmas and the speed of the thaw on the 27th/28th burst pipes, no water and so on and it still took weeks to get envelopes Belfast.

    Danny Bean were did I hear that name before, 1984 Letterkenny, ghosty soldiers….

    this all looks rotten, Martin og why dont you just call it as it is someone has been caught with their fingers in the prisoners pockets and you caught them and now its sorted…

  • tairts

    slappymcgroundout – it appears your grasp of law related to trusts for a purpose is as rogered as the rest of your rationale. I’m embarrassed for you. FOIF do not have any title associated with this money. If a donators has specifically nominated a person and a particular amount to be delivered to that person, FOIF must comply with this bequest. In that instance, the only right that FOIF has with this trust money is to ensure that it is delivered as per the purpose of the trust. Whatever the result of the he said/she said crap flying about presently, FOIF failed in its obligations at law in this regard. There is no point blaming RNU or any other character. They alone are liable.

    Where the money was not designated for particular people and in particular sums, that money – as collected for RPOWs in Ireland/O6 – should have been equally and divided and handed out to the Irish RPOWs as per the inducements made by FOIF to gather the funds in the first place. Simply because they collect the trust funds for a particular purpose does not give FOIF any right to deal with the money against the intentions of THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE IT! At no time does FOIF own that money or have legal title in it. They do not have the right to deal with it outside the terms and purpose of the trust. If they are not able to divide the money as per the purpose or particular bequests, the trust fails and the money must be returned to its owners. Either way you look at it, FOIF f*cked up.

  • Reader

    tairts: it appears your grasp of law related to trusts for a purpose is as rogered as the rest of your rationale. I’m embarrassed for you.
    You are the first person to suggest that FOIF are working through a trust, which seems unlikely, as a trust is a way of allowing an accountant to pillage your money, and I don’t think FOIF know any accountants. Though I suppose it might account for the fact that the amount left for the prisoners was only peanuts.
    The other point is that you are suggesting that FOIF were mucking about with the donors’ intentions. You gave no evidence at all for that. However, by their own admission, that is exactly what RNU were doing, so you should be condemning them instead.

  • tairts

    Reader – I’m pleased to see that I’m the first. Nothing like being spot on and the first. You could follow suite, and though you’ll be the second by your accounting, there’s nothing quite like being correct.

    I have not ‘suggested’ that FOIF are ‘working through a trust’, whatever that means to you. I am stating absolutely that they are collecting money for a purpose, for beneficiaries, and in doing so and with all the other facts, that money is automatically deemed ‘trust’ money at law. No need for any accountants mate, in fact, they’re well reputed to be extremely dull so best we leave them out of things.

    Seriously ‘Reader’, please do a bit of research on the topic of collecting and handling others’ money and the legal obligations and relationships that arise before making such silly comments as ‘a trust is a way of allowing an accountant to pillage your money’. Such silliness and ill-informed opinions taint the rest of your masterpiece, I’m afraid.

  • slappymcgroundout


    (1) assuming that FOIF disbursed the money contra to their donors’ intention then that is between FOIF and their donors. The RNU has zero to say in that respect. That much is certain.

    (2) the breakdown is as follows:

    Colin Duffy = 6 children x $50 = $300.00
    Kieran Doran = 7 children x $50= $350.00
    Damien McLaughlin = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Harry Fitzsimons = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Sean Carlin = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Sean O’Reilly = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Damien McKenna = 2 children x $50 = $100.00
    Mickey Walsh = 2 children x $50 = $100.00

    John Brady’s children = 2 x $50 = $100.00

    Willie Wong = $75.00
    Paul McCaugherty = $75.00
    Martin Corey = $75.00
    Turlough McAllister = $75.00
    Tony Rooney = $75.00
    Sean McConville = $75.00
    Brendan Conway = $75.00
    Gerard McManus = $75.00
    Joe Barr = $75.00
    Philip O’Donnell = $75.00

    As you can see, the first portion of the donation was for helping the prisoners by helping their families. Only the imbecilic socialists in the RNU could possibly believe that equality is giving the family of seven kids the same amount of money as the family of two kids.

    (3) The lame excuse offered by the RNU to explain why they opened the envelopes with the cards and the money is that the PSNI might steal the money. Right. As if the breakdown in item (2) above does not establish that the FOIF knows how much money it gave and to whom. And I’m rather certain that the PSNI would get that point. They’d relatedly understand the sensitive nature of trying to steal monies donated by a US organization. So, instead of positing to malice what can be attributed to stupid, the RNU are incredibly stupid for not getting those two related points and instead violating the sanctity of a sealed envelope not addressed to them, and in their complete and utter imbecility they then went ahead and missed the point of the aid helping the prisoners by helping their families and so as the breakdown in (2) above records more was given for the family with seven kids and a lesser amount for the family of two kids. Viva la revolucion! Morons.

  • Rory Carr

    There is simply no wriggling out of this – RNU (or at least Carl Reilly) opened letters not addressed either to Carl Reilly or the RNU and took from those letters sums of money intended for the addressees of those letters and then, instead of rectifying this gross intrusion into another’s mail, Reilly decided to take the money himself and distribute it, not to the intended recipients, but as he saw fit, so depriving the intended recipients of money due to them (one family had $150 of an intended $350 misappropriated in this fashion).

    This is simply theft in any one’s eyes and no tortuous spin about “trusts” (from tairts) and “duty of care” towards prisoners (ArdEoin Republican) can change this. If the RNU is claiming a duty of care towarrds a select group of prisoners then it should exercise that duty by its own efforts and not by pilfering the results of the efforts of others.

    Again, I repeat, the RNU leadership must pay back the money pilfered from the intended recipients and apologise to those so offended and also make a fulsome apology to the FOIF for so brazenly taking liberties with their good intentions.

    After that they might consider retiring to the library with a bottle of whiskey and a loaded pistol ( in turn, please, not all at once!)

    It would be best, all considered.

  • Rory Carr

    While we are on the matter of Óglaigh na hÉireánn I was surprised that there has been no mention on Slugger of Radio Ulster’s report yesterday that Gerry Kelly MLA had claimed that OnH had issued a death threat against community worker and Sinn Féin member, Séamus Finucane, brother of the murdered solicitor, Pat Finucane. (link below)

    Does anyone have any more details?


  • Dissidents deny issuing death threat to Belfast republican

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/dissidents-deny-issuing-death-threat-to-belfast-republican-15089754.html#ixzz1EPAfFcTy

    The dissident terror group Oglaigh na hEireann has denied threatening the senior Belfast republican Seamus Finucane — brother of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane.

    In a series of statements yesterday mainstream and dissident republicans engaged in an angry war of words.

    At the heart of the story is the issue of community co-operation with the PSNI.

    In recent days Oglaigh na hEireann warned it would not tolerate “acts of treachery” — meaning any information passed to police that could lead to the arrest of its members.

    The statement did not name individuals, but the PSNI later warned Seamus Finucane, a one-time senior IRA figure now involved in community safety work in west Belfast, that his life was under threat.

    He said he was treating the matter “very, very seriously”, and added that, by going public, he hoped it would provide him and other community workers with “a degree of security”.

    Sinn Fein junior minister Gerry Kelly described the threat as “an absolute disgrace” and said it should be withdrawn.

    He said the group calling itself Republican Network for Unity (RNU) should explain the actions of Oglaigh na hEireann.

    “We are now told that Carl Reilly, who is the spokesperson for RNU, is saying that RNU are aligning themselves to this organisation,” Gerry Kelly said.

    “Then let him come out? and explain these actions to the people.”

    Mainstream republican and security sources believe Reilly is a senior figure in Oglaigh na hEireann.

    He is national chairperson of Republican Network for Unity.

    Contacted by the Belfast Telegraph, Reilly said that last week RNU sent “comradely greetings” to Oglaigh na hEireann.

    He said that did not mean RNU are the political wing.

    “We don’t speak for or explain the actions of Oglaigh na hEireann,” he said.

    “That is a matter for that organisation. RNU denounces any threat against any republican as it only plays into the hands of the British,” he said.

    Speaking to reporters yesterday, Seamus Finucane explained that part of his role in community safety work is “to intervene on behalf of young people who are at risk from armed groups”.

    “If this is the reason why I am being threatened, it will definitely not deter me from fulfilling my responsibility to the community,” he said.

    He also called on Carl Reilly to explain the Oglaigh na hEireann threat, which he described as “very vague”.

    An Oglaigh na hEireann leadership source told this newspaper: “This man is not under threat — never has been.

    “And the question must be asked, why would Seamus believe that statement is directed towards him?”

    But a mainstream republican source said a threat had been made against Seamus Finucane and that the source of that threat is known.

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/dissidents-deny-issuing-death-threat-to-belfast-republican-15089754.html#ixzz1EPAYcSFU

  • Seems the alleged threat is just that alleged by the RUC/PSNI to muddy the waters between Irish Republicans…

    Not the first time that the British Police and their collegues in MI5 engaged in lies and dirty-tricks Rory!

  • Nunoftheabove

    ArdEoin Republican

    No and it is not the first time that personal tensions and rivalries between have spilt over into military business either. Likewise shady dealings with money.

  • oracle

    I see that the family of one of the prisoners that had money intercepted by RNU eventually recieved the card yesterday… 59 days after it fell into the hands of this very shady group.

    59 days to get a card to Armagh and then they berated the family for not thanking their organisational skills, where would you get it!

  • oracle


    Your linking to the Telegraph inviting us to read more and even linking to it……
    My oh my, you seemed to have changed your tune from the other day when you labled it an Anti-republican rag and lambasted people for talking to it…?????

  • oracle


    Why is it bad for uninvolved family members to talk to the Telegraph but ok for your organisation’s chairman to blab his balls off to it???

    Are the family members too stupid and need to be directed?

  • oracle

    This is my favourite quote it’s so outstandingly brilliant it needs to be savoured

    “In recent days Oglaigh na hEireann warned it would not tolerate “acts of treachery” — meaning any information passed to police that could lead to the arrest of its members.

    Ah excuse me……. but the leader of this grouping is such a bucket mouth that can’t wait to tell reporters not only who did what and where, but where they were before they did it and were they went after they did it….. what they used and where they got it from.. that any hack that ever picked up a pencil has his mobile numbers.

    The PSNI don’t need 245 million to watch this crowd, just buy a local newspaper for £50 quid staff it with the PSNI press office and within a week the ONH leader in Belfast will be saultering through the doors with a grin and a yarn OR TWO HUNDRED

  • oracle


    As yet no reply???

  • Rory Carr

    “Seems the alleged threat is just that alleged by the RUC/PSNI to muddy the waters between Irish Republicans…” – ArdEoin Republican

    Not at all. There has at least been this very real threat:

    In recent days Oglaigh na hEireann warned it would not tolerate “acts of treachery”

    Acts of petty pilfering of donations intended for needy families is a different matter. It seems as though this Carl Reilly character has set himself up as the sole arbiter of what is right and wrong and feels as if he can bully and bluster sufficiently that his distorted outlook and his will alone will trump all others. It is high time he was made to think again.

  • lamhdearg

    “the money was just resting in my account” Father Ted.
    What can be expected from a group who spout socialism and allow a man in a beverly hills polo club tee shirt to front for them on t.v..

  • Brian

    Better arguing over an envelope with $50 than killing Irishmen.

  • oracle

    still no answer from RNU or have no answer????

  • Oracle, I can’t recall ever stating that it was wrong for anyone to speak to the Belfast Telegraph…If so, would U mind giving us a link please?

    Rory, any chance of corrorabeted evidence that Oglaigh Na hEireann issued any such threats as alleged by the rebranded RUC and Provisional Sinn Fein in recent days……?

    According to you; ‘There has at least been this very real threat…’ Are we to believe a British Police Force who is managed and directed by MI5? The same group of people who have lived a lie since their formation! Methinks not….

    Let’s look at the facts here, what possible ‘benefit’ would an armed Republican group hope to ‘gain’ from issuing such a threat? Would it bring them closer to their objectives – Nah! So, why in God’s name would they allegedly issue a threat against a former Republican prisoner?

    It has been said on here and elsewhere that every time an election looms in the Six Counties. That the Shinners use such alleged incidents as a way to gain some sympathy within the Nationalist electorate?? Not my words, but they do open one’s eye’s a little.

    By the way chara, all monies donated by the FOIF have been recieved by the prisoners families. Therefore, there was NO ‘pilfering of donations’. As you wrongly said, how many times is that U have been proven wrong on Slugger again??

    In recent days Oglaigh na hEireann warned it would not tolerate “acts of treachery”

  • lamhdearg

    Taxi for Reilly…………

  • sdelaneys

    “…all monies donated by the FOIF have been received by the prisoners families….”
    We have no proof of that and there are stories that not all money has been received by all families.

  • connollylite

    Oracle, I can’t recall ever stating that it was wrong for anyone to speak to the Belfast Telegraph…If so, would U mind giving us a link please?

    Philly Rnu’s facebook page has this

    Philly Rnu: philly rnu stand beside our fellow republican CARL REILLY and the leadership of RNU IRELAND against lies written in a orange rag, then they the foif call themselves republicans no true republican would stoop that low and put anything in the belfast telegragh ,foif have now endangeredthe life of mr reilly and his family shame on them

    Irishrepublican.net has these

    02-15-2011 12:10 PM
    belfast 1916 (Carl Reilly, Chairman of RNU):
    Cara, I agree she has raised money for a long time..but once she ran to the Belfast telegragh with it, she can now no longer expect people to “raise it with her” she went public after all!

    02-15-2011 01:02 PM
    Mairtin Og Meehan
    Strange behaviour running to a Unionist Newspaper claiming that an Ex-POW and genuine Republican stole prisoners money…

    These claims are absolutlely groundless and are part of a silly plan to discredit RNU…Our Network has given the FOIF, POWs’ and their families a full and frank explanation about what took place including the RUC raid on Carl Reilly’s former business in January.

    She doesn’t like that explanation and runs to a Journalist who is very good friends with a person who was part of a group within RNU who attempted to destroy our Network last year. A group which later left our Network when they couldn’t seize control of of our Leadership and have did their upmost to cause havoc since with RNU, an agenda which is no secret….

    02-15-2011 01:16 PM
    Mairtin Og Meehan
    The other fact is that, the FOIF didn’t want to see the creation of RNU Cumain in America…Therefore, it’s not surprising that she’s willing to tell lies to further her own agenda!

    I respect what the FOIF has done in the past for POWs’ and their clanns, however on this particular occassion they are bang out of order and as such need to wind their necks in!

    Sad as it may be, running to a Unionist Paper with groundless lies about RNU members has brought shame to the American group and will do all Irish Republican groups no favours!

  • Connollylite, firstly following RNU members about on the net seems a little weird and should probably tell U to go and get a life chara…

    As for my comments regards the Belfast Telegraph being a Unionist paper…Surprise, surprise but it is and makes no secret of its loyalties…However, as I said earlier chara, I didn’t say it was wrong for anyone to go to the paper….My bone of contention is that the FOIF went to a Journalist claiming that RNU and in particular our Chairperson had ‘stolen’ money belonging to POWs’! Their claim and the headlines penned by Suzanne Breen for the said article have now been found to be totally false – FACT!

    As for my personal views about the attempt to destroy RNU last year and that person’s ‘friendship’ with Suzanne Breen etc…I totally stand over that, let’s make no mistakes here – I totally stand over those comments. Given those facts, don’t U not think that this friendship ‘helped’ Breen to come to ‘her’ wrongful conclusion that POW money had been stolen…..

    As for the unhappiness of the FOIF at the creation of an RNU branch in America…Well, sadly that is also true and obviously also had a bearing on the present difficulties between our groups.

    Telling blatant lies to a subjective Journalist was totally wrong and yes, has brought shame to the FOIF and tarnished their message and cause in the eyes of Irish Republican Activists. If however, U disagree that’s fine but try to be objective when reading this comrade.

    Martin Og Meehan

  • Mark

    Whatever about the politics of Republicans in Ireland today , no one group should have a monopoly on fund raising in the US .

  • oracle


    I just want to state clearly from the outset that I respect you Martin for having the balls to come on to Slugger and other sites to defend your position, to be fair you have never ran away like so many others.

    However Connollylite just murdered your Telegraph denial with your own quotes, if he hadn’t have done Ard-Rep then I would have done.

    It was a disgraceful mess brought on by a moron with a lust for power and respect, he’ll soon lose the former and he’ll never have the latter.

    He has created this debacle with his arrogant stupidity and compounded it with gross negligence of other peoples property and callous disregard of other peoples feelings.
    As PRO for the RNU you have a situation which is a no win one to deal with, I understand it was a situation not of your personel making Ard-Rep but you are the public face expected to answer critical questions.

    The threatening of people raising money abroad has went down like a lead balloon and telling them that they have to deal with the RNU leadership and no one else has went down like a lead ballppn with and anchor attached to it.

    RNU should have thrown the hands up and admitted it blundered and that it was holding an internal investigation as to who the idiots responsible were and how did they get into a decision making position in the first place.

    Their crass handling of the situation has tarnished them with the stigma as dishonest, I think it will be long and many a day before that stigma is removed

  • tairts

    Slappy chappy – I don’t really have much more to comment upon after this because I do not have sufficient knowledge of the actual goings on. I can read the statements from various parties and weigh up the contents but that’s about it. But slappy, if you have some particular knowledge, bully for you and you win but you’ll have to excuse me from continuing on speculating. I’ll say the following in response to your post of 16 February 2011 at 9:47 pm though.

    I am of the opinion, from experience and because that is the way it goes, that ‘he who asserts must prove’. I’ve seen some fairly damaging and uncalled for ‘assertions’ coming publicly from an American about some Irish folks, an explanation and a clarification from the Irish folks, but no proof that would convince me of anything other than some ‘protocols’ that need to be sorted by a young organisation functioning in extremely difficult circumstances, and an agenda with a lot of malice on the part of the American.

    I believe the American has done very good deeds for Irish prisoners over the years by collecting and sending other generous people’s money, and that is wonderful and to be commended. I also believe such efforts do not give the rights to which this person seems to believe she is now entitled. Similarly, her father’s or family’s past do not make her any better or less than any other person contributing or volunteering according to their abilities and because they believe it to be needed and correct.

    She’s only as good as her last collection, to my mind. Sometimes, formerly good folks go a bit shitty and over-estimate their importance. That is purely my own personal opinion slappy. You don’t get to buy some sort of kudos or power because you’ve volunteered to do a good deed. That would make each individual contributing more worthy than the cause to which they’ve volunteered their services. That’d be silly and destructive. You also do not get to attempt to destroy the characters of people who are directly involved with day to day pressures associated with the occupation of Ireland and who have experienced the devastation of being a republican prisoner. You’d have to admit those characters have a unique insight into life in gaol and a commitment to making sure the wishes of their mates were respected as much as possible?

    If we assume that FOIF disbursed money contra to their donors’ intentions, as you have written yourself, and such disregard is against the ideals and purpose of the very collection – which of course, it would be – then that is absolute proof that there is a complete disregard for legal and moral obligations on the part of the FOIF responsible for collecting & distributing. They’d be dishonest and this position would jeopardise any future generosity of the people donating their money, and would be a direct blow to Irish republicanism. That would be enough for me to regard anything further offered on the topic by that particular FOIF as being complete bullsh*t or fabrication to suit their purposes. They’ve no credibility on the topic. They’d really need clean hands to be alleging with any veracity anything dodgy on the part of someone further down the distribution chain, wouldn’t they?

    I don’t personally know anyone from RNU and I don’t know their intellectual capacities slappy. I have known some republicans who have been gaoled by the Brits, and I’ve known of some situations where money was sent and collected/distributed such that one particular person accrued a lot more goodies than others. That was a grossly unfair situation and personal to the character retaining funds for himself but it should not have happened. And NO, it was not RNU related and was prior to its existence. Such actions in gaol are unfair, against republican principles, and can only lead to conflict both in and outside gaol.

    I haven’t been a prisoner of the Brits in such circumstances so I couldn’t possibly have a genuine comprehension of conditions or pressures. I’d imagine it could be fairly tense at times – boredom, incarceration, degradation and dehumanisation tend to bring out traits in formerly reasonable characters that could be unpredictable, the result of severe depression or even reactionary in a survival-instinct way. I don’t know these for sure but I’d imagine it could be reasonably assumed that managing the personal dealings and friendships within such extraordinarily brutal regimes would be very difficult. I’d guess some of the best ways to ensure that mates are not turned against each other and broken while being held in those steel boxes would be to listen to the men and their wishes, take action to ensure that their wishes are respected, and ensure that no one person receives more or less than his mates. How could equality, camaraderie and respectful relationships be maintained with any other approach, especially related to collective material items?

    So you may consider the equal [re?]distribution in such circumstances to be the actions of ‘imbecilic socialists’ but I would view it as respectful of the prisoners’ wishes, part of survival, respecting the generosity of those who have donated their funds (and remember, donator and voluntary collector are two entirely different acts), and essential while these men are being detained by an occupying force.

    I’ve only read about the reasons for opening the envelopes and I’m really not clear on the whole scenario or how the envelopes came to be in the Reilly character’s possession but had he handed those envelopes over without checking the money inside, and he did know it was money, he’d be now being crucified for failing the prisoners and handing a windfall to your PSNI. Apparently you believe the reformed RUC to be a bunch of stand up guys who’d not consider pocketing cash without consent but history demonstrates well that is a really ridiculous and immature opinion. They have taken absolute power. Their aim is to destroy any opposition to their occupation and abuses of human rights across Ireland, and they’re just about to take cash from republicans. Good grief slappy! Have you been living under a rock for the last century? If the reformed RUC cannot even be trusted with a man’s life (John Brady comes to mind), how could they conceivably be trusted with a few hundred in cash? I’d have counted and recounted and taken snaps with my phone and asked for the good, honourable men of your PSNI to sign to verify the contents of the envelopes and the amounts of cash they were taking myself.

    Imagine if this Reilly character had handed over the envelopes willingly without further consideration, (and really, why the f*ck should he have had to hand them over at all), the money went missing, and the honourable reformed RUC claimed they’d not taken any money from the start. Sh*te, I can only imagine the flap from that particular FOIF bird in such circumstances. That woman would have had Reilly et al arrested by now.

    Oh yeah slappy, save your pathos and melodrama such as ‘violating the sanctity of a sealed envelope’ for someone else hmmm. British military forces taking Irish money from Irish men… How about the sanctity of a people to live under their own rule and by their own sovereignty FFS?

  • wje

    I’m loathe to comment but is it any wonder that Republicans are so divided with some of the stuff that I’ve read on here?

  • Brian

    have to admit, pretty funny just for it’s absurdity

    Martin, you seem like a decently smart guy like your pop…….do something with your life besides trying to bring society back to the 80s…if you think someone like “belfast 1916” is gonna get your cause one millimeter farther towards it’s goal than you should get your meds checked.

    Welcome to 2011 mo chara