RNU and Óglaigh Na hÉireann. When deniability starts to look less plausible.

Though the Republican Network for Unity have consistently disassociated themselves from direct connection with an armed group since their inception they have always been pretty unambiguous in supporting the right to armed struggle

The RNU does not have a military wing or military objectives. We acknowledge the right of the Irish people to resist British rule using a wide range of tactics, including armed struggle.

At their last Ard Fheis they restated this but also sent greetings to Óglaigh Na hÉireann (that is how all the IRAs would describe themselves, though it is increasingly gaining traction as the nom-de-guerre of one grouping in particular – supporters of the rest often stick with just IRA)

• The 2011 Ard Fhéis asserted the right of Irishmen & women to use disciplined resistance to defend the Irish Republic proclaimed in 1916.
• This Ard Fhéis send comradely greetings to Óglaigh Na hÉireann.

However, as a result of an argument with an Irish American group over how members of the RNU have dealt with Christmas donations for Republican prisoners they have admitted representing 12 republican prisoners, prisoners they describe as being ONH.

The moneys designated for the portion of ONH prisoners provided for was divvied so all ONH prisoners got the same, no other money was touched by RNU.


RNU pow department got 4 xmas cards for the 12 pows they look after, they collectivly (NOT JUST CARL) took the decision to pool the 4 cards money together and divide it equally amoung the 12 pows they look after,

If they aren’t careful the claim of not being a political wing of an armed republican group could breakdown very quicky.