Breaking news: Belfast plane crashes at Cork airport

An RTE news story indicates that they have unconfirmed reports of 8 fatalities after a plane from Belfast crashed at Cork airport. Update six confirmed fatalities, six people injured.

From the report

The Manx2 commuter flight, with 10 passengers and two crew, was en route from Belfast when it crashed in heavy fog at Cork Airport just before 10am.
The Aviation Authority says the aircraft made two attempts to land before crashing.
Witnesses report hearing a loud bang. The aircraft is said to have burst into flames.
Debris has been scattered onto the runway and over a wide area.

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  • Grim news for someone, Mack.

  • Mack

    Yes, awful news Nevin.

    Hadn’t seen Google RealTime before, looks like an auto-updating Twitter search.

  • Mack, it’s a service the directors of the Rathlin ferry company might use on their way to and from Cape Clear in west Cork.

  • orly

    Seems Marty was meant to be on the plane but “changed plans at the last minute”

  • anne warren

    Shocking event. Am lost for words.
    Cork Airport is a lovely place to arrive at and depart from with excellent security measures in place.

    Seems Mother Nature played a major role in the guise of fog. She’s a hard mistress who never forgives the slightest human error when She gets the chance.Should never be underestimated.

    Sincere condolences to family and loved ones of all the victims. Hope the injured make a complete and speedy recovery.

    Best wishes to all the Emergency Services and crews who I am sure did all they could.

  • Jo

    Seem to recall another dreadful tragedy some time back where a number of small children lost their lives in the south-east. A certain NI blogger chose to portray this as an example of “BBC greening”.

    I should hope the BBC have learned their lesson in halting all explicit endorsement of a United Ireland and refuse to carry this story.