Six Nations Prediction Contest 2011

I’ll get on to a preview later but this seemed to work quite well last year so let’s have another go.
1 point for a correct home win, 3 points for a correct away win, 7 points for a correct draw. Tie break is the total points scored in championship.
Fixtures are:
1. Wales v England
2. France v Scotland
3. Italy v Ireland
4. England v Italy
5. Scotland v Wales
6. Ireland v France
7. England v France
8. Italy v Wales
9. Scotland v Ireland
10 Italy v France
11 Wales v Ireland
12 England v Scotland
13. France v Wales
14. Ireland v England
15. Scotland v Italy

If you could please copy the format of my entry it makes things easier for me to collate: (H-HOME, A-AWAY, D-DRAW)
Mrazik is the glorious holder. I’ll accept entries till 17..00 on Friday.
…..Good Luck…