No “No” Campaign = No “Yes” Campaign

In the run up to the March 3rd referendum things are getting a little strange here.
Carwyn indicates the dangers.

….It is up to the Electoral Commission to designate an official Yes and No campaign, but both must pass a series of tests before they can reach that status and get access to £70,000 to organise their campaigns..
Under the rules, the commission has to designate an official campaign group from each side, or none at all.
Speaking at first minister’s questions in the Welsh assembly, Mr Jones said: “There is, I think, a severe danger that there won’t be a properly constituted No campaign.
“That, of course, means there can’t be an official Yes campaign given the strange rules that are in operation for this referendum.

The £70k is largely a red herring as public expenditure must be administration only (rent, phones, toner cartridges and some staff costs) – and there’s only so much of that you can spend in a month. However official status gives:
1) A television broadcast and:
2) A Post Office mailing.
It is inevitable that the lack of these two would adversely hit turnout.
So what do the “No” people say?
From Golwg and translated here.

“If we are not appointed then the Yes Campaign will not either. That would not be disappointing for us, “said Len Gibbs of True Wales.
“We do not really see the need for status, all it will give us is a little money to … we do not want to waste money on leaflets distributed by the Royal Mail which will only be put in the bin without being read anyway.

Interesting that True Wales think that people would throw their leaflets in the bin…..although they are right in this household!

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