Slugger Awards: Political Journalist of the Year..

Okay, we’ve a bit of a backlog here to get moving on, so forgive the volume of awards related posts about to hit your screens… Next up is our top award for political journalism… Mentioned in dispatches so far are:

– Alan in Belfast (Alan in Belfast)

– Eamonn Mallie (Downtown Radio, the Mallie Files)

– Suzanne Breen (Sunday Tribune)

– Jamie Delargy  (UTV)

– Martina Purdy (BBC)

– Stephen Nolan (BBC)

– Ken Reid (UTV)

– Sam McBride (News Letter)

– Brian Rowan (Freelance and Belfast Telegraph)

Even though that is our longest list yet, I can already think of a few other names that ought be there or thereabouts. Don’t forget, keep adding to the original thread.