Slugger Awards: Political Journalist of the Year..

Okay, we’ve a bit of a backlog here to get moving on, so forgive the volume of awards related posts about to hit your screens… Next up is our top award for political journalism… Mentioned in dispatches so far are:

– Alan in Belfast (Alan in Belfast)

– Eamonn Mallie (Downtown Radio, the Mallie Files)

– Suzanne Breen (Sunday Tribune)

– Jamie Delargy  (UTV)

– Martina Purdy (BBC)

– Stephen Nolan (BBC)

– Ken Reid (UTV)

– Sam McBride (News Letter)

– Brian Rowan (Freelance and Belfast Telegraph)

Even though that is our longest list yet, I can already think of a few other names that ought be there or thereabouts. Don’t forget, keep adding to the original thread.


  • Neil

    Breen’s been great I think. She risks more than most in dealing with the dissidents and resisting the PSNI’s attempts to make her roll over on her sources, and has provided a wealth of information not available in any other paper regarding the dissidents. She’s the only one who seems to speak her mind regarding the size and strength of the dissidents and the potential support they could have within communities. We know SF’s line is that they are hated by everyone in their communities but IMO that’s just not true.

    There are plenty of people who harbour a hatred of the cops and feel betrayed by SF. SF’s problem of course was always going to be after telling their constituents for decades that they would fight to the bitter end for a UI and would succeed, that the new dispensation is a bit of a dissappointment for many. Breen’s contribution has been in articulating this point of view which is routinely ignored in the Belfast Tele/ATN etc.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Not particuarly impressed by the list but Id rate Martina Purdy the best of the bunch.
    (But it would be a nice gesture if James Kelly got an award. He was a political journalist and was writing great columns before todays generation bought their first Twitter machine)

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks guys. But don’t forget we need to identify gaps too!!

  • Salem-is-here

    Who nominated Nolan ? Are you serious?

  • Diana Rusk ought to be included. She’s come to the Irish News’ desk with a fresh outlook. She has a way of cutting through the nonsense and the politicking to get to the nub of the issue. Too often politics is covered by initiates for initiates and I think Diana’s a refreshing exception to that rule.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Darragh McIntyre of the BBC for bringing us Irisgate, still falls within this year I believe.

  • Wabbits

    Is there going to be any sort of posthumous award for Jim Dougal.

  • thethoughtfulone

    I’m fairly new to this lark so forgive me if there’s some good reason I’m not aware of but should Mark Devonport not be on the list!

    @Salem, my own thoughts exactly!

  • Whaaat! Just read this. Think I’ll withdraw my name from this list.

    Now that he’s no longer in the full time employ of the Sunday Times, I’ve enjoyed the comments pieces that Liam Clarke has been writing for various papers. They’re usually pretty concise summaries of where various processes have got to, with one or two ideas of where they might unexpectedly go next.

  • Damian O’Loan

    I nominated Alan in Belfast, among others I presume, and simply mentioned the conference coverage. To go into a little more detail:

    – it would send an important signal that print journalism has not upped its game enough to justify the authority it is rapidly losing, as witnessed by the fact that AiB’s work was better-written, more insightful and more detached;

    – the use of technology in the coverage, notably realtime updates and excellent video – again outshining the print media by accessing the most senior figures but creating a relaxed style that proved revealing;

    – the ability to draw the wider issues into the coverage in a natural way, thereby denying the parties the ability to set the agenda in an inappropriate way, while still providing a full account of what was said and what wasn’t.

    It’s like a one-man band outplaying the orchestra. While some formerly-respected journalists misunderstand the potential of technology as amounting to a way to build themselves into a brand, his work concentrated on events.

  • Damian – Slugger can’t give itself an award! I’m out.

  • Damian O’Loan

    Have a vote so, you do have another platform too.

    Or withdraw on the condition that the winner won’t be Nolan.

  • Drumlins Rock

    sure Nolan cant win, its for JOURNALISTS !

  • DC


  • henryjack

    I would vote for Eamonn Mallie, but I would like to see Liam Clarke on that list.