Slugger Awards: Creative engagement

Now, we head on to an award primarily aimed at public bodies. ‘Creative engagement’ – For the organisation that has most effectively built a positive consensus behind the need for some form of practical change or collective action. Given the atrocious record of government consultation (Stephen Nolan’s making hay just now the no show of the draft budget.

I’m on my way to the exit gate the airport, so you’ll have to start from scratch just now…


  • The Word

    Derry City Council for their work on the UK City of Culture Award.

  • Definitely would second the City of Culture bid with their Legend-Derry video, badges, Facebook and relentless positive stories about why it would be good for D~LD.

  • Linda R McKee

    Ilex as a key player in the City of Culture Bid …

  • Belfast City Council and the Arts Council and other partners with the Re-imaging Belfast project have done an awful lot of unseen behind the scenes work with the removal of paramilitary murals

  • Sam Semple

    Third the nomination of “Derry City Council for their work on the UK City of Culture Award”.

  • I would like to Nominate the OFMdFM Bill Team responsible for leading the work on the Older People’s commissioner legislation. During the public consultation events facilitated by the Older People’s advocate (which over 400 people from across NI participated in across 9 locations), the entire team were present to offer explanations and answer questions. Older people in attendance were greatly impressed by this and felt they had been listened to.