Slugger Awards: Best investigative journalism…

This time next year we hope Trevor Birney’s The Detail website will be up and running, but for now most of the nominations we have so far are well deserved players in the more conventional mainstream media.

Remember we’re building up a long list which will be shortlisted at the The Big Political Breakfast next week, so keep the suggestions coming along with your reasons. In this category we have just three (remember there is a separate political journalist of the year) so far:

– Jamie Delargy for his sterling and indefatigable work on NIW Water when other journalists baulked the sheer weight of detail involved in bringing home an important public interest story.

– Suzanne Breen, for a number of reasons, but primarily for her determination to go looking for a story in areas shunned by the rest of the press.

– David Gordon – because he is not scared to dig the dirt on some of the most powerful people in Northern Ireland.

In the meantime, just keep dumping your own nominations  for other categories into the general thread here.

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  • What about the Spotlight team and Darragh McIntyre for Irisgate?

  • Suzanne’s gone quite quiet recently after a very busy first half of the year.

    The Irish News surely deserve some kind of award for stamina for the sheer number of front pages devoted to the travel expenses of the Department of Health during November, December … and still in January.

  • Mick Fealty


    That’s great. Was that a team effort? Is there someone we can cite as leader?


    That’s a cert too.

    Any more?? Keep them coming. We really want to put the Big Breakfasters through their paces…

  • Cynic2

    I’m not being sycophantic but Mick? it really bis a pity we cannot nominate you personally

    First for your dissection of the unfolding disaster that is NIW and second for providing Slugger which, for its occasional faults, is a great vehicle for sometimes exposing things that MSM wont touch either for fear of alienating vested interest or because they cant get it past their lawyers.In support of this, I know many journalists who avidly read this blog looking for stories and angles and it is de rigeur for any politician worth his / her salt.

    PS can I please now have my little yellow badge back?