“This minister doesn’t appear to accept any responsibility for anything”

A BBC report includes this pertinent comment from UUP MLA Fred Cobain, chairman of the NI Assembly’s Regional Development Committee, on the NI water crisis.

Ulster Unionist Fred Cobain is chair of the Regional Development Committee, which is to meet on Thursday to discuss the crisis.

He said “the issue rests with the minister and not Mr MacKenzie”.

“At the end of the day in all of these issues the individual who leads the department is responsible and I have to say if this was any other part of the UK, or any other part of these islands, the minister would have been away weeks ago.

“This minister doesn’t appear to accept any responsibility for anything.

He added: “It beggars belief I have to say, but it doesn’t surprise me with this Executive, because nobody seems to take responsibility for anything.” [added emphasis]

And Sinn Féin’s favourite firefighter is back in action…

Sinn Fein’s John O’Dowd defended his colleague.

He said NI Water had a contingency plan in place over the cold weather spell but had not implemented it properly.

“In fact they (their operational procedures) weren’t brought into the book until Martin McGuinness and Conor Murphy made themselves present at a board meeting on boxing day,” Mr O’Dowd said.

“They told NI Water directly that they were not operating the system properly, they were letting people down and they had to up their game.”

Where any of Minister Murphy’s appointees present?  In what capacity was Martin McGuinness present?  Other than undermining his party colleague, the minister responsible for NI Water…

And if that occured on Boxing Day, why was Minister Murphy publicly defending NI Water until the OFMDFM intervention on the 29th?  Or was that another failure to communicate?