35 years after Kingsmills HET report due next week

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Kingsmills massacre. There was due to be a remembrance service this morning at the site of the murders. The News Letter is reporting that the HET is due to release its report into the murders next week. It is in the context of events such as Kingsmills that one should view the claims of the supposed Republican “intellectual” Sheehan that the conflict here was “quite civilised.”

From the News Letter

Colin Worton was just 15 when his older brother Kenneth was killed at Kingsmills at the age of 24.

“I think it gets worse for us as time goes on, especially when perpetrators are so unrepentant,” he said.

“We could have got over it far quicker if people were brought to justice for what happened – I don’t believe anyone has ever even apologised for what happened either.

“People say it was the worst of the worst atrocities, you wouldn’t even do to an animal what was done to those men, yet it was never properly investigated.”

Mr Worton said a report by the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) into the atrocity was supposed to have come out before Christmas but it was delayed because of the southern authorities.

“My mother got a letter from the HET before Christmas which said the report had been delayed because they were waiting for some clarity from the southern authorities, but it was left very vague what they were still waiting for clarity about.

“I think they had been trying to speak to some people who are living in the south now or something like that.

“The HET have told us some things we didn’t know, like there was a palm print found on the van, we hadn’t heard that before. But then there was no investigation into the murders at the time.

“But things like that are no good unless they use them, we don’t really know what to expect from the report.

“The ultimate would be to get a prosecution – they probably wouldn’t serve any time now anyway but at least they would be named and shamed and people would know what they had done.”