Short, Sharp Yes for Wales.

The BBC reports on today’s official launch of the Yes for Wales campaign to secure legislative powers in devolved areas by winning a referendum on March 3rd.
The national launch is followed by a series of regional events as the campaign’s website shows.
First Minister Carwyn Jones states the case (wait a mo for video to kick in).

There’s no doubt that Scotland and Northern Ireland are taken more seriously. Why? My argument would be it’s because they’ve got more powers – and because of that they’re taken more seriously than us in Wales.
The point about [the referendum in] March is it’s about the tools for the job, but it’s also about making sure that Wales is a strong and equal partner within the United Kingdom, in the way that Scotland and Northern Ireland are.
It’s not to me about separation, it’s about making sure that we are taken note of within the context of the UK.

The polls are looking pretty good – the latest YouGov poll puts Yes at 48% to No at 30%. Many still undecided however…..
Oh and the No campaign are finding difficulty in getting Welsh speaking spokespeople:

…The Western Mail has learned that among the ideas mooted to get around the problem is getting an actor to read out statements in Welsh on behalf of True Wales.
This would be reminiscent of how statements made by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams were broadcast in the 1980s during a period when the Thatcher Government banned him from the airwaves.