Christmas Quiz (1)

Ok, adopting the Welsh approach toward Education (No league tables or competition more a communal quest for collective knowledge) here’s the Christmas Quiz. See if between all you can get all questions correct, without using Wiki / google (or even books), by next Monday?

1. Dr William Price, the 19th century Welsh Chartist / Philospher / Physician etc etc. famously cremated his first born boy. What was the child’s name?
2. Which was the only part of the present day USA to be occupied by Japan in World War 2?
3. If:
a) the relative economic utility of a Craig Bellamy shirt to any other shirt to a Cardiff City fan is £15 and:
b) Craig’s signing has increased the number of City fans by 50% from a base of 20,000 and:
c) The propensity of shirt purchase amongst City fans is 43% and:
d) Cardiff are paying Bellamy £30,000 a week.
e) The variable cost of Shirt production is £15 per unit and the non-Bellamy selling price is £40 per shirt.
How many weeks wages will the marginal increase in Shirt revenue pay for?
4. What’s the unique (I think) defining facet of the Irish Benevolent Society of London, Ontario?
5. What does “Adeiladwyd” mean and who, famously, said the word “pierced my linguistic heart”?
6. St Columb’s has two, Scotland has two, Wales three. What?
7. Name the five largest (population) cities in the USA starting with B.
8. There have been three Irish Golf Major winners. Name them.
9. How many: a) Chains, b) Lengths, are there in a mile?
10. What links Arthur Edward Bruce O’Neill and Willie Redmond?
11. Who looks younger – George Osborne or Johnny Sexton?
12. There have been 52 Welsh Rugby captains since 1970. Name them.