Giro-drop Gerry? A resident less ordinary

I see Pete has flagged this between me starting the draft and getting home but I’ll add my take regardless.

Several weeks back I noted Gerry Adams would find it no problem to become a candidate in Louth but may find it more difficult to become an elector.

In order to be able to vote at an election or referendum, a person’s name must be entered on the register of electors for the locality in which the elector ordinarily resides.

Residence: a person must be ordinarily resident at the address in question on 1st September preceding the coming into force of the register.

A visitor or person staying temporarily at the address should not be registered

Clearly Adams or his advisors don’t read my blogs, who could blame them, and attempted to be entered on the register regardless. He was knocked back.

He went in person yesterday afternoon to give a declaration to the returning officer for Louth that he is now living in the county instead of his former base in Belfast

He explained that he understood the final date for making the application was November 25 and he had done so after he declared his intention to stand in the next general election.

However, Ms Ahern said that in order to be included on the live register he would have had to be a resident of Louth on September 1.

What I missed at the time is Adams seems entitled to be entered on the supplemental register if he becomes ordinarily resident in Louth 15 days (I think) ahead of the election.

While it looks likely he can be added to the supplementary register if his claim to be a resident is accepted, it could bring other difficulties and benefits. He will have to sort out the tax implications of currently being a paid MP for West Belfast but ordinarily resident in the south.

I was about to suggest he could then benefit from the artists tax exemption in the south as an author. He does have an extensive back catalogue but strangely it seems the only writing he gets paid for is £9.5K a year from the Andersonstown News for writing this blog

Though this all does require a belief the Louth address is something more than the political equivalent of a Giro-drop.

(as Pete’s thread was up much earlier, I’ll close comments on this one)

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