Graeme McDowell for Sports Personality of the Year

Great news for a freezing Monday morning!  Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat from   the faltering Tiger is just the right move to boost the Portrush boy’s chances in BBC Sports Personality of the Year. (He made  it to captain of Golf at my old school, you know).

Former BBC journalist and manager in Belfast, Manchester and London, Editor Spolight; Political Editor BBC NI; Current Affairs Commissioning editor BBC Radio 4; Editor Political and Parliamentary Programmes, BBC Westminster; former London Editor Belfast Telegraph. Hon Senior Research Fellow, The Constitution Unit, Univ Coll. London

  • Good to see McCoy deservedly also in the running.

  • “captain of Golf at my old school”

    This old school, Brian?

    I like this one: “Davy Crawford – leading after dinner speaker, ranconteur and bon viveur”.

  • john

    The golf last night was great. Normally these end of year events are a little dull but the tournament last night kept swinging back and forth between McDowell and Woods. The last 2 holes and then the play-off hole were just a joy to watch. McDowell looked like he blew it on 17 by dumping the ball into jungle only to take a drop and then hit one of the shots of the year to save a bogey! The best bit was Tiger fist pumping on 18 as he hit his second to 4 feet only to watch Graeme drain a swinging putt from 20ft to keep the game alive and then in the play-off hole sink almost the exact same putt for birdie again only for Tiger then to miss. If Mc Dowell doesnt win sports personality then I will be accusing the BBC of fixing and accepting bungs just like FIFA.

  • Wabbits

    Nonesense. Tony McCoy deserves recognition away and above McDowell. McCoy has been Champion jockey 15 times on the trot and added the English Grand National to his long list of triumphs this year. If he doesn’t win it this year he never will. McDowell just swung a stick at a wee ball for a year and won a few tournaments when Tiger Woods wasn’t at his best.

  • I’m fed up with the whole thing. The fact that Phil Taylor’s been snubbed so many times, I really couldn’t care less about it.

  • john

    ”McDowell just swung a stick at a wee ball for a year and won a few tournaments”’

    Wabbits thats as daft as saying Mccoy sits back and lets the horse do all the work!

    Ill meet you half way we will give the title to David Haye for his victory against the legend of boxing Audley Harrison – what an achievment!!!

  • Wabbits

    John forget about the swinging the stick comment and lets look at who deserves it more and who has achieved more. It’s Mccoy, hands down and a nailed on cert if there is any justice. Not to mention that he is a record holder of races won and outstrips every racing legend that ever was. Also Mccoy risks his neck every time he sets out. Whereas McDowell risks getting a head cold, at worst.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I like Graham McDowell and think he is fantastic but he’s not any more deserving than AP. McCoy for me

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Id have to go with Tony McCoy also (besides Mr Walker has had enough to cheer with the City of Culture thing).
    My school was just as posh …..we had Golf AND Quiddich.
    We also had Polo.
    We had Water Polo….but the horses drowned. 🙂

  • Mark

    Mehawind – Yeh , Phil Taylor has dominated his sport for 15/20 yrs , made history this yr with 2 nine darters in one match and world champ again however he has a bit of a god complex and he’s not very gracious when he loses. I think the reason why he is overlooked each yr ( bar one ) is that he doesn’t wear the monkey suit that well and isn’t very sports personalityish and with the age of personality being so plastic and false , true sports men/women rarely get the glory .

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Thats true……but as I recall in the good old days….speedway riders used to do well. A well organised campaign used to work for “minority sports”.
    Nowadays BBC spoil it by giving us an acceptable short list as they would hate (in a cynical age) to see people vote for the reserve right back for Hartlepool United as part of a campaign to disrupt it.
    But there was a time when Sports Personality of the Year was compulsive viewing with old Peter Dymock, David Coleman and Frank Bough doing the honours.
    Does anybody actually watch now?
    Its like the Eurovision Song Contest and Mrs Windsors Christmas Speech.

  • Oracle

    Lee Westwood will walk away with it…… end of

    but i’d give it to McCoy or to John for his Haye quip

  • Choop

    If they have David Haye in for beating up Audley, they should have a few Mixed Martial Arts fighters. Michael Bisping was in the top 20 for Sports Personality over the last couple of years… he should be in it again this year.

    The BBC is weird in that it’ll cover boxing, yet it completely snubs a sport which is essentially the same thing, and is probably more popular than boxing in the U.S.

  • john

    Cheers oracle – I accept and will put the award in the toilet where it belongs

  • Mark

    Do you remember when Daley thompson used the word shit in his acceptence speech and there was uproar .

    Choop – Sky and ESPN have the rights to UFC / MMA and your right , MMa is getting bigger than boxing in the US . Did you see the Sonnen/Silva fight. Poor oul Chael got caught using steroids having said that , they are all on PEDS . I hope Koscheck knocks GSP out .