Very rare joke from Gordon Brown

Just caught from Michael Crick’s blog.

Mindful of Tony Blair’s much derided remark about “soundbites” and the “hand of history”, Brown suggested saying instead: “I don’t feel the hand of history on my shoulders, but I do feel Peter Robinson’s hand in my pocket, and Gerry Adams’ hand on my balls.”

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  • White Horse

    Is he suggesting that Robinson is a thief and Adams is an abuser?

  • joeCanuck


    That could be one interpretation but I think another one makes more sense. Robinson being a beggar and Adam’s trying to squeeze out one more concession.

  • White Horse


    Beggars have the hand out not in the pocket.

    Of course, he might be suggesting that Adams has been sending the signal that he might not be able to hold the desire to return to war back unless he gets more concessions. He might be seen therefore to have Brown “by the balls”.

  • Mark

    I wonder where he thought Peter Mandelson was ?

  • Cynic

    Given Browns reputation for taking decisions Adams must have struggled to find them

  • joeCanuck

    Mandelson was in Blair’s back pocket.

  • Mark

    Yeh but he was screwing Brown bigtime !

  • Rocketeer

    Regardless of any diverging interpretation, one thing is clear and that is that Messrs Robinson and Adams succeeded in challenging, if not compromising Gordon Brown during those torturous negotiations up at Hillsborough Castle: a real baptism of fire for Brown.

    The quote is actually quite funny, when I first saw it I laughed and in the back of my head I was thinking that Brown must have been utterly exasperated by the almost never-ending negotiations at Hillsborough; his first introduction to Northern Irish political procrastinating and good old fashioned haggling!

    Surely the mention of Robinson, with his hand tucked into Gordon Brown’s pocket refers to the fact that he was trying to get as much money out of the British government as he possibly could for the policing and justice – was this not one of the main sticking points for Robinson? Now, as for Gerry Adams, then I guess you can make up your own mind in that regard…:D