Truffles of power cause Ford indigestion

David Ford was on television last night denouncing the third mistaken prisoner release. Last month two people were released mistakenly. After the first mistaken release Ford ordered an enquiry. After the second release UUP leader Tom Elliott told Mr Ford: “Would the minister accept that in other places senior civil servants and indeed ministers have had to resign for much less?” Now there has been a third mistaken release Lord Morrow the chairman of the justice committee at Stormont has called for Ford to consider his position saying:

“For the minister to be concerned that is not enough, it is the minister’s responsibility to put in place a system that is fit for purpose,”
“How many more of these are going to happen until we get a system where we are satisfied that it is not going to happen?
“If I was the justice minister and having looked at the third case and it was a repeat of the previous that caused this then I would have to look at my position.”

It would seem that Ford’s enquiry after the first release has not yet had the desired effect. There comes a point when Ford cannot keep blaming the system he has inhereted. After David Ford was so keen to get his snout into the trough it seems that the truffles of power may be causing some indigestion.