Charolais Bull***t

That’s the closest i’ve come to swearing on Slugger, but reading the crap spouted  on Eamonn’s twitter is driving me to it, it gets on my wick every time I log on, either it goes or I go!

BTW Charolais is probably one of the most docile breeds, which makes it the most rather popular on small farms, hence the higher number of incidents (Mr. Mallie does not state what type of incident).  Probably the bovines with a more aggressive reputation are Friesian bulls, which is partly why most dairy farms go for AI may contribute to a preference for artificial insemination on dairy farms.  However never trust  a bull of any breed.

DR It’s Moochin i added the photo to help illustrate. Here’s another, this particular Charolais weighed in at over 1100kg and one*ahem* shot from him was enough to service 300 heifers (so i was informed by the farmer up near Ballyclare where this was taken in ’06).