SDLP: Internal sectarianism on display?

As Stormont parties debate Dawn Purvis’ doomed motion on double-jobbing, supported by all from the start, that now faces defeat at the hands of a DUP cross-community initative – you’d think others that endorsed the legislational would make at least a superficial attempt to support the spirit of what they ‘agree’ with ?

Not the SDLP.

Tonight, South Belfast SDLP (I’m informed 150 odd of them – I don’t believe it) selected Conal McDevitt, unelected MLA, and Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP, MLA to run in next year’s Assembly election.

With McDonnell running again it is clear the SDLP have no commitment to ending double-jobbing but as Splintered Sunrise noted this may have as much to do with the long runnning sectarian squabble within the South Belfast SDLP branch as anything else:

It may also not be unconnected to the two warring factions in the SB party. Big Al can’t leave his back exposed

UPDATE: I’m happy to confirm that despite my scepticism the attendance was over 150 with 148 voting. An indication that internal divisions within the South Belfast SDLP may actually help it be a more active area for the party?

On the 2nd complaint the SDLP raised and yes they have complained – if you don’t understand all the meanings of words I suggest getting a dictionary. Sectarianism is a standard term used in relation to factionalism within political groups.