“The Provisionals must accept that this will happen to them, too.”

Liam Clarke was invited to speak at the launch of Richard O’Rawe’s second book on the disputed offer to end the hunger strike in the Maze – Afterlives: The Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer That Changed Irish History.

In the News Letter he explains why and, in doing so, addresses a recent topic on Slugger.

It is long past time we were free of this heavy hand, this atmosphere of threats and intimidation for anyone who tries in a serious way to shed light on the Provisional IRA’s campaign. After a conventional war history is written, former combatants tell their story and inevitably some will question the decisions of the generals, even the rationale for fighting in the first place.

The Provisionals must accept that this will happen to them, too.

Responding to any sign of informed debate about their past with threats, boycott and intimidation leaves them with little moral ground to challenge the dissidents who, in the end of the day, are simply copying their example.


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  • Dixie Elliott

    Séamus Rua, I notice that McGuinness sat on a panel with Liam Clarke last night. Seems Marty can do anything you lot criticize others for doing because he’s the elected member of a British statelet.

    Of course heres a photo of Marty one of the NI friends of Israel posing with the Israeli ambassador in Stormont and him with a book about Israel in his hand.


  • Séamus Rua

    I have criticised no-one.

  • White Horse

    Alan Maskey

    “The Provisionals were created to stymie the advance of radicalism in Ireland and the mass civil rights movement in the North.”

    Well said. They also took the cutting edge off the radicalism of the SDLP which was the only meaningful vehicle for radical change at that time. They’ve been doing it ever since.

    There’s indeed a good argument that would suggest that they are sociopaths rather than socialists.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Séamus then what’s this?…..

    I mean Liam Clarke launching a republican’s book!

    “Dissendents using Clark and McDonald’s writings to prove their point.

    You could not make it up – imagine predicting it 5 years ago!”

    It is a bit ridiculous criticising Journalists launching a book when Marty is having a fry up with the Tories.

    Oh thats right he went over there to oppose the cuts, but he could have phoned the press from Frankie Ramseys in Derry over a fry and said I oppose the cuts.

    Then again Marty had the opportunity to point out that Britain is pumping billions of pounds into 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while imposing cuts on benefits, health, education etc. But no he said I oppose the cuts and had himself a fry.

    Could any of the Shinners on this forum tell me why no member of PSF has brought up the matter of Britain pumping billions into these wars, expecting the poor to pay the price?

  • Séamus Rua

    It is a fact – he launched the book – it is not a critism – he admits it.

  • mark

    Blair , if true end of unionism ? I think it would have meant the brits had finally picked sides . IRA would have had alot of dirt on them and brits would have shafted the unionists .

  • Blair


    As I said I don’t agree with the analysis that it was all organised by the British as part of a long game, but if it had been it would certainly not be evidence that they had sided with republicans.

    That scenario would have involved the British furthering the cause of useful idiots within the RM and taking out the hardcore. All of which would have been to the benefit of the union.

    Or do I misunderstand what you are saying?

  • pippakin

    Seamus Rua

    He admits it?

    Did he commit a crime?

  • mark

    Blair 9.49 post. – i think we are both a bit confused. I was saying that after the dissidents were wiped out , it would have left the way forward for adams and co to takes reins and in my opinion , those guys were as capable and savvy as any republican before them. They were forward thinking had foresight that the brits had recognised. The brits would finally have to pick sides and I think they would have picked the green team. Blair they don’t care about either culture and if they were not around, i think we could all get on.

  • Rory Carr

    Ah, yes, I see. Very true yet very strange indeed. I think the officials were just so incensed that they, who regarded themselves as intellectual giants and revolutionary politicos <i<sans pareil could be totally outflanked and out-politicked by uneducated working class boys from the northern ghettos, their arrogance so wounded that they would ally themselves with the Pope, Hitler, the devil himself or even, God forbid, Gay Byrne to do anything they could to damage them. Pathetic pricks !

  • Rory Carr

    Poor, poor White Horse, lamenting that the Provos “took the cutting edge off the radicalism of the SDLP” and, worse “they have been doing it ever since.” Can’t really blame the Provos for the impossible, can you ?

    No human agency is capable of removing an intangible therefore your confusion must have a source however confusedly you have filtered it. What Sinn Féin did do and continue to do with increasing success is to win the loyalty of, firstly the mass of working class nationalists and more and more the mass of the vast majority of nationalists with only the “garden centre micks” remaining loyal to the SDLP successors to the old tame Nationalist Party who regarded the support of all nationalists as their entitlement.

    “There’s indeed a good argument that would suggest that they (Sinn Féin) are sociopaths rather than socialists,” he says, except of course that there isn’t. There is only this mantra repeated endlessly by himself, this psychobabble that insists we must, like the SDLP, think with the heart and not the head, a good trick if you can perform it no doubt but probably won’t be an attractive prospect to anyone who has the most rudimentary knowledge of human physiogamy.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Hold on a minute Rory sure SF have done everything the SDLP did before them when they had the mass support of the Nationalist people. And they in the past had the mass support of the Nationalist people because then like now the people wanted peace.

    To a certain extent SF depends on the continued actions of the dastardly ‘dissidents’ to ensure that the people keep coming out to vote for them from the likes of West Belfast the most deprived area in the North.

    Then of course the cream on SF’s pint of electoral stout is the old sectarian game of cards being played out up here.

    Maybe thats why they have no winning hands in the South.

  • Munsterview

    Please note I do not speak for Sinn Fein, I am a Sinn Fein supporter, not a spokesperson.

    There is a difference; I leave SF policy matters to the party. However I will deal with your points in more detail shortly.

  • Munsterview

    Rory “..They did so precisely because they were disciplined revolutionaries who did not tolerate the flibbertigibbet antics of dilettante individualists and we might admire them all the more for that….”

    Beat me to the draw with that one, I had been saving it up for a real exchange with Alias once I had put some manners on the poster concerned. Rich of him indeed to have heaped every anti Catholic invective his imagination could devise for over six months and then start complaining when the gloves came off.

    As to the other unprincipled, mind game playing wretch, do you think that we could be dealing with a ‘Sick Stick’ ? Quite a lot of the ‘Montrose Masters’ hand can be seen, I have an open mind as to whether he was a poor pupil or a limited learner, possibly a mixture of both.

    Certainly taking an extreme, caricature but still recognizable ‘psudo personality’ of the enemy and then giving an alienating diatribe in this enemies name was certainly part of the KGB arsenal as taught by the ‘Montrose Master’…….. as he liked his flatters to refer to him as. However those in Fine Gael Old Guard of Brutal Bruton vintage had another title for him ….. ‘The Montrose Disaster’.

    That is it with these clever clogs, great at pulling strings and levers behind the curtain but once the curtain is pulled aside the wizard is seen as anything but !

    However he did produce a fair crop of clones in his day, the smarter ones have long shed their brainwashing but a few ideologues are still wandering around. They are not pro too much these days but Oh Boy, like the Nationalist party leading lights of 1918, how they hate the Provos for costing them their place in the sun and that abuse extends to those who support them.

    Is this ringing any bells here ?

  • Munsterview

    Right on Rory, met quite a few of them in 76 at a function in the Queens NY. Even shared a house for a night with Jack McCarthy who survived the Derrygallon ambush. They were something else and all still true Fenians, their faith had never wavered !

    I am not at all surprised that most of them backed the current leader and tactics. They had stood the shock of battle in many an ambush and encounter where men were men or they were dead.

    They could judge the caliber of the men and women that they were dealing with, they had the battle forged experienced and judgement to do it. They knew that those who had made war in the way they understood, could also be trusted to make peace.

    The Provos principle detractors on the republican side had a whole decade post the 86 split and to the ceasefire to prove themselves, yet the fact remains that the British Army probably lost more personnel from traffic accidents in this period in these Islands than they did from armed opposition from this group.

  • Republic of Connaught


    If the majority of nationalist areas transfer to the Republic’s jurisdiction there’ll be so little of Norn Iron left the English will see remaining in a tiny part of Ireland as unfeasible.

    Though rather than see hundreds of thousands of Orangemen invade England they might pay what billions they have to pay to keep them out.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    More xenophobic, factually incorrect nonsense.

    A quick trim round the edges and – as if by magic – two thirds of Sinn Fein and SDLP’s voters in NI (based on the last local government election) are now resident in the Republic.


    The important questions are:

    1, Do they actually want you?

    2, Deep down do you really want to go???

    Snip! Snip! 😀

  • Republic of Connaught

    What’s xenophobic about the pointing out the truth, Stephen? The English would detest the thought of a huge influx of Ulster Loyalists arriving in their country. Ordinary middle class Prods can fit in anywhere but working class Loyalists and Orange bigots would not be welcome outside of Ibrox.

    Fermanagh and Tyrone both have nationalist majorities, no? So they’d be joining the Republic for a start.

  • White Horse


    Garden centre micks – Put that on the next Sinn Fein manifesto and see what happens. Sure the UUP were “decent people”.

    Yes, sociopaths find it impossible to think with the heart too. I suppose it requires a heart.

  • Out of Space

    “The enemies of Irish republicanism will always have a vested interest in discrediting, in the eyes of their own people, those who stood against them, most especially in order that the peace process as republicans understand it – an open-ended process rather than the table-crumb of a long-term parking bay for the legitimate aspirations of the Irish people as the predecessors of the SDLP, the old Nationalist Party tolerated Stormont and as their SDLP successors would be happy to do today and tomorrow and the day after that with the Good Friday Agreement.”

    This is all one sentence, and of total guff. Shine on you crazy diamond.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    “What’s xenophobic about the pointing out the truth, Stephen? The English would detest the thought of a huge influx of Ulster Loyalists arriving in their country.”

    Well they haven’t complained so far.

    Almost 300,000 people born in NI currently live on the British mainland.


    Again, your factually incorrect rant lets you down.

    “Ordinary middle class Prods can fit in anywhere but working class Loyalists and Orange bigots would not be welcome outside of Ibrox.

    Liverpool? http://alturl.com/xvxak

    London? http://alturl.com/caejv

    Manchester? http://alturl.com/c9uge

    Newcastle? http://alturl.com/a567t

    Southampton? http://alturl.com/vh8tb

    “Fermanagh and Tyrone both have nationalist majorities, no? So they’d be joining the Republic for a start.”

    Who said it would be done county-by-county???

  • JJ Malloy

    Hughes talked about just that in Voices from the Grave.

    Some of the leadership wanted to delay the push with the new arms until a better plan was fortchoming and the soldiers had more training. Others (some in current ministerial positions) pushed hard for the attacks to be launched quickly.

    Many of the hardest hardliners were wiped out, making peace easier to come by.

    A conspiracy theory, yes, but not implausible-esp if Hughes doesn’t count it out.

  • JJ Malloy

    Great input. Keep it coming nazi

  • JJ Malloy

    Bik shot up a bar of innocent Protestants as a reprisal for UVF murders.

    His guilt/self hatred might be causing him to write another book aimed at hurting the current leadership of the organization that directed him to do such a horrific thing.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    And did he also open fire on a group of protestant women and children at a taxi rank during his getaway ‘as a reprisal for UVF murders’??

    Were these UVF women and children waiting on taxis???

    Pure, naked sectarianism from the PIRA.

  • Seymour Major

    I am not sure this is comparing like with like.

    Firstly, the SDLP had a Nationalist monopoly. SF do not. SDLP is still capable of a recovery despite what pundits tell you otherwise and SF has to fight – as you say playing the tribal game.

    I am not sure that the dissidents benefit SF as you might like to think. There is a certain amount of communal psychosis involved in SF’s support. It is built around certain myths relating to the integrity of Adams. The trouble is, he is a talismanic figure. The Republican community dont want to know anything bad about him.

    The dissident campaign reminds the Republican community that the Belfast Agreement, which resulted in constitutional concessions from ROI and the principle of electoral consent, which PIRA and SF previously opposed, was totally pointless.

    Another part of SF’s psychosis is that Margaret Thatcher murdered the hunger strikers. Now they discover that Adams was complicit in 6 deaths so that Owen C. could win FST. This makes it impossible to brand Mrs. T a murderer without branding Adams the same. They can be in denial for a certain amount of the time but their minds can only take a limited amount of torture.

    Every revelation about the hunger strikers and every Dissident killing will gradually eat away at Adams as dry rot eats away at the timber. Eventually, the edifice crumbles and the temple comes crashing down. Nobody knows exactly when that is going to happen.

  • Mrs Dale

    Could anyone tell me if they heard what happened in the case in the courts recently involving a pub bouncer getting his finger bitten off. The Irishnew had large coverage of this case, then all of a sudden NOTHING.. Did the editor of the irishnews drop this story? Is the irishnews in the habit of leading its readers to the top of the hill and leaving them there, because thats what happened in this case. I would be grateful if there is anyone who could enlighten me on what happened in this case, the irishnews dumped this story for some strange reason, something doesnt smell quite right me thinks.

  • Munsterview


    For openers could I respectfully suggest that you leave the psychosis diagnostics to Alias et ea, it is about as usefull to the debate as all on our side bracketing you with all sectarian biggots in the Unionist side.

    I do not do so and neither do most other republican posters here. Is it not time you cut us some slack and tried to see things as they are, not as the polemic psudo posters such as Alias, Maskey ‘The Stick’ unmasked and Cormac present them to be.

    Their agenda is not to produce understanding, rather their patalogical hatered of Provos is such that as far as any thing Catholic or Nationalist go, like that infamous American General in the Vietnam War they are prepared to ‘ destroy the village to save it’! Leave their rants, wishful thinking and make believe world.

    Since Adams may be a bit close to the bone for you regarding objective analysis, why not go directly diagonal to the other end of the Island, to Kerry and to North Kerry in particular.
    Following are the CV of Martin Ferris TD and Dick Spring TD. Prior to his election Ferris appeared in the Circuit Court where he defended himself in an appeal against a three month Prison sentence arising from an allege road traffic offense. This was widely reported in the press.

    Dick Spring was also reported in the press monthly and often weekly for during the time he was in government, as he claimed credit for factories, jobs and facilities like water world. He had indeed delivered quite a few goods to Tralee and North Kerry.

    Republicans did not have a majority in North Kerry, far from it, back there they had to make an all out effort and not only fight the election but also the State,its agents and servants as the police, courts and law were used against his supporters.

    Well Seymore, who do you think won the last seat ? Answer why and you may have some answer to why Gerry Adams continue getting elected.

    Martin Ferris (born 10 February 1952) is an Irish Sinn Féin politician and a former Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteer, who was imprisoned for ten years for offences relating to an arms importation in 1984. He has been a Teachta Dála (TD) for the Kerry North constituency since 2002 and is one of four Sinn Féin representatives in the current Dáil.


    Dick Spring, T.D. (Ireland)
Member of the Irish Parliament and former Deputy Prime Minister
    Dick Spring is a member of Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament) and has been since 1981. From 1982 to 1997 he was Leader of the Irish Labour Party and served as Deputy Prime Minister in three Coalition Governments – 1982-87; 1993-94; 1994-97. He also held ministerial office in Justice, Energy, Environment and Foreign Affairs.

    Dick Spring was educated at Trinity College Dublin and King’s Inns, Dublin, and is a lawyer. Dick Spring is chairman and non-executive director of a number of companies and is International Counsel to the Washington/Boston law firm, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris Glovsky and Popeo.

    He was centrally involved in the negotiation of the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 and the Downing Street Declaration of 1993. He co-chaired the British-Irish Inter-Governmental Conference in 1993-97.

    At their inception, Dick Spring led the Irish delegation to the All-Party Talks in Belfast, which culminated in the Good Friday Agreement. As Foreign Minister, he represented Ireland at the General Council of the EU, a body he chaired during Ireland’s Presidency in 1996.

    He also chaired the European Council of Energy Ministers in 1984. As well as addressing the General Assembly of the UN on a number of occasions, Dick Spring led EU Troikas to the former Yugoslavia, Russian Federation; ASEAN Regional Forum; EU-SADAC; the Middle East; and the EU Gulf Co-operation Council.

    He is a Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar; an Associate Fellow of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard; and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations Taskforce on Palestine.

    Why did people vote against Spring and for Ferris ?

  • Blair


    The whole idea of removing the dissidents would have been to destroy the IRA and leave only a political way forward. The political way means an acceptance of the unionist veto. The green team have no way of winning, and the British government have never shown any inclination that they want them to. Not even when it was being run by suspected communist agents. Indeed the Irish government aren’t at all keen on the idea either.

    The future lies in the UK and if nationalists could learn to deal with that we could all rub along the very best.

  • Munsterview

    White Horse…would you ever stop being a horses arse !

    You bloody well knew in the contest given it should have been ‘A New Ireland, a New Morality’ but have your fun. Others however may be interested in serious discussion!

  • Blair


    I think we give too much credence to conspiracy theories. I put it down to a combination of republican incompetence (enhanced by attrition against them) and an increase in the competence of the security forces.

    Back in 1921 Devalera ordered the IRA to make a big push and the end result was Dublin IRA being wiped out at the Customs House. Sheer incompetence.

  • Munsterview

    Maskey ‘The Stick’ unmasked “….. Alias, who seems to have been hounded off the site by the anti Semites …”

    Alias is more than able to speak for himself, certainly if the volume of sustained, systematic abuse against those of a different mindset to his is anything to go by, he has proven that.

    Since your best efforts to make mischief with this turned out to be yet another damp squib from you, if Alias is withdrawing or has withdrawn, he can speak for himself. He need not have any regrets, like your own obnoxious self, he did have a good run for his money.

    If he could not take the heat then it was indeed time he and his creations got out of the kitchen I hope that he has taken his flame thrower with him.

  • Munsterview

    advocating and advertising the use of banned substances now on slugger, now are we ? I am absolutely flabbergasted, I hope Mick do not notice, there may be a red card coming up this time.

    Mind you it could explain the odd mood swing if you have a certain kind of mushroom around the place as well ! The wilds of Mayo indeed, now it is all starting to make sense.

    p.s If you do know anything about Magic Mushrooms, any observations you would like to make on Pesky, they must be an explanation out there somewhere. Then again maybe not !

  • Munsterview

    should be context……. not contest ! Bloody spellcheck !

  • pippakin


    St Johns Wort a famous herbal remedy, available in all good pharmacy s! It is said to have a calming and cooling influence, especially useful to women of a certain age…

    Afraid I can’t help with the mushrooms. I have no idea which is which. The mad and bad will just have to fade away as his trolling is ignored.

  • Munsterview


    Seriously I thought that St Johns Worth was withdrawn from the market some years back and made illegal here. Is there some synthetic version or extract of it availabel , just curious as to how they got around the ban. ?

  • pippakin


    The days when I might have used it (not saying I did) are long gone and would have been in England.

    I understand it is available on prescription here. Personally I am suspicious when herbal remedies used by millions for hundreds are suddenly called too dangerous for us poor simpletons to use by ourselves. Big business and huge profits spring to mind. The British have done the same with many vitamins and for all I know St Johns Wort too.

  • West Sider

    This thread seems to have lost the run of itself.

    What are we talking about here? The fact that the Provos will have to deal with an outburst of war stories that discredit them?

    They discredited themselves in the first place with their atrocities, so I don’t see what damage a few memoirs will do.

    Just as the dissies are doing now.

    On Richard O’Rawe’s books – I see some red faces in the years ahead, but they’ll be from those talking up this individual’s contribution to Troubles literature.

    It is very, very simple: the difference between a deal and an offer, the difference between a PR man and an executive.

    There is the difference. Ignore the volcanic hate and loathing of the pseudo-dissies who lived far from the seat of the trauma.

    In America, I believe, as an adolescent. While here all of us experienced and lived the convulsions and uncertainties and fears that attended the Hunger Strike.

    The Get Adams movement is heading for the quicksand of their own vanity – the man deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and will probably be posthumously awarded it once we all take stock and understand the brilliance of his efforts to stop murder.

    Imagine if some of the dissident ‘thinkers’ had held sway in the early 90s – we’d have had more deaths and atrocities as they worked out whether each government missive matched pure republican dogma.

    They aren’t leaders, they don’t make history – they know that – and that’s what makes them so bitter.

    And prolific.

    How can you live your life and still write a column a week for almost 16 years slaughtering a man who saved countless of lives?

    Only in Ireland.

  • Blair

    “The Get Adams movement is heading for the quicksand of their own vanity – the man deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and will probably be posthumously awarded it once we all take stock and understand the brilliance of his efforts to stop murder.”

    Well at least an MBE.

  • JJ Malloy

    Yes, but the Customs House was a symbolic blow that helped push some British hardliners to peace.

    The IRA were actualy able to step up their attacks in June but just barely so, and were running out of ammunition fast. Unlike the rest of the country Dublin’s rebels were running out of steam fast.

  • Alan Maskey

    Liam Clarke’s article mentions how the Provos tried to kill him and how he, to use Adams’ favourite, they demonised him. He explains how they continue to do the same old tricks. Clarke, O’Rawe etc are simoly united againast Ireland’s biggest bullies and crypto fascists who, perhaps in Ireland’s finest tradition, have “colourful” leaders with feet of clay.
    The Provo apologists, those who argue here that Peter Wilson/Jean McConville/Shergar/etc were legitimate/economic etc targetsare not nice people. They call names (cannot argue the toss that psychopaths make good leaders), demonise and threaten democrats and fill up the pages here with endless reams of fantasy and diversions.
    We can all agree the Provos are not democracts. They are a rag tag mixture of sociopaths, psychopaths, fantastists, anti Semites, starry eveyed Irish bog trotters, Fianna Fail rejects, of social losers who have always done and will continue to do the bidding of their ex bar tending masters, who are literally and not only figuratively in the pay of the British.

  • Alan Maskey

    The Provo animals/hypocrites attacked Martin O’Neill for taking one. Martin O’Neil earns his coin by his talent, not by being an abstentionist representative in Ireland for a foreign monarch.
    (Surrogate) Brits Out., That means you Gerry. Abd stop bullying Richard O’Rawe. Find something useful to do with your time. And don’t receive Holy Communion again until you stop telling lies about your past and make p[roper restitution to those you have harmed.

  • Munsterview

    White Horse,

    I keep repeating this but apparently to no avail, the facts do not suit the agenda and so the feet must be cut to fit the shoes.

    There is a collective, collegiate leadership currently in Sinn Fein. The public and the Irish and International media had the same obsession with Dev yet in reality Dev wielded much less power and influence inside senior levels in the party than he was given credit for.

    Lemass was a hit man that helped to take out the British spy network in Bloody Sunday, Frank Aiken was as legendary at the end of the War Of Independence in the Northern Command as Sean Moylan was in the South. Dan Breen had an international reputation !

    When these people sat around a table they were there not only by virtue of their elections, they were elected because of what they had done and their deeds sat there around the cabinet table with them.

    In another generation when the suits take over it will be different, but for now Sinn Fein is not like other parties and applying ‘Blair’ models of party and leadership to Gerry Adams is totally wrong. However as I said there are agendas operating here so the feet will continue being cut to fit whatever shoes Steven Ferguson and others like him. As far as the latters analysis go, he should have followed the family business of making tractors, they did that good.

  • another

    O’Rawe alarms the likes of Munsterview because he shows that it is possible to penetrate the obscuring veils of Provo doxa (doxa = the taken-for-granted orthodoxies), without being in the pay of the British, having a drink problem, or “not being well lately.”

    Life was much simpler in the olden days, when he would have been able to have been hooded, shot, and left on a country lane (Provisional literary criticism).

    The Republican paradox is that the movement speaks of freedom and liberty, yet still collectively moves to close out dissent, in a manner akin to the policies of the Terror in revolutionary France. If you cannot take criticism, you are still on your knees.

  • Rory Carr

    “[They] are not nice people. They call names ….” says Alan Maskey.

    Then he continues in his own totally objective, non-name-calling fashion to say:

    “They are a rag tag mixture of sociopaths, psychopaths, fantastists, anti Semites, starry eveyed Irish bog trotters, Fianna Fail rejects, of social losers who have always done and will continue to do the bidding of their ex bar tending masters…..”

    Does this man never shave, I wonder. Does he never look in the mirror ?

  • Alan Maskey

    Is there something wrong or missing from the list? If so, please point it out.

  • White Horse


    Where’s the vision? Where’s the strategy?

    I expect that they’ll just continue to front SDLP leadership like “useful idiots” some say they are.

  • Rory Carr

    I can’t help you I’m afraid. I am not so practised in name-calling as you most demonstrably are. Indeed I sadly doubt if anyone can help you.

  • White Horse


    “serious discussion”

    A clear concise reply to the above will suffice, but you’re revealing a lot in the very fact of your delay. It’s an answer which would surely take no time at all.

  • Cynic

    Here speaks the usual SF voter – give me pap that I am comfortable with and i shall be happy

  • Munsterview

    Away for a few days, will return to it !

  • Munsterview

    Maskey unmasked is either a ‘sick stick’ or a well pensioned ex cop with too much time on hands ! What else do you expect.

    Remarkable how the rants of Maskey unmasked on a good day are to Alias on a bad day and when Alias is not insulted Maskey is there to be insulted for for him. Just another remarkable co-incidence ?

  • mark

    we’ll just have to agree to disagree Blair , you say the future lies in the uk – have you told the uk govt that ?

  • mark

    Were you ever in the samaritans Alan ?