McDaid resigns: Another Donegal byelection adds pressure to Government..

Now here, on the face of it, is a bizarre move from Jim McDaid. Why now? And why resign the seat?  However it does makes things less complicated for Niall Blaney, and Sinn Fein’s Padraig MacLochlainn. That’s now four outstanding by elections to the Dail… It’s as though Oireachtas was making its own case that there are already too many representatives in Leinster House.

Adds: So was he pushed? Or was this Dr Jim’s revenge ahead of what has to be a savage budget? The Bond Market rate for Irish debt is 7.2% as of 10 this morning.

Update: Apparently, McDaid’s own office found out by text just after it was announced on Highland radio. At a public meeting last night he spoke about his dilemma, but had apparently not made up his mind.

Plus side for FF is that it is one less vote against the budget (which may now be considerably foreshortened so Lenihan can line up all his wee ducks for the ECB/IMF).. Minus is how does the party risk those four by elections (lose them all, and the Dail majority is gone)…

Update 2: Harry McGee has a good write up on state of play within Donegal and where this leaves the government… UPdate 3: And here’s his last letter to the Taoiseach arguing that the national interest lay in an early general election on the RTE Frontline site


  • Alan Maskey

    If you were Biffo, would you hold the bye elections now? Would you f-k, to paraphrase one of the many tribunals.
    Ireland is over goverened and polticians are over paid, with Biffo being Europe’s highest paid politican and the world’s second highest.
    Then we have the politicans with the quasi criminal backgrounds. The expenses scandal would have been a non starter in Ireland.
    Abolish courts and jury systems. Kill the work solicitors do in such things as conveyancing.
    Then we have the barristers ambulance chasing the banks because their good for nothing clients took out mortgages they could not fund.
    Ireland needs a lot of sharp, shock treatment. Elements would include FF and FG merging (FF might otherwise go the way of PRI and other populist, catch all parties, to say nothing of the oddly financed Irish Press Group), scrap the Senate, the Presidency, begin the mass internment and deporting of all economic migrants (begining with the illegal ones), tougher prisons, armed guards with shoot to kill orders on them, major clamp down on anyone using illicit substances (use drugas, lose your job), curtailment of RTE (confine it to GAA and rugby only, no Joe Duffy, Late Late Show, East Enders etc), major taxes on cigarettes and alcohol (heavy jail sentences/confiscation of assets for law breakers).
    Start a newe rapid response police force to put manners on protesters.
    Cap all state pensions ot £150 pw, beginning with ex politicians, sell off State shares in any and everthing, deport/outlaw Amnesty Intenrational and other leech groups, merge the banks or sell them off, let Anglo Irish sink, abolish most local councils or over write them with a government agency to cut out the corruption and featherbedding they epitomise, offer Iran and China docking facilities in West Cork and Lough Swilly, do joint naval patrols with them to sink Spanish poaching ships.

    In short, do all the sharp, shock treatment groups like the IMF ask and clamp down on the leeches/professional protesters.
    All of this demands political will but Biffo and the yobos who will replace him have not got that because they fear losing the election and that is why no solution will be forthcoming.

  • Kevin Barry

    I’m sorry, I have a lack of sleep but my answer to you is WTF are you spouting now?

  • Rory Carr

    “Abolish courts and the jury systems…”

    Like you, Kevin, after that rant, I imagine that while typing this guy was madly singing away to himself a little ditty from Mel Brooks’s The Producers:

    Don’t be stupid, be a smarty
    Come and join the Nazi Party !

  • Drumlins Rock

    im starting to enjoy Alan’s rants, they are in a class of their own, a magical blend toxic sewage with a sprinkling of gold dust 🙂

  • Greenflag

    ‘A bizzare move by McDaid ‘?

    McDaid did the right thing on the cervical cancer vote and he did the right thing to resign for the driving while under the influence . He has set a precedent for any of our unsober politicians .

    A loss to the Dail and it makes things more difficult for FF but hardly more than they are already.

    But congrats to the Garda who did his job . Why would’nt he anyway . Gardai who run afoul of misbehaving government politicians are usually transferred to Donegal and on that note maybe the Garda in question had already been transferred ;)?

    There are enough people dying needlessly on our roads due to drunken drivers without our politicians adding to the total .

    Well done Mr McDaid and well done the Garda and shame on Mr Ahern for his equivocation and politicking on a simple matter of civil law.

  • Greenflag

    Remember the toxic in toxic sewage . Keep encouraging the troll and you’ll soon have him all to yourself 🙁

  • Alan Maskey

    Nice tune Rory. The Nazis’ economic policies were widely admired and copied in the 1930s, most notably by FDR and Keynes’ screed. The Nazis’ economic policies led to WW2.

    In the USA today, Obama is going to get thumped at the elections. Obama would make a good Irish politician: all form, no substance.

    Mick Fealty posted: The Bond Market rate for Irish debt is 7.2% as of 10 this morning.

    So, it’s the economy stupid, in Ireland as in the USA. What is your solution? More money to look after muggers and the like? More money for lawyers? kore money for chancers seeking residency or a passport?

    You laughed prviously when i said I had no political leadership aspirations. But the leprechauns of Leinster House do. They are not leaders. They cannot lead, come up woth a plan and implement it.
    You might think I am singing when actually I am off to Mass now for All Souls’ day. The leprechauns are whistling as Ireland sinks and as they sit on their hands and do nothing but increase their hideous waist lines. (I am anti fat too and believe fat cats should be taxed by the kilo and body mass for health and aesthetic reasons)

    And as for no juries, give me a break. Did PSF/PURA advocate juries of their peers for those PIRA offed?

    You may remember the Spanish Civil war when the Trots would vote on whtehr to fight or not. It does not work. Leaders should lead. Leprechans on the other hand…..

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    this man should stand for election, not that id vote for him but his party political broadcast would be amazing

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    Are there any sober politicians in Leinster house?? listening to the blueshirts would drive me to drink

  • Anon

    Nice tune Rory. The Nazis’ economic policies were widely admired and copied in the 1930s, most notably by FDR and Keynes’ screed. The Nazis’ economic policies led to WW2.

    Um, no. That was their habit of invading other countries.

  • Alan Maskey

    Anon: Pre WW2, the Nazis were much more successful at eliminating unemployment than the Yanks. Their GDP grew much quicker. If you are saying these things were not noted, admired and commented on, you are wrong, plain and simple. If you cannot see broad similarities between the stimulus packages of Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht and FDR and post war Britain, you are blind.
    Schacht was one of the very few to escape the gallows at Nuremberg: his banker mates got him off and the US prosecutor said he was the worse type of Nazi crook, working with Hitler and then saying he was against him all the time.
    Without Schacht and his mates there would have been no Third Reich.
    The Italian dictator was also greatly admired, not least by Winnie Our Island Nation Churchill.
    So, my frriend, you are wrong.

    As regards what can be done. Something raduical has to be done but there are no leaders in Irish politics who will bite the bullet. But then, people get the leaders they deserve. The Irish certainly do.
    Perhaps politics has to come first: A FF meltdown, followed by a FF-FG merger and the permanenty sidelining of all the whackos like PSF, Greens, Sticks/Labour etc.
    Anyway, the markets would love my prescription. They always like the knife though pork barrel politicians don’t.

  • pippakin

    McDaid is a decent politician, why is it the decent ones do the right thing leaving the rest to feast in the trough? How silly of me! of course the above is both the question and the answer.

    I don’t think the by elections are the issue now. I think it is time for a general election and I hope when it happens the good people of Donegal will vote Labour.

  • Munsterview

    Off thread but appropiate in the context of Donegall to post this brief message here.

    Billy Flynn, private investigator of Enfield county Meath is dead !

    Billy died unexpectedly at his home on last sunday afternoon. After dinner he went into his billiard room / office to do some work on a case, while he had officially retired, work just kept piling up and Billy just could not say no where fighting injustice was concerned.

    Some time later he came into the kitchen for the newspapers and said that he was tired and would lay down in the sitting room sofa for a while. He drifted off to sleep and died peacefully sometime in the next half hour.

    William George Flynn was an exceptional man by any standards, he broke the Donegall Garda Scandal in the South only days before the Gardai broke him, in fact only those of us directly involved will appreciate how close the whole thing was. Had he broken under the strain then like a thousand other scandals involving the Irish State, its agents and servants, it would all have been controlled and buried, never to be heard of again.

    It was a measure of Irish State Corruption that the then Irish Justice Michael McDowell Senior Council had to come like a thief in the night to Billy’s house to read copies of letters that Billy had send to the Department Of Justice over the years.

    The fact that Michael one of the most forceful and aggressive personalities in politics had to have recourse to this to find out how much his department was aware of, says all there is to say about the administration of justice in the Southern State.

    In the North those with long memories will remember the Finbarr Ross financial scandal when over twelve hundred mainly Northern elderly investors lost over seven million pounds in an ‘investment’. Billy worked with Roy Beggs them MP and both men put in some unbelievable time and effort over long thankless years but the then financial and other establishments North and South and the politicians did not want that can of worms opened, as too many would have been exposed!

    On my last visit to Billy some weeks back a very interesting conversation took place regarding a certain cement mixer : that was the one thing about Billy’s billiard room, whatever was stirring in the undergrowth, ended up there. Sam Smith, John Mooney, Frank Connolly, everyone who was anyone in hard investigastive journalism all passed through there…… and returned there time and again for hard information in what was really happening regarding whatever scandal or event they were covering !

    Billy Flynn still in his sixties was far too young to die. There is no mystery to his passing, he had simply burned himself out in the service of his fellow men and women in assisting them in their fight for justice. On my last evening with him in and out between our two hour conversation he updated seventeen different clients in progress on their cases.

    Since Billy drifted off to sleep and out of this physical world on sunday nights a lot of people in Financial and State circles who had good reason to be worried have gone to sleep easy. While hundreds of his friends and those he helped will mourn his passing, a few champagne corks will be popped also by some very relieved people.

    That is no bad measure of a mans life !

    Sincere sympathies to his wife, children, grandchildren and countless friends. Siochan de leis a croi, croga, flaithiulacht.

  • Anon

    It’s really irrelevant whether or not the Germany economic policies were admired; they weren’t the cause of war. If Germany had run the same economic policies but not invaded anywhere, there would have been no WWII.

    Anyways, a big portion of Germany’s growth came from rearmament irc. Something the US didn’t do util war looked inevitable. The New Deal wasn’t actually *that* stimulative.

  • Kevin Barry

    This is unbelievable; honestly, I had a bit of fuzzy head this morning (my own doing, mind) and I have never seen something so…I don’t even know where to begin; it’s very funny, but I sometimes get the impression he actually believes this.

  • Kevin Barry

    You know Alan, there’s a lot of what you have said, when taken in isolation, that I would agree with.

    Am I a major fan of trial by jury in it’s current form? Answer is no. It’s not because I don’t believe that you shouldn’t be judged by your peers but that some Alpha Male/Female could swing the others around to their beliefs on the outcome.

    As for the Nazi’s and economic policies, it’s a sad fact that we have copied near wholesale the creation of an industrial military complex to help create wealth and keep it from being attained by others, notably former colonies.

    As for your problems with lawyers (justified in a lot of instances), any suggestions on what you would like to replace them with? I’m not saying they shouldn’t be replaced, but the adversarial system seems a lot better than setting up a truth commission for all offences, but I would like to hear your thoughts on that, they should as always be interesting or at least entertaining

  • Kevin Barry

    Apologies for any grammatical errors, but it’s been a long week already

  • Alan Maskey

    MunstrerMitty off target again for the usual devious reaosns no doubt.

    Rory: On the news this morning, HMG are considering juryless courts to save £30 million.
    The Royal Navy were stationed on Spike Island for centuries. ASfter them, came the Irish navy. After them, came ordinary decent prisoners, who burned the palce dfown as they objected to the conditions.
    Rapists and Kerry contract killers objected to conditions various navies had to put up with. Loads of possible savings there too.

  • Munsterview

    You can run but you cannot hide !……..Questions 2 november @ 4.10 PM still awaiting answers from you !

    If you do not have the guts to finish what you started at least have the manners to try !


  • Alan Maskey

    Try to stay on topic. And do get a spell checker, Mr Gump.Maybe Sam Smyth could lend you one? Any of these guys good at snooker btw? If you must go off topic, at least make it interesting.
    Oh. And no expressions of sympathy from Army Group South here?
    7am and you are still up and pottering about. If you really do live in Ireland, no wonder you are fuzzled.

    Let me have men about me that are fat;
    Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’ nights:
    Yond Munster Mitty has a lean and hungry look;
    He faps too much: such men are morons.

  • Munsterview

    Note : in view of the contents of the following and the fact that this false flag has consistently and shamelessly brasnecked out repeated exposure, of bogus claims, regular engagement by me is terminated, other than to repost this notice where a response would otherwise be merited !

    Please see Munsterview 27 october 2010 at 6: 46 PM……. for a deconstruction and explanation where an Alan Maskey posting it is shown up for the carefully crafted piece of polemic propaganda work that it really is.

  • Drumlins Rock


  • Nordie Northsider

    The road from Letterkenny to Dublin is a safer place today.

  • Kevin Barry

    Unfortunate but true DR