Platform calls for rethink on cohesion and promises full programme soon

By the end of the year, a long awaited paper from the pressure group for political renewal and realignment Platform for Change will outline what a proper Programme for Government should look like, with an eye to next year’s assembly election. The paper will refresh the Platform’s core document  which itself  needs updating in the light of the cuts and many other developments. Today group supporters  published an open letter to the FM and DFM  expressing deep dissatisfaction with the poverty of vision in the consultation document Cohesion, Sharing and Integration, which holds out only a future of sustained segregation, defying the clear public aspiration that we live, work and are educated in common.

Robin Wilson, the academic and founder of the now sadly defunct think tank Democratic Dialogue and now a moving force for the Platform  and the victims campaigner Alan McBride, spoke at the top of this morning’s  Nolan show arguing for a shared future approach in education and housing and also pressing for proper policing for working people areas like North and West Belfast where it’s currently inadequate.

One of many themes I look forward to the Platform addressing is how it proposes to argue for political realignment along non-sectarian lines, while at the same time appealing to the existing political parties to raise their game.

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  • Mark McGregor

    I love the way the ‘open letter’ link currently goes to a MSN page showing a top story ‘Worst ever X Factor outfits’.

  • Brian Walker

    link repaired

  • Zig70

    Very important stuff, but I struggle with it all. I’m a proud Ulsterman and we all have so much more in common than divides us. We have the loons on the hill because that’s what the people voted for, 2 tribes and that’s what we have to work with and plan for. Unless there is some other integrated party that represents the people of NI/Ulster. The Alliance response to Robbo’s “integration” remarks shows they are too naive for politics and let’s face it liberal we ain’t, more like national socialist as Larne demonstrated. The key thing for me is that for evil to flourish you need good men to do nothing, so the majority need to get up and vote integration if it’s true they want it, it’s the ‘for who’ trips me up.

  • “political realignment along non-sectarian lines”

    Brian, they may be on the same platform but they board different trains of thought: unionist, nationalist and others 😉

  • “a long awaited paper from the pressure group”

    The basis for that claim other than RW’s ego?

  • Brian Walker

    “Long awaited” is my “ego” and phrase, not Robin’s, Driftwood. As a mordant post- enlightnment person with a no small ego yourself, what enlightenment have you got to offer?

  • HeartoftheEmpire

    1. Who wrote this statement? It is like a press statment from HM Press Secretary

    2. Have the authors never heard of Plain English? ‘Plain English is written in a manner appropriate to the reading skills and knowledge of its audience. It is writing that has no confusion about meaning, is free of cliché and unnecessary jargon, and is easy to understand’.

    3 The tone of the staement underscores the make up of the pressure group – the usual chattering classes (mainly)

    4. The pressure group has called for the ‘rewriting of this document, in collaboration with independent experts’ –
    names please as I dont recognise too many so called experts among the ‘sign – up’s’

    4. Are they asking for another expensive ‘influential report to be written up by one of their welll healed consultants?

    5. While I acknowledge the need for major changes to the CSI strategy, including the retention of CRC, it is obvious that this platform crowd is politically driven by UNCUNF, SDLP and the odd Sticky Back.

    6. From the list of signatories highlighted, I don’t recognise too many people/activists from working class areas – they are probably too concerned about the forthcoming public spending cuts than to jump on this bandwagon which is going nowhere.

  • Wasted Ballot

    wow platform for change is still going?

    I guess they think there is still a few pennies they can bleed from whatever grants they get.

  • Turgon

    “As a mordant post- enlightnment person with a no small ego yourself”
    Try playing the ball not the man Walker.

  • Granni Trixie

    I know many who signed up to Platform for Change because “it cant do any harm”.
    However, this move demonstratres the usefulness of a ginger type group (though this may not be how they define themselves). From their ‘platform’ for instance they are trying to articulate the case for retaining CRC for instance.

  • Turgon

    Also Walker Driftwood has not commented on this thread yet. Not only are you man playing but are playing the wrong man.

  • Brian Walker

    Apologies to Driftwood and Fair Deal. Two late night slanders for the price of one!

  • Turgon

    Steady on Walker. At this rate you might have to start apologising to me for telling lies about me.

  • Halfer

    Is it correct or even helpful to describe the opposing national aspirations in the North as sectarian?

  • Drumlins Rock