Slugger Politics Award pitch: Let actions speak louder than words

We all love the soundbite and those caustic comments that cuts to the bone, and occasionally we even like well thought out policy decisions, but what we should really award our politicians for is honest hard graft.

Good constituency work is the only way you can get to know the people and form those policies, meeting people face to face means they remember you when it comes to election time, no matter how ugly that face may be!

And by solving a problem for one person today you may learn how to solve it for everyone tomorrow.

Footnote: This is the second in a series of short ideas for what *political* behaviour the Slugger O’Toole Awards should be rewarding. We’re looking for more ideas on what we should be rewarding (details here). Once we’ve got a few, we will launch the voting on this section of the awards. We have already opened the voting on the ideas for improving the way the media work – you can rate every idea or add your own here. To find out more about the 2010 awards, see here.