“More tea, Eamon?”

In the Irish Times Miriam Lord has a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ report from the main Irish political parties’ consensus meeting yesterday on the budgetary measures needed to get the economic situation under control.  From the Irish Times

The Taoiseach has an idea.

“Right lads. Boutros Boutros Gormley wants harmony. I’ll sing the verses and you two can join in on the chorus. What’ll we sing?”

They start to snigger when they think of Gerry Adams locked outside in the cold. (Although this is one time that the Sinn Féin leader is very happy to be the man behind the wire, pressing his nose against the window of Government Buildings.) They sing in honour of Gerry.

Biffo starts. “We’re on da one road, sharing the one load, we’re on the road to God Knows Where!” Kenny and Gilmore chime in: “In your dreams! You’re on your own, Brian!”

The Taoiseach shrugs. “Please yourselves.”

Tick, tock, tick, tock . . .