Slugger’s site moderation

Just a quick reminder: Slugger has a comments policy. Personal insults, smears and rudeness are not supposed to be tolerated here and we try to stay on top of this with the ‘delete’ key as much as we can.

Normally, Mick picks up a lot of this kind of thing, applying his patience and charm (virtues that not all of us are blessed with). But Mick’s away at the moment and not able to get involved. We know that a number of regulars have his email address and often appeal to him directly. Just for the next few days (until you notice Mick posting regularly again) please use this spam-proof link to contact us if you see anything untowards in our threads?

We’ll have our new comments tool ready soon (anyone up for helping us test this?) but in the meantime, please try to keep it all civil and conversational?