Translink: “a great set of results”

That was Translink’s Ciaran Rogan’s response to the customer satisfaction survey which rated high overall satisfaction levels amongst Translink passengers.  I don’t think they asked those who ‘walked the plank’ on the Dublin to Belfast train today…

But the survey also revealed 2.5 million fewer journeys taken by the public compared to last year – down from 80.7 million in 2008/09 to 78.2 million in 2009/10.  From the BBC report

Ryan Simpson, Senior Consumer Affairs Officer at the Consumer Council, welcomed the high overall satisfaction levels amongst Translink passengers, but said he was “concerned” by the drop in passenger numbers and warned that the company must do more to reverse the decline.

“The challenge still remains for Translink to present the public transport system as a viable alternative to the car by offering a range of cost-effective ticket options, which the public perceive to be value-for-money, and which will increase passenger numbers,” he said.

Mr Simpson said a wider adoption of cash-less ticket options such as Smartlink and iLinkcards could improve value-for-money for customers.

“Earlier this year the Consumer Council called on Translink to develop a plan to increase the uptake of cash-less ticket options and whilst Translink have introduced a number of promotions, these have only resulted in a modest increase in uptake,” he said.