Chilean miners rescue: Liveblog

Slugger readers will be familiar with CoverItLive. Channel Four have a live news stream and liveblog of the Chilean miners rescue here. There are rumours that a couple of the miners are very annoyed with themselves because they forgot to clock-in at the start of their last shift….


  • ForkHandles

    we’ve been watching it in work on BBC live stream. Glad to see they’re getting out safely.

  • Kathy C

    I think it’s one of mankind’s finest hour how so many the world over worked to get these men freed….and it worked!

  • Tweedybird

    Isn’t it great to see the main news taken up by good news, I’ve been watching it most of the day and its brilliant to see the Chilean rescue team’s perseverance with international help getting the miners out has paid off.

  • Munsterview

    Not forgetting Irelands contribution of course…… the rescue drill was designed and made in Shannon. Shannon also has a group of Chilean families who were refugees from the Generals who overthrew Alende’s democratically elected government.

    An Irish Chilean is actually in management in the factory that made the drill……. small world !

    Then again O’Sullivan Burke in the nineteenth century was half ways down the length of Chile and over twenty five miles inland when on horse back he overtook a pair of cowboys. In careful spanish he saluted and asked for a match to light a cigar. the man he addressed turned to his companion and asked ” Mick would you have ere a lucifer for this poor christian here”

    Celebrations all round, he went with them to their main camp of about twenty other Irish, the talk was of revolution and that night Sullivaqn Burke was sworn into the IRB and since he has been known Sullivan Burke, Fenian!

    Even in the nineteenth century ago, it was indeed a small world!