Concerted Opposition from the Devolved Institutions

Betsan points us to a pretty significant joint declaration of the three devolved institutions.

“That the three devolved administrations believe the impending cuts in public spending run the risk of delivering economic and social harm shouldn’t be news to you.That the leaders of the three devolved administrations have signed a joint declaration saying so, very bluntly, is, as one senior source in Cardiff Bay put it, “massive”.”

“They say, “We believe that promoting economic growth is the best way to restore the health of our public finances and this must be our overriding priority.
“Only when there is clear evidence that the recovery is well established, and can be sustained, should significant fiscal tightening be implemented.””
Betsan concludes: 

“In other words: even it out a bit; spread the pain and don’t risk tipping us all into recession.

We think you’re getting it wrong. Our governments think you’re getting it wrong. We think your plans will harm our economies and we’re standing together to tell you so.”
BBC Scotland have the full declaration.

The text is written in a constructive fashion but the message is clear – involve us in the process, don’t just impose the outcome.