Croeso i Montgomerieshire…

Things hotting up nicely for the weekend. Catherine and Katherine introduced golfers, wives and 13,000 others to Welsh song at a gala last night. Tiger has been here before – not sure he enjoyed it much though… – Nice quote from his caddie for that week in 1995, when beset by food poisoning he tried to help him out – “In fairness to Woods, Griffiths reveals he saw the illness close up. “He was pretty rough and I gave him a Trebor mint to help his stomach and I remember Tiger thinking it was a giant aspirin,” he says. “It seemed to help his stomach cramps so that night I got my mother to go to the local supermarket to buy a five- pack of the mints and he ended up sucking on those for the rest of the week.
“You could have sworn I gave him £20,000 because he was really appreciative of the gesture. It may have helped his stomach cramps, but he certainly wasn’t at his best playing the tournament.””

Anyway – Ian Woosnam is the official ambassador – “”In the early days some people use to ask me where in England was Wales located?
The man behind it all, (from my village btw), is Sir Terry Matthews – from today’s Belfast Telegraph and a prophetic profile from the Indie in in 1998!
P.S. It’s raining.