A hole in Dail security? Plug it

  • lamhdearg

    lovely voice, is that a dildo?

  • Mark McGregor


    You would not believe how often I’m asked that though


    No, I’m just happy to know you are reading.

  • Pete Baker

    Isn’t there a propaganda category…?

  • Alias

    Brian Hayes must feel a bit of a fool after that – with it being self-evident because it wasn’t seen by self!

    Anyway, how could the other two gombeens not have spooted the dildo…?

  • Alias

    *spotted* – with it even sporting a black arm band in sympathy for the state of the country’s finances

  • Munsterview

    Nice move from Joe, a heros welcome awaits in Galway and also back home in Mayo !

    The real trouble for Cowen & co will start when the courts grant bail to-morrow and he talks to the press.

    All will get a surprise as this is no Mr. Crazy but a determined, coherent and articulated guy that has paid his dues to society in dozens of different ways. I met him recently and lets just say for now, I eagerly awaited morning Ireland radio news yesterday !

    This definitely is the beginning of the end of this sorry Government lot in Leinster House!

    While this was done to protest against the Banker / FF corruption and waste in the first instance and he had no thought of politics for himself, now his protest has caught the public imagination, he may find himself pressed to run for a Galway Dail seat. He has what it takes and then some more.

    Incidently although everything was planned not to do any physical damage to the gates and the building was not touched, notice the spin from all the TDs interviewed and the impressions given of damage and danger despite the fact there was none ?

    When it comes to the gravy trough there is no difference between FG and Fianna Failure, a threat to one is a threat to all !

    FG were I think, first out of the traps with the spin, so much for an alternative and ‘ the people must be told the truth ‘ !

    Note too the arrest, detention, holding in custody, Director Of Public Prosecutions decision on charges and the slotted in court arraignment for this morning on what in effect was no more than a parking obstruction at 7 AM yesterday morning !

    All of this while the corrupt bankers and other wankers are still walking around untouched and untroubled as are the tax evaders, drug lords and other criminals. Never the less credit where credit is due the Department Of Injustice can move when it has to, all the stops pulled out, court proceedings within thirty hours of the incident.

    Now if the real criminals would only drive cement mixers and park illegally we might get some long overdue action!

    Fianna failure have brought the country to ruin ….. todays poll will show them around…… 24%
    Fine Gael have had two years of FF failure to shout about…..todays poll will show them for the third month also around…. 24%

    Little surprise that the leaders of the four other political parties and their elected member fervently prayed or made burnt offerings to whatever Gods they believed in before going to bed last night that Enda remain on as leader of his own party.

    How long before a FG TD drives a cement mixer into the FG HQ ?

  • Alias

    Nice post but give in another two years and it won’t be a media-friendly protestor that does no harm to anybody (gates, a corrupt political class, or eurosystem banks) driving a truck around town as the only form of objection to the EU stealing hundreds of billions of Irish taxpayers money with the connivance of euroquislings. I think we’ll be ready for a real revolution around that time.

  • Greenflag

    Unless there’s a revolution against Wall St and corporate America and the City of London any revolution in Ireland will not be worth the paper or blood it’s written on . The EU’s policy of low interest rates was a contributory factor but the real source of the current economic recession worldwide lies where Warren Buffet pointed with the weapons of mass economic destruction conjured up in Wall St aided and abetted by two decades of crony capitalism and sycophantic slobbering and financial corruption by the politicians from both Houses of Congress and all the political parties . Maddoff , Schilling, De Lay and hundreds more corporate ‘thieves’ are/were just the natural end product of criminal , anti social ethos of the Goldman Sachs , Bank of America and the Private health insurance gougers that have laid waste to the US economy over the past several decades !

    To paraphrase a British journalist last week -‘ when the last corrupt banker is hanged with the guts of the last corrupt hedge fund investment manager the ‘air ‘ will once again be fit to breathe in Wall St !

  • Munsterview

    No big follow up on Joe for now I am afraid, legal issues and all to that ! I will take mu cue from his solicitor. There may be a bit more clarity after the weekend.

    One interesting thing of note : when Joe parked his cement mixer the back had been modified to carry a board and poster / banner about two meters by two and a half. This can be seen in some of the earlier photos but it was quickly removed.

    The gardai had the right and the powers to have the truck removed.

    Removing the banner is a different matter !

    At what level did a gardai take the decision to remove the banner and save their political masters media embarrassment. This had nothing to do with removing the truck and must come within the ambit of interference in politics. It was not their job to save the banks or the politicians red faces.

    So much for a non political police force.