Labour Leadership Election – spoilt Union Ballots

In a comment on a link on a previous thread Mark M alluded to the astonishing high level of spoilt papers in the Trade Union section of the leadership election. Here’s the link to the full results.Some examples:

The biggest voting block – Unite – Votes cast = 111,270 – spoilt = 15,936.

If we look at the GMB it’s cast = 43,106, spoilt = 6,352.

In total cast = 247,339, spoilt = 36,105

Am I missing something or isn’t that totally astonishing? Note that this was a postal ballot and 36,105 people, 15% of those that bothered, trundled to the Post Box to say in person -“None of the Above” – remarkable.

(As a comparison 188,000 ballots were spoiled in the 2005 General Election – 0.7% of votes cast)