Anglo’s Austrian branch used to launder Mafia money?

Looks like things just got a little more complicated at the end of a very complicated week for the troubled government owned Anglo Irish Bank:

Banks in Austria were used to launder about 2 billion euros ($A3 billion) for the Italian mafia between 2005 and 2007, the Austrian weekly profil reports, citing Rome prosecutors.

According to prosecution documents, the money was laundered through 14 accounts at Raiffeisen Zentralbank, Bank Austria – which now belongs to Italy’s UniCredit Group – and the Austrian branch of Anglo Irish Bank, profil said on Sunday.

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  • Christy Walsh

    You bring a stark reality home; if any mafioso is caught misbehaving with other people’s money they can expect to go to jail, if a banker is caught he gets a bonus.

  • aquifer

    Another reason to bust this bank. Bad money in it.

  • alan
  • A.N.Other

    The 300 page Prosecutor’s report, which makes for great reading, but is sadly only available in Italian (for now);

    Some interesting money laundry chains can be found on Pages 101/102 of the report.

    Italian papers have long claimed that the groups involved had links to MI6;

  • alan

    Wow Thanks A.N. Other now the story really is getting interesting! I feel a screenplay coming on… Developers / Rogue Bankers / Vatican Mafia / MI6 plenty of material there.

  • Greenflag

    You can do a whole lot better than busting Anglo Irish .

    Bust Switzerland , Wall St , and the City and the Italian mafia and our ‘western global neo con mafias ‘ will have nowhere to go except back to Italy, Moscow or NIgeria 😉