Attempt to kill police has shock value/media spin applied?

The pipebomb left at a primary school in Antrim met condemnation from essentially everywhere – those that left it have offered no explanation. That attack was followed a few days later by what the PSNI describe as a viable device being found in Crumlin. Much, if not all, of the media coverage and condemnation of this treated it as another attack directed at children.

However, the police station, where the device was discovered isn’t a primary school – that is across the road, down a bit and all the classrooms are set well back from the road. The device was left behind the steel gate of the PSNI building and was only likely to endanger anyone within the grounds of the station.

The Irish Daily Star seems to stand alone in stating this was a sophisticated booby-trap bomb with potential to kill members of the PSNI and specifically targeted at them.

Have real threats to the lives of PSNI officers become so commonplace and lacking in shock value that such incidents now need to be spun to seem like deliberate attempts to kill/injure children?

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