The spicules of Sol

Another wondrous view of our own modest star from the Solar Dynamics Observatory [SDO]. 

Here’s what the SDO channel says

Spicules pop up from the Sun constantly. These dynamics jets are smaller features of the Sun that are commonly ignored. However, with the detailed close-up that SDO can provide, we can see these much more clearly than ever before. Over a few hours observation of the northern pole area of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet light (Aug. 3, 2010), we can see a continual frenzy of these features. At any one time there are around 60,000 to 70,000 active spicules on the Sun; an individual spicule typically reaches 3,000-10,000 km altitude above the photosphere. A couple of them rise up ten to 20 higher than most of the others. Spicules are an integral part of the dynamic nature of the Sun.