Ulster the “Man City” of the Magners…

Hmm – Mr Humphreys -“We believe we’ve recruited very well this year and I believe this is the best Ulster squad that’s been assembled.” – that’s confidence for you.
Meanwhile the Mr Henson saga is now getting boring – Last chance salon Gavin if you want to play in a World Cup.
This year retains the play-off system but adds 2 Italian teams which could congest things somewhat in a World Cup year with many international demands:
Here’s the League website and here’s the fixtures. Cracking opener at Ravenhill on Friday as Ulster take on Ospreys (or should that be Man City v Real Madrid…). Enjoy the season.
Update – the Western Mail’s view on Ulster’s ambitions. Quote:
“The Magners League will be seen as a vital piece in their grandiose plans for world domination over the next few seasons”