Summer (?) Quiz (3rd and Final)

I’ll make this one a bit easier,….but electronic help is banned…..for your first effort anyway!!
1) Name all leaders of the SDLP ever. – Gerry Fitt, John Hume, Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie
2) Who links the Carmarthenshire village of Llanddowror with Catherine the Great? – Griffith Jones Llanddowror, the educator. Russia sent an emmisary to study his methods
3) What’s next in the sequence: 13688, 53, 4582, ? 4 – Majorities in FST GEs
4) What links Thomas Mckean, George Taylor, James Smith, Mathew Thornton and Edward Rutledge? Ulster Scots signatories of the American declaration of Independence
5) Name the 5 biggest cities / towns in Ireland starting with C. Cork, Craigavon, Castlereagh, Carrickfergus,Carlow.
6) How many points have the Ospreys got in the Magners League 10/11? -4 after some misconduct last year
7) Who is in Ireland’s group in the Rugby World Cup? Australia, Italy, Russia, USA.
8. Who succeeded James Larkin as Leader of the ITGWU? William O’Brien
9) What linguistic phenomenon links Vietnamese, Old Welsh, Korean and Tswana amongst others? Same word for blue and green.
10) Cardiff City’s share of Craig Bellamy’s wages are £35,000 a week for 40 weeks. They have sold 20,000 replica shirts at a margin of £20 a shirt. If Cardiff have 20 home games a season at an average ticket price of £25 how much must the average gate increase to cover Craig’s wages? 2000