Public Appointments Commissioner gets involved…

The News Letter reports Felicity Houston asking for a report on the selection process… She is at pains to point out that “There is no reason to believe that the process didn’t apply with the principles of my code.”

There’s one detail worth noting from BelfastJJ about the appointments, which despite the title of his post has little directly to say about probity issues, but it does give an interesting insight into the order of the selection process:

I’ve 3 letters dated the 16th June confirming the appointments of Mr McDonald – Mr Steele and Mr Bunting. The Formal appointment dates for all 3 NED’s is the 21st of June signed by Conor Murphy!!

What’s interesting is that at this point there is no mention of Mairtin O’Muilleoir as an NED. This appears only to have happened after a letter comes in from the CEO of the Consumer Council (who as Seamus McKee noted on Evening Extra yesterday has been remarkably quiet through all of this).

So does this mean that the ’emergency process’ was only activated after the first three interim appointments were made? Or did it apply from the beginning?