Collins chooses freelance intelligence over politics

For several years rumours have come and gone on the possibility of Tim Collins entering political life. It seems he has finally bitten the bullet and will enter political life in numerous countries in a quasi-military capacity for a fee.

Most recently the claim was:

A rumour going around that Tim Collins was rejected as the UUP candidate for South Antrim in favour of Adrian Watson.

Though that idea had been floated back in February with him running as a Tory nominee:

South Antrim is a more sensitive issue. The UUP have proposed Adrian Watson, who is a known homophobe – which goes against recent Tory pronouncements – and was involved in the disgraceful episode in 2009 when unionist bigots complained when children in GAA tops packed bags in Tesco. Watson claims that he did not actually complain, but the BBC reported that he “had passed complaints on to Tesco on behalf of some of his constituents”. If it walks like a duck … So Watson’s candidacy may be in doubt if the Tories decide that they do not want to be represented by an old-style UUP bigot. There is an opening here for the Tories to propose, say, Tim Collins – a name that would attract DUP votes, and may cause the TUV to rethink their intention to stand in the constituency.

Now any elected political role for Collins has been kicked into the long grass as he runs a company, New Century, providing freelance intelligence services to whomever pays:

We provide a range of proven Intelligence-led Security Services to build capacity in client organizations, including creation of doctrine, skills transfer (mentoring, advising, training), institutional capacity- building, and tailored security solutions.

Whether in the form of immediately effective Counterinsurgency Intelligence Solutions or comprehensive Ministry-level Intelligence Sector Reform, our unique model empowers local governments and security forces to anticipate and pre-empt insurgent, terrorist, or criminal groups which threaten security and stability.

For some reason they use RUC caps in one of their website banner images.

UPDATE – my original title was considered risque, the current title was provided by Mick.

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  • vanhelsing

    MM – is there a point coming – if you’re trying to ‘frame’ Tim Collins as a Col ‘Mad’ Mike Hoare figure you’re off the mark [pardon the pun].

    ‘Gunman for sale or rent’ it might get some attention as a blog title on Slugger but equally Jordan attracts similar attention if you put her on the front cover of Empire magazine… 🙂

    As an Ulsterman I wish him all the best….

  • joeCanuck

    Oh no! They used RUC caps. Despicable Bastwiches; could anyone else stoop so low?

  • Mark McGregor


    Just an aside. Collins was punted as a ‘great white hope’ by some Unionist and Conservative commentators. Turned out he was just a ex-soldier willing to act in an almost mercenary way.

    I’m suggesting maybe we draw a line in the sand, a Sandline, under Collins’ political ambitions.

  • vanhelsing

    MM – clever I’ll give you that. He would have been a good generic Unionist vote draw.

  • vanhelsing
  • tacapall

    The Ulster version of Blackwater – Like MMG says, gunmen for sale or rent. Modern day mercenaries employed by corrupt government departments to sort out troublesome indeginous populations.

  • Pete Baker


    “Whether in the form of immediately effective Counterinsurgency Intelligence Solutions or comprehensive Ministry-level Intelligence Sector Reform…”

    Not quite the potentially libellous “gunman for sale or rent” you claim…

    And your sources for a claimed former potential candidacy? Beyond the comments zone of ‘Ulster’s Doomed’, that is…

  • Alan Maskey

    Who is funding this enterprise? Is he trying to raise money? AIM? Nasdaq?
    I think his timing might be a bit off. The Iraqi and Afghan markets must be saturated and there are some big players there.

    Befor sinking my money into his project or paying jhim for some advice, remind me what he did to deserve my custom. Made a sound bite speech. Led a few soldiers in the sand. Knocked around with the sinister SAS for a bit. Anything else?

    Why does he not go with Executive Outcomes, Blackwater, Sandline, Aegis?
    Looks like a case of now that we’re organised, let’s have the split. Either that or he is a typical spoilt brat.

    Until I am convinced otherwise, I will not be investing in this pipsqueak.

  • Pete Baker

    “almost mercenary“?

    In the same way as you’ve been almost factual?

  • joeCanuck

    Well, I’ll ask you and Mark: If you needed security services, would you rather employ a former army officer or, say, a former bus driver?

  • vanhelsing

    Brilliant – how many clients have they had, what ops have they carried out – evidence for your comments. No wait – I forgot YOU DON’T NEED ANY!!

  • vanhelsing

    Joe – a dangerous question to ask McGregor [do you think he needs protection??] 🙂

  • Ulick

    Suppose some might say he’s doing us all a favour by employing some of our local paramilitaries as mercenaries and taking them abroad:

  • Mark McGregor


    I’d suggest given the records of ‘freelancers’ maybe if a government or organisation requires military advice they perhaps approach other governments.

    But I suppose its the ‘free market’ we live in where even this can be bought in privately.

  • Drumlin Rock

    think we can guess who Mark would employ…

  • vanhelsing

    Ulick are you suggesting that ex policemen from Northern Ireland are paramilitaries – that was the link you posted….

  • Ulick

    No, they’d be former paramilitaries.

  • Ulick

    … and I’m guessing Collins also thinks so if he’s employing them as mercenaries.

  • Alias

    It sounds like his company is selling the Northern Ireland peace-processing model to other occupied regions which have uppity natives that need to be converted from anti-state groups into pro-state groups using similiar methods.

  • joeCanuck

    If so, then he could do no worse than starting at home. That would make sense, at least, of the RUC caps.

  • How easy it is to think our little blob on the map is the centre of the universe. The truth is there are always little ‘hot spots’ requiring the attention of ‘experts’.

  • vanhelsing

    just so I get this straight – you post a link to a news story,

    ‘A former Northern Ireland police officer working as a security contractor for NATO in Afghanistan has been shot dead by an escaped insurgent prisoner.

    Ken McGonigle, 51, from Co Derry, died on Saturday night when the prisoner in Musa Qala, northern Helmand province, overpowered his guards when being taken to pray. He seized his captors’ weapons and shot McGonigle before killing two US marines as they followed him into nearby buildings. The prisoner was eventually shot and killed.

    McGonigle was working for the Nato training mission as part of a group supplied by a private security firm to mentor and train the Afghan police force.’

    In summary a guy [who used to be a cop here] training Afghans to be police officers is in your eyes an ex paramilitary!

    Your tone is also interesting [although in context with your ideology not surprising]

    ‘Suppose some might say he’s doing us all a favour by employing some of our local paramilitaries [ex policemen] as mercenaries and taking them abroad [where they will be killed].

    Congratulations you get the ‘Sick Puppy Republican Award’ for managing to bring a story about a guy from here starting a security firm round to ‘if we get those Prods out of our 32 countries – maybe they’ll get shot in Afghan and that will do us all a favour’

    Thoughts anyone…

  • Alias

    His company’s use of “local governments” in its sales pitch indicates that his product is aimed at puppet regimes installed by occupying powers, but the Security Services in NI already manage the little local difficulty and don’t require the services of those who merely try to profit from what they have learned of such methods in that region.

  • Alias

    “His company’s use of “local governments” in its sales pitch indicates that his product is aimed at puppet regimes installed by occupying powers [with the aim of legitimising the regime among the general population and marginalising violant opposition to it]…”

  • Interesting that New Century’s COO is Michael Grunberg, who was the spokesman for Tony Buckingham, the ex-special forces oil/mining tycoon who brought Tim Spicer into the mercenary business.

  • circles

    “PB pot calls MMcG kettle black in blogger outrage!!”

  • jim

    lots of u d r men were school bus drivers

  • Alan Maskey

    This is another link between Ulster’s paramilitary Protestants and white South African gunmen. After the blacks took over in SA, there was less demand for white Speical Forces guys, so they branched out into coups (Mark Thatcher anyone?), being mercenaries and the like. The white South African economy had been a reasonably efficient war one, producing gold and other items to fund themselves and, with the terrorist state of Israel, even developing an atomic bomb.
    When the natives took over, the big wigs, the Oppenheimers and them, were able to continue as before. The guns for hire, ex white trash and the like, had to sell their expertise to whomsoever would buy it. Many of these guys had previously been in the Rhodesian forces.

    Following the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, one notable tihng is the number of Ulster Protestant soldiers/advisors/fdo gooders getting whacked. With PIRA gone into tree hugging, not much work for them here. So Collins is on a good thing there.
    However, no offence to our Ulster Proddy friends but if I had to smash up some natives, I would go for the South Africans and the mainstream ex SAS. It is all well and good supporting local entrepreneurs or Linfield for that matter, but let us not forget that if we want a football team, we will pick Glasgow Rangers any day ahead of Linfield.
    Collins is doing Ireland a service giving these guys work abroad. Any of you remember Charles Bowden? He turned State evidence agianst John Giligan and his gang. While part of that gang, he was their QM. He had previously been in the Irish Rangers. Then we have all the ex Brit forces touts who got jobs heading up PIRA’s counter intelligence wing. Any chance of a start for theem Mr Collins? Or how about PIRA connected Colombian bird watchers?

    I cannot see Collins lasting long in this game. He has no major finances, I guess. Nor dsoes he have the Thatcher family backing him. Big dogs (of war) will eat the puppies.

  • Mike

    Call me crazy, but maybe he thinks they have accumulated some security expertise from their experience as policemen in Northern Ireland, what with facing down a decades long terrorist campaign…

  • Didlee D O’Squat

    It seems there is nothing like an uppity Prod to get Slugger’s Keyboard Volunteers frothing at their fingertips. ‘Ireland Online Will Never Be At Peace’ and all that.

    Of course many retired people go on to further work in their area of expertise. For example my own accountant employs a retired tax inspector to advise on tax issues. I wish Tim well. He will make a few bob.

    My first cousin resigned from the RUC just prior to the arrival of the PSNI and set up as a consultant on security and policing. He has worked in many places including the Middle East, Africa, USA and Eastern Europe and makes a good six figures each year.

    Many of his contracts have been won on his RUC antecedents so Tim Collins has made a good move in referencing the force on his website. The RUC operationally defeated the hotpotch of Republican and Loyalist murder gangs, with one and sometimes two hands tied behind its back, who would not want to buy into that success?

  • Alan Maskey

    Mr O’Squat: It could be argued that “The PIRAoperationally defeated the hotpotch of RUC, SAS and Loyalist murder gangs, with one and sometimes two hands tied behind its back, who would not want to buy into that success?” Certainly, FARC seems to have bought into it. I have already pointed to the white South Africans so morality does not seem to come into it.
    As sa matter of interest, what rank/job description did your cousin have in the RUC? He must have been a bit higher than PC PLod.
    Leisure and security are the growth industries, so your cousin has bought into that. There is an ex British soldier, permanently incapacitated by Republican terrorist scum hobbling past my house. (I live in a predominantly soft Loyalist Protestant area). Any jobs for him?

  • sdelaneys

    Personally, I know a couple of Sth Armagh bus drivers I’d sooner have as security advisers than the army officers whose arses they whipped for years.

  • Didlee D O’Squat

    I guess it could be so argued as you suggest, but looking around at Northern Ireland 2010 I know which ‘side’ came out on top (again).

    Now I know too that it must be pretty galling that Gerry didn’t turn out to be Ireland’s Mugabe and the likes of me are still sitting on our farms (‘stolen’ from the natives back in 16whatever) etc, but hey best get over it and make do with dandering about Stormont wearing an M&S suit. It won’t get much better I’m afraid.

    My relative happened to be an inspector when he upped sticks; closer to ‘Plod’ than the Chief Constable I think.

    Allow me pose a question back to you; what on God’s Earth is a “soft Loyalist Protestant”?

    As for your neigbour. I’m confident that he has saleable skills despite your implied dismissal of him for being disabled. It’s not all rootin-tootin on the frontline you know.

  • Alan Maskey

    Mr O’Squat: Soft Loyalist Protestant excludes crime ridden areas like the Shankill Road.
    As for soldiers and skills: I can’t say I agree with you there. Soldiers do not transfer well back into society; civilised society has not much need for mindless killers. Go check.out the Royal British Legion or your local prison if you doubt me.
    Anyway, I hope your mercenary cousin is passing on some of his ill gotten gains to you. Maybe you can use it for something good. Ex malo bonum and all that.

  • Didlee D O’Squat

    So that’s the definition then ‘not the Shankill’? Thanks for that.

    Soldiers are “mindless killers” roaming society like rabid wolves? What an insight, you’re wasted here, go spread your bounty the world awaits! Sadly I am not worthy Sensei and must absent myself.

    My coz probably already keeps you and your ilk. As for me I’m ok thanks; ó fortúnátós nimium, sua sí bona nórint, agricolás and all that.

  • Ulick

    Don’t see what your problem is. The RUC were undoubtedly a paramilitary force, not much argument there: their training, ethos, behaviour, equipment and organisation all prove that.

    Tim Collins runs a firm of mercenaries going by the name “New Century”. Some of you Brits might prefer to call them “private security contractors” but to the rest of the world they are undoubtedly mercenaries.

    The logical place for a mercenary to look for recruits would be from those of a military of paramilitary background, hence the wealth of ex-RUCers employed by “New Century”. It’s a no-brainer really.

    As I say, we should probably be glad he’s taking some of these unsavoury characters off our streets though your average Afgan or Iraqi probably doesn’t share those sentiments. As for them getting killed, well I’m sure that’s why they’re on the big money. We could have some sympathy for a solider who is sent to serve by his country but there’s not many will have any sympathy for a mercenary.

  • Alan Maskey

    Mr O Squat, you are not quite being honest, misquoting me.
    I pay more thanmy fair share of taxes incidentally.

    Glad to see your mercenary cousin is doing likewise; the tax advisor helping your accountant must not be all that good.

    What was your cousin’s speciality that is so much in demand? Running death squads, extorting forced confessions? It must be pretty squalid as why else would they pay mega bucks for someone from a backwater? Still, corrupt governments do have more money than sense.

    Will your cousin join up with smooth tongue Collins or is he not that stupid?

    No ned to rush in replying. I am sure those pigs need loving care.

  • Didlee D O’Squat

    Mr Maskey, quem deus perdere vult, prius démentat. Nósce té ipsum.

  • You can call your services ‘security solutions’ or whatever you want – if you are under arms for a government to which you have no bond other than financial – I’m sorry, but you can dream up whatever job title you like for yourself – you are a mercenary, end of story. The role of Xe/Blackwater and the privatisation of US military activity in Iraq and Afghanisation is probably the most squalid aspect of the military campaigns there (with an honourable mentioned to Haliburton, of course). People can romanticise (or rationalise) these companies any way they want, but the bottom line is that they are guns for hire.
    As for political careers – I agree with Mark – would you take a risk on Collins in five or ten years time if you thought there was a remote possibility that some of his ‘paid’ work might prove a bit embarassing?

  • Greenflag

    ‘would you take a risk on Collins in five or ten years time ‘

    For a broader perspective on the politics of the military or the mercenary herewith or herewit 😉

    In South Korea a civil rights activist protests to the head of the security branch about the lack of democracy in South Korea .

    ‘Quite right ‘ says the security Chief ,

    ‘President Chin believes firmly in civilian rule . So as soon as a military man takes over or obtains political office , he must take off his uniform .’

  • A highly trained killer moves into the private sector, despite receiving a generous pension from his former employers which is partially designed so he does not sell his expertise to the highest bidder.

    At one time this would have been frowned on by both the British government and Collins former colleagues. It was the type of thing they left to the lower ranks, former para’s, SAS, that type.

    That this type of despicable behaviour which often ends in innocent people loosing their lives has become perfectly acceptable in today’s Ireland and the UK, tells us just how far from being a civilised society we have fallen. these people are mercenaries, nothing more nothing less, for all the zoot suits in the front office.

    In Afghanistan alone the private security industry employ tens of thousands of gunmen, mostly at the tax payers expense. Whereas for example embassies were protected by their own security, seconded from the military, they now turn to the private security industry.

    Collins outfit is small fry, many are multi nationals, big or small they all have an interest in keeping these conflicts red hot and encouraging their political hirelings to engage in new wars.

    More here,

  • Alan Maskey

    Mr O’Squat. Interesting you are using one of the Jesuits’ famous mantras. (second line). I have no doubt that Collins and all gun slingers are more than a little touched. Dealing with the Glenane gang, torturing suspects etc does take its toll. But no need for me to be nasty to your cousin or any other well paid gun for hire. Otehrs will be far nastier.

    John, I would say Collins would flop at this or maybe find a nice little niche for himself. I doubt he will be a big player. Ex RUC dudes must be getting on a bit now.

    So back to your pigs and romanticise about the ex RUC gunman. And don’t think too much about what he is doing.
    Major e longinquo reverentia and all that.

  • Cutting through all the crap, Mr Collins company appears to be providing a ‘mercenary for hire’ service? For mercenary, you could also read ‘terrorist’. What’s the difference?

  • Greenflag

    What’s the difference?

    The ‘terrorist’ does it for ‘principle’ at least according to the propaganda leaflets of the paramilitaries. .

    The ‘mercenary’ does it for ‘principal ‘ preferably in large denominations and in off shore banks ! which is why Mark Thatcher got into the news a while back 😉

  • Reader

    Concubhar Ó liatháín: Cutting through all the crap, Mr Collins company appears to be providing a ‘mercenary for hire’ service? For mercenary, you could also read ‘terrorist’. What’s the difference?
    Well, with two verbal leaps you can always get to where you like. Some here think there is no functional difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. But if, for instance, Collins takes to planting bombs in cafes, you could start to call him a terrorist.
    Meanwhile, there are other problems with your two-steps-to-terrorist reasoning. The original Wild Geese were terrorists, were they? And, since many republicans regard Irish members of the British security services as mercenaries anyway, Collins has sunk no lower in their estimation. Unless – and here is a point you may want to take on board – there actually are graduations in the security business.

  • Rory Carr

    Those in any about vileness of the whole mercenary game could do worse than dig up a copy of The Whores of War by Wilfred Burchett and Derek Roebuck (Pelican 1977) an account of the industry of mercenary soldiering in Africa (mainly Angola) in the ’70’s.

    The title, methinks, is apt, for such whores can surely lay claim to being the oldest profession ahead of much-maligned womanhood.

  • “there actually are graduations in the security business”…

    And most people don’t understand them. You have regular armies in conventional formations. You have paramilitary and irregular groupings that are not organised for combined arms or large-scale engagements. Both are employed in various tactical formations towards some strategic end. Terrorist is a tactical designation (i.e. to employ terror against a civilian population) towards a strategic end. Similarly, everyone with a gun thinks they are a freedom fighter.

    Now, a mercenary is a slightly different graduation entirely. Most of the mercenary companies exist to provide arms length security advice from the US (and US and UK arms companies) to states which the US and UK governments are ambiguous about supporting in public. But they mainly act as a mercenary army in Iraq and Afghanistan funded via mechanisms that I am sure are somewhat off-balance sheet. That bypasses the inconvenience of higher-intensity recruitment in the US and UK (which would provoke more extensive anti-war sentiment). It also allows you to bring more foreign nationals onboard than your armed forces typically contemplate. And, you don’t even count the fatalities as part of your armed forces. Now, if this wasn’t a dubious business for more dubious ends – why would the government be at such pains to keep it arms length?

  • Greenflag

    ‘there actually are graduations in the security business.’

    As there are in every business even the terrorist and or mercenary businesses . There are/were ‘successful ‘ terrorists like George Washington , Eamon De Valera , Jomo Kenyatta , Israeli’s Irgun and many others who avoided the traitors noose by ‘winning’ or turning the game to their advantage . Then there are those who personally failed by getting executed but whose name is revered by their countrymen -Patrick Pearse -Wolfe Tone etc and many others in other countries across the world.

    Its a difficult adjustment going from the military life particularly from war conditions to civilan life and it should neither be a surprise nor considered extraordinary or out of the norm for Colonel Collins to offer his skills in the marketplace which most needs his company’s services . But I”l admit to a little disappointment not in his choice but in the fact that there is no similar company out there which is offering protection services for the civilians who have been waylaid and robbed and gouged and victimised over the past few years by bankers , mortgage brokers , clergymen , insurance con artists , oil corporations , investment scammers and back pocket politicians (brown envelope ones too ) .

    Now if Colonel Collins were to set up a company with the objective of hunting down the excreta mentioned above he might find himself inundated with recruits perhaps even enough to stage a coup d’etat 😉

    Alas in the real world it’s the excreta mentioned above who have the dosh to pay for the Colonel’s and other’s ‘protective’ services . The rest of us will just have to make do with our local police and army and hope that our tax contributions are enough to keep our ‘uniformed ‘ protectors from not taking the law into their own hands and demanding control of the nation’s finances 🙁

  • Rory Carr

    I hear from Radio 4’s PM programme just a few minutes ago that President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has given all mercenaries in the country the choice of joining the Afghani police force with four months or leaving the country.

    I’ll bet that Alan Maskey is now glad that he had second thoughts, “Before sinking my money into his project” as I doubt that many of these doughty warriors dedicated to bringing democracy, peace and stability to Afghanistan will find that their zeal extends to living on an Afghani policeman’s wages.

  • Rory Carr

    That should read “within four months” above. Apologies.

  • Alan Maskey

    “But if, for instance, Collins takes to planting bombs in cafes, you could start to call him a terrorist.”

    But the SAS do just that. Remember the characters caught in Basra. And then there was that Shiite mosque they blew up. And what were Sandline and EO doing in Africa?
    There are, of course, gradations. Kroll, for example, do the whole show; others concentrate on training, logistics or whatever.

    This will break Greenflag’s balls but there is a further gradation. Filippinos and other third worlders get the shit jobs – driving trucks not in convoys etc – and get the worse pay.

    This is deregulation at work, The armed forces were simply the last thing Britian and the US deregulated and there is tons of money there for ex RUC Glenaners and for sweet mouthed wanna be killers/protection merchants like Collins. Some people get off on it.

  • Alias

    His company is selling intellience services to local governments, not guns or mercanaries. If you read his site, you’ll see he is selling the same product that has been sold to the natives in NI, so it is about pacification of uppity natives and not suppression of them. He also has a successful track record in the libel courts…

  • vanhelsing

    Alias – not worth it 🙂 They’re all terrorists don’t you know, RUC, PSNI, UDR, RIR, Prods who wear uniforms {lollypop ladies included] – shooting people here – blowing up innocent IRA volunteers there. When they retire they all join the KKK and kill Mussies abroad because that’s all they know.

    It’s all proven fact – Tim Collins, Satan, Jews, white South Africans, traitors like Lord Fitt [who is really still alive] – working to undermine the natural aspirations of those who want 32 counties..

    Seriously the more I read Slugger the more convinced I am it’s FULL of conspiracy theorists who can link EVERYTHING back to those nasty Prods in Ulster 🙂

  • lover not a fighter

    I can’t see how the guy is supposed to be bright. If you allow yourself to be in the position that you fight for George w and phoney Tony then you must be some dumb mother-fooker along the way !

  • Well done Tim keep up the good work – MI5 & PSNI should engage your services ASAP !!!

  • Greenflag

    ‘I am it’s FULL of conspiracy theorists who can link EVERYTHING back to those nasty Prods in Ulster

    And so is the Daily Mail . Only the other day they ran an article on the memoirs of an Irish WWI soldier who was taken prisoner having won the George Cross and joined Roger Casement’s Irish Brigade in a German P.O.W camp (one of 47 out of 2,500 prisoners who chose more food and better treatment from the Germans ) -Casement was booed out of the camp . Keogh enlisted in the 16th Bavarian when the Irish Brigade fell through due to lack of recruits – and there he met one Adolf Schickelgruber and subsequently post war rescued said Hitler and another NSDAP politician from being battered to death by a commiunist mob in the Turken Strasse in 1919.

    So there you have it again Roger Casement saving the young Hitler’s bacon by persuading /forcing one Michael Keogh to end up in the Freikorps and saving the future tyrant’s life . And we all know that Roger Casement was an Ulster prod and not a taig 😉

    Those Ulster prods absolutely no historical foresight whatsoever 🙂 Plenty of aftersight though 🙂

  • Greenflag

    VH ,

    ‘who can link EVERYTHING back to those nasty Prods in Ulster ‘

    An exaggeration -the link runs out back at the time of the Garden of Eden which as an intelligent Ulster prod you should know was only about 6,000 years ago give or take a few days ;)?

  • Greenflag

    link to story

    Funniest comment

    ‘ I can just picture the Irish hero pulling the battered Hitler out from under the crowd trying to kick him to death saying “Are ye all Reich Mister?”

  • Greenflag

    The Afghani police are not particularly renowned for their zealotry either . Did’nt one of them turn on some British soldiers a few weeks back and shot them out of hand ?

    I expect the day is not far off when the spin merchants will present for western public consumption the eh ‘good ‘ Taliban as an alternative to the present near chaos. If once upon a time two or three decades ago the Taliban were on the USA’s side why maybe it can happen again ? meanwhile neighbouring Iraq is still plagued by suicide bombings of police recruits 60 dead today I believe ,and the Iraqi politicians are still squabbling about who is in government ?

    I sense ‘implosion ‘ by year’s end and an unwilling hurried exit .

  • Alan Maskey

    VanHelsing: You probalby don’t know but one of oyur fellow Ulster Prods, John McGuffin, used to write a column in An Phoblacht detailing the crimes of the UDR, RUC and RUCR. He was nevr short of material. The UDR used to be the B Specials but they had such a bad name they had to be rebranded. The UDR had the same problem: death squads and the like. Now the RIR are producing mercenaries. They should take the “Irish” out of that name out of rspect to the non mercenary Irish.

    Collins will probably do well in his new job. Gift of the gab.

  • belfast greyhound

    AM I wonder just what sort of a sad mental world map you travel through inexorably linking one conspiracy theory to an ever increasing number of other ones.
    Undoubtedly it was a vile Protestant snake from the bad and criminal background of the Shankill which managed to lure Eve then Adam into the creation of original sin!!
    As someone with knowledge of the beginnings of the UDR I can tell that the original intention was to create a force that was acceptable to both sides of the community divide and was by and large succeeding – until the message went directly out to those soldiers from the Nationialist areas from the IRA that we know who you are and where you children play and leave NOW, and not surprisingly they did.
    Prior to that recruitment was very much a success in attracting Catholics who felt they had a stake in NI and bye and large the barriers were being broken down for a great many on either side.
    One of the greatest propaganda successes of the PIRA ‘we are the victims ‘ publicity machine was in ensuring that the story of the infanticide of the Catholic contribution to the UDR never was allowed to disturb the myth that the Regiment was always entirely composed of psychopathic Protestant mass murderers and was the creation of the British Government to ensure….etc etc etc.
    I also wonder just what sort of drugs you might be doing when you can come up with
    “Soldiers do not transfer well back into society; civilised society has not much need for mindless killers. Go check.out the Royal British Legion or your local prison if you doubt me”.
    Some soldiers are damaged by their service but not all at all and some like myself have managed to combine successfully being a soldier and a civilian and to be a success in both without ever having been in the RBLS or ever having been in prison except to guard the criminals who were legally put there.
    There are some real issues here and facile broad brush overviews such as yours condemn honest debate in a blog to empty fixed opinion recitations.

  • Alan Maskey

    Reading my good friend’s Grenflag’s comments on the RC-ecumenism thread reminded me of a small point I wanted to make. The Swiss Guards were originally mercenaries but dependable ones and all of you will no doubt know of their bravery for our beloved faith on 6-5-1627 when over one hundred of them were killed by rampaging Krauts on St Peter’s High Altar. So there were good mercenaries and bad ones.

  • vanhelsing

    an irish anarchist 🙂 writing in An Phoblacht!! fair and balanced – like fox news.

    I’m not bothering getting into a discussion on the rights and wrongs of our security forces – I’ve visited enough head stones of decent men [from both sides of the community] who were murdered by cowardly terrorist scum.

  • vanhelsing

    you’re right on both counts GF – you have me pigeon holed – although I’m not a young earther 🙂

  • vanhelsing – (this is a serious question) how can criticisng Tim Collins be construed as a broader critique of unioinists (or those nasty Prods in Ulster – as you so uncharitably refer to them)? Why is it so hard to concede that he is getting into a dirty business and very few (if any) of his future employers are likely to come from the more democratic end of the political spectrum (and I am counting the US in Iraq and Afghanistan in that)?

  • Rory Carr

    “Good merecenaries and bad ones.”

    Have you been watching re-runs of The Magnificent Seven again, Alan?

  • wolfhound
  • Greenflag

    van H ,

    ‘although I’m not a young earther ‘

    Mirabile Dictu -Enlightenment has dawned over Ballymena 🙂

    ‘you have me pigeon holed ‘

    As one named after a dove or could it have been a pigeon i.e St Columba once remarked

    “To every book it’s cover and to every pigeon it’s hole ‘ 🙂

  • Alan Maskey

    Wolfhound: good link that. Whst is that clown Collins doing in the House of Parliament. He is not an elected official and not a peer of the realm. Nor, I think, is he a member of the LOL in question. If it is just a cheap photo op, then he is more pathetic than we can imagine. Maybe the Iraqis thought Mr Loudmouth was not worth a bullet.

    The Magnificent 7 bring back memories. I thought it was a great movie when I was 7.

    The Swiss were often reliable mercenaries. That is why the Swiss Guard guard God’s man on planet earth. They are good men though I would not drop the soap in the shower room with them.

    Anyway, Collins will probably end up like that Eton educated, ex SAS terrorist gun for hire, Simon Mann. Note all the Tory MPs who yelped to his defence.