Collins chooses freelance intelligence over politics

For several years rumours have come and gone on the possibility of Tim Collins entering political life. It seems he has finally bitten the bullet and will enter political life in numerous countries in a quasi-military capacity for a fee.

Most recently the claim was:

A rumour going around that Tim Collins was rejected as the UUP candidate for South Antrim in favour of Adrian Watson.

Though that idea had been floated back in February with him running as a Tory nominee:

South Antrim is a more sensitive issue. The UUP have proposed Adrian Watson, who is a known homophobe – which goes against recent Tory pronouncements – and was involved in the disgraceful episode in 2009 when unionist bigots complained when children in GAA tops packed bags in Tesco. Watson claims that he did not actually complain, but the BBC reported that he “had passed complaints on to Tesco on behalf of some of his constituents”. If it walks like a duck … So Watson’s candidacy may be in doubt if the Tories decide that they do not want to be represented by an old-style UUP bigot. There is an opening here for the Tories to propose, say, Tim Collins – a name that would attract DUP votes, and may cause the TUV to rethink their intention to stand in the constituency.

Now any elected political role for Collins has been kicked into the long grass as he runs a company, New Century, providing freelance intelligence services to whomever pays:

We provide a range of proven Intelligence-led Security Services to build capacity in client organizations, including creation of doctrine, skills transfer (mentoring, advising, training), institutional capacity- building, and tailored security solutions.

Whether in the form of immediately effective Counterinsurgency Intelligence Solutions or comprehensive Ministry-level Intelligence Sector Reform, our unique model empowers local governments and security forces to anticipate and pre-empt insurgent, terrorist, or criminal groups which threaten security and stability.

For some reason they use RUC caps in one of their website banner images.

UPDATE – my original title was considered risque, the current title was provided by Mick.

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